A classic returns … but not with the deserved glory. Warcraft 3 Reforged analysis

Warcraft 3 Reforged
Written by Kamran Haider

The return of Warcraft III promised to be triumphant but Blizzard has fallen far short of keeping his promises. In the analysis of Warcraft 3 Reforged we review the pros and cons of a remastering that updates the classic graphics, missing options and the opportunity to do something worthy of the legacy.

It’s hard to put emotions aside when you’re writing is one of the video games of your life. That is why returning to the Azeroth of Warcraft 3 after almost 20 years has been an experience. Little does the passage of time matter; The single-player campaign remains as exciting as it once was. What I say is more thanks to the remarkable improvement of the graphics, which update the Blizzard classic so that a whole new generation of players can enjoy one of the references works in real-time strategy. And yet … it’s not what I expected, much less what they promised. Therefore, I confess, it has taken me horrors to write these lines. Warcraft III ReforgedIt is a great strategy video game, one of the best! which almost two decades of history behind him do not weigh the least. And as such, it is one of those works that you must play yes or yes. But as it has happened with other recent remasters, it seems that this has been a halfway job.

There was ambition, desire to do great things, but it is hard not to feel disappointed when you see that the game has been released without some multiplayer options such as qualifying games, clans or tournaments; with the occasional error that can be annoying, or without several of the novelties with which this new edition was presented. Is this why worse video game? Nothing is further from reality. This is still the masterpiece that still today gathered thousands of players around their online battles, so seen this way, no, of course, it is not a bad video game. Nor can it be denied that Blizzard has done a remastering job quite good in graphic terms, retouching even some elements of history and character design so that Warcraft III feels even closer to the World of Warcraft universe, whether we like it or not, was the gateway for millions of fans to know the epic fight between Horde and Alliance. Come on, they have not just improved the resolution and that’s it. Why then do I write with this feeling of disappointment? Basically, because it feels like a lost opportunity to do great things.

Although I enjoyed the game as the first day, and that says a lot in its favor while fighting I kept thinking about how great it would have been to maintain the glorious ambition with which it was announced at BlizzCon 2018. And here is the dilemma. How do we rate this? Do we ignore the enormous quality that the legendary Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos treasures? Do we ignore all the good that remastering brings with only the broken promises? Not even after finishing this analysis I know how to give you a concrete answer. All I can do is tell you what Warcraft III Reforged offers and why, despite all the controversy surrounding it, it might still be worth betting on it.

When the epic takes over the strategy

There is something magical about enjoying this strategy classic again after so many years begging for a Warcraft 4 that Blizzard refuses to announce. Music, its heroes, and villains, the epic of many of the missions it faces in its history mode … has been to re-command the armies of the Alliance in the skin of Arthas, and a torrent of emotions has seized me. It’s so cool! So beautiful to rediscover a classic like this, that just for that reason I would tell you that it is worth the remastering of a Warcraft III that is accompanied by the expansion The Frozen Throne, which in its day introduced new units that improved the already exquisite balance of power armies in liza. This is precisely one of the strengths of the classic.

As in StarCraft, Warcraft armies are differentiated enough for each player to find their ideal strategy without imposing one on another. It is never easy to achieve such a balance, but Blizzard has spent years refining the formula, which explains that so long after there were still people enjoying the multiplayer of Reign of Chaos. And yet, those responsible for the Diablo saga have not lost the opportunity to continue adding adjustments to further improve this balance.

If at the time you did not enjoy the classic anything better than extol its attractive fusion of role and strategy to understand why Warcraft 3 enjoyed such popularity. Far from accumulating troops and throwing them into combat as in many other titles of the style, Blizzard attached great importance to the figure of the heroes, being these those who, in the end, determined the success or failure in the fight with their varied special abilities. Surely today this sounds like something typical, and it is because we are already very accustomed to this mixture of genres; but we are thanks to the success of a Reign of Chaos that sat chair, being emulated by tens and hundreds of other video games.

The commitment to the heroes limited at the time the number of troops you could lead simultaneously, which today can be somewhat disappointing for those accustomed to controlling hundreds of soldiers. Here the battles are more direct, with fewer troops involved, which does not mean they are less spectacular or exciting. Unlike. Warcraft 3 is a frantic video game in which you don’t stop for a second. In addition to the heroes, the troops also have various combat skills that you must use with your head to protect you from certain attacks, or to take advantage of seemingly insurmountable situations. Something that the campaign teaches, but that you really enjoy in its multiplayer side, where you can get to live fighting against other incredibly epic players.

