A Big Hole has Strangely Showed up on an Unfamiliar Island in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Shiver me timbers! A big hole has all of a sudden and bafflingly showed up on one of Sea of Thieves’ unknown islands. The hole was spotted after the latest update, Black Powder Stashes, which arrived yesterday—however it shows up right now to be unrelated to the update’s new voyages. It may, notwithstanding, have something to do one month from now’s update, which is called Dark Relics. Or then again, maybe it has something to do with an update much further later on. Right now, we simply don’t have a clue. Secretive.

Sea of Thieves

The island being referred to is situated on the border of map coordinates I-12 and J-12, informally called “Killer Whale Island” because of the disaster area of Merrick’s ship, The Killer Whale. The island as of now has some cool highlights: the shipwreck, an underwater shrine and archway, a cave, and Merrick’s entertaining diary (situated in the crow’s home of the disaster area).

And presently, there’s a secretive opening! Maybe it’s not as capturing as Fortnite’s meandering 3D shape or mammoth eyeball, however it’s as yet a charming little secret and makes me wonder if some other guide changes have been made to indicate future undertakings.

Sea of Thieves

The hole was spotted and I just hopped into the game to check it out for myself. As indicated by the Reddit thread, the circle of stones around the hole may likewise have been included in an update prior to the hole—however I can’t affirm this.

There’s likewise a grave on the island near a dead tree that another poster says is new. You can see my image of the tree and grave beneath, however again, I can’t state for certain it wasn’t there prior to the Black Powder Stashes update.

Sea of Thieves

As for the hole itself, I played out some half-assed investigation while I was there: I had a go at digging in the hole yet just unearthed some grubs, and I likewise tossed a couple of buckets of water into it, however nothing exciting happened. At that point, a galleon sailed over, fired a few cannonballs at my sloop, missed, then left itself. The crew swam over and climbed on my ship and gazed at me in silence for a while as I asked them what occurred and after that offered them a ride. Then they assaulted me with swords. That’s no riddle, that’s only business as usual in Sea of Thieves.

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