A different space shooter. Analysis of Velocity 2X for Switch

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Written by Kamran Haider

Action and platforms, all in one, with the essence of the best arcade. In the analysis of Velocity 2X for Nintendo Switch, we tell you why you should not miss the exciting shootings of this challenging science fiction video game.

I have mixed feelings as I write these lines. On the one hand, I love that a video game like Velocity 2X premieres on Nintendo Switch, a platform where this excellent arcade action video game adapts perfectly; but I regret that at this point a title of such quality continues without reaching the deserved success. There are reasons for hope. Its authors, the indie FuturLab studio, recognize that thanks to special promotions and PlayStation Plus “there is a huge fan base”, but if they talk about sales … well, that’s another story; one that has prevented a sequel to date. However, after years of working on this project, the team is clear: “you have to buy Velocity 2X for Nintendo Switch” if you crave its sequel. You should do it. For many more reasons besides.

After dazzling the fans on other platforms, the best that can be said about this addictive 2D shooter is that it surprises with the thrilling rhythm of its action, it’s amazing! As for its science fiction plot, which shapes a futuristic universe with a much more interesting background than it might seem at first glance. History? In the shoes of Lieutenant Kai Tana, we have to escape from the fearsome Vokh alien hordes, as we try to reach our home. Sounds typical, it’s true, but believe me, as soon as you begin to overcome one after the other the 50 main levels that shape the work you will be captivated by this epic odyssey in space. And that’s just the beginning because this edition also includes all the additional content, which brings new missions of a level of difficulty for unsettling moments. The good news? You will not get tired of trying again and again for the sole purpose of obtaining the best possible score. And that says a lot in his favor.

Teleportation, action … and some platforms

This is a rather atypical vertical scrolling shooter that offers many playable variables, all perfectly integrated. Depending on the level that we have to overcome, it is a priority to finish with the opponents that swarm through the scenario (including final bosses), rescue survivors housed in a kind of space capsules or overcome the level in question as quickly as possible. To achieve this, it is necessary to use the propeller that owns the ship we piloted, the Quarp Jet.

But there is much more. The propeller is not the only interesting feature that this aircraft has. No way. In fact, its main virtue is its ability to teleport, a function that can be carried out in two different ways. One, the snapshot and short, allows the Quarp Jet to be transported from one place to another quickly, which makes it possible to overcome certain barriers and walls that are found in the sets. And on the other hand, you can also launch temporary capsules in certain areas of the scenarios to be able to return to them later, a task that must be carried out from time to time in order to pass through labyrinthine design sets.

That is why we are faced with an unconventional shooting title, which is clearly separated from the rest of similar games. And it is not everything. Velocity 2X also allows us to enjoy certain sections of the game on foot, facing short but intense sequences of 2D action with platform, many traps to dodge and the mechanics of teleportation intact. And far from being strange or poorly integrated, the truth is that they bring even more interest to the games, making this work of FuturLab one of the most original and ambitious of the genre.Velocity 2X for Switch

This work of FuturLab one of the most original and ambitious of the genre

Also in the visual Velocity 2X has a point of the most attractive, even though it is not a leading video game in technology. The developers have managed to bring a science fiction atmosphere very personal and suggestive to his production, with a very grateful and colorful title, endowed with a special charm and an artistic line that makes him immediately recognizable. And to give even more packaging to this visual finish, it is also right to praise its sound plot, which gives us frankly spectacular electronic cutting themes that perfectly match their intense action. Therefore, being able to enjoy such a game anywhere thanks to the Nintendo Switch Portable Mode is a plus that can not be forgotten.

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Very varied in its action and with a playable mechanics that fall