Broken promises and great absences

That a strategy game gave importance to the story was little less than a chimera in the time of Warcraft 3. It was assumed that fans were looking for war and little else. But not Blizzard. They were one of the exceptions, giving importance to the construction of a story that gave meaning to the fight, which they already demonstrated from the very origin of the Warcraft universe, or even StarCraft, to make the story of Reign of Chaos an epic story and exciting hard to forget. He has so many good moments, so many memorable scenes, that the years go by, you never erase images like the tragic encounter between Arthas and his father.Broken promises and great absences

It is inevitable not to be disappointed with what it could be … and it is really

Obviously this remains the same in Warcraft III Reforged, so if in your day you did not play it, here you will find a great strategy game with a story worth living. What happens? That Blizzard promised to provide the game with a truly spectacular packaging creating new cinematic scenes that would allow us to enjoy the story of Reign of Chaos as never before. The thing that doesn’t happen. They are the scenes of yesteryear with better graphics … even though sometimes it seems that some animations of the main characters have been lost along the way. It’s already more than what other recent remasters do, which are almost limited to improving the resolution and little else, but as I said at the beginning of the analysis, It is inevitable not to be disappointed with what it could be … and it really is.Blizzard

These promises included are also transferred to the user interface. Blizzard wanted to renew it to adapt it to the new times, which would have been great, but after receiving criticism from some fans, they threw down the easy path and stayed with the interface of a lifetime, which in some ways feels outdated. I love how the new modeling of units and structures looks, the change is remarkable! As much as some fans seem not to see the differences. Some scenarios have also been redesigned to give them the aesthetics of WOW, but no change goes beyond the purely visual. The biggest enemy of Reforged has been Blizzard herself, which generated huge expectations around a game that promised to even offer new content and about four hours of cinematics. And none of that you find in this remastering.

They could have expanded the maximum number of troops, using a new user interface to make it easy to control these armies. They sold it as a “reimagining” of the classic, so it was the perfect excuse to create a strategy game with the power of StarCraft 2. It’s not the case and that’s why I understand everyone who criticizes the game … even though I don’t think to deserve a zero as thousands of players have scored in Metacritic. Anger and disappointment aside for what could have been and was not, I honestly find it hard to see this remastering as that absolute disaster that some feel. I appreciate as I did in the analysis of Praetorians HD Remaster, that a new generation of players can discover a whole classic like Warcraft 3.

Its renewed graphic section will help many fans to enjoy a reference work for the first time, and that is something that must also be valued. Not everything is black or white, and although I’m not going to defend Blizzard, because he hasn’t done anything right, I’m not going to fall into the tremendousness of cataloging this release as the worst remastering ever. Because that is not it. It does just enough to update itself, which disappoints after the promises of the BlizzCon 2018, and leaves out some options that are hard to understand why they are not since the launch. I mean the leaderboards, or tournaments and clans; options that were and are part of the essence of Warcraft 3. And here we enter another thorny issue.

It still has an incredible base, with more than 50 hours of content for a single player.

Someone could say “play the original and that’s it”, but Blizzard has updated the classic to be compatible with this new version, and along the way it has eliminated these and other options, which is clearly unjustifiable. They had other options, such as enabling servers that allowed the crossing of both versions, and others that left the original games as before, but this is not the case. Forcing the original buyers to have to download a huge content update, which in some cases has generated performance problems and graphic errors, is also not a receipt. And in those we are.

Warcraft III Reforged continues to have a base as an incredible strategy video game with more than 50 hours of content for a single player, plus a whole world apart in its multiplayer side. It is clear that Blizzard will update and improve it over time, activating many of those options that are missing today; But how do we value your work? Is it a good remaster or not? To what extent should promises define the final rating of the game? That you sell it as what it does not have any possible defense, nor that you eliminate options from the original, but is it still enjoyable? Are there reasons to delve into the epic strategy of Reign of Chaos? Your music, history or new graphics are a good excuse to do so.

I commented at the beginning of the article that this is a difficult text, more coming from a fan who once jumped for joy when he saw what Blizzard planned. So as a fan, I was disappointed not to see that promised game. But oblivious to the controversy, if you did not play the classic, I have no doubt that you will enjoy the exciting strategic action of Warcraft III. There are errors in the multiplayer, games that do not finish starting, but this week – in my case – they have been anecdotal. The map editor? I have read some of you, and the fact that Blizzard has changed the conditions of use of the editor has also led you to ask that the game be scored with a zero. Again, I think things are crazy.

The editor of Warcraft III gave rise to some of the most successful games in the industry, such as the mythical DOTA, so it’s no small matter. That now Blizzard has absolute control of its contents … well, it moves away from the altruistic spirit with which fans create maps and so on, but is this really something that has a negative impact on the remastering assessment? As I say, it is not easy, and this gives for a long debate. All I know is that Warcraft 3 is still as good as before, that its remastering is not what it promised, and that while it improves the graphics significantly, it also loses some options – even if temporarily – that affect a game that deserved a better deal by Blizzard.

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It is not what he promised nor the game that Warcraft fans deserved. Blizzard fails to bring back one of his most beloved sagas, betting on a remaster that in the end is limited to improving graphics and little else. There are no new content or appreciable improvements that update the classic; Even worse, some social and multiplayer options have been eliminated that only increase the feeling of disappointment. It’s hard and sad, but Warcraft deserved better.

  • The history, characters, music, and design of many of its missions
  • The new and improved graphics section, which makes the classic look better than ever
  • Unkept promises; It is not far from the game that was promised
  • Absence of social and multiplayer options that were in the original
  • No new content or improvements in the user interface
  • Changes that affect the classic, leaving its players without functions that already existed

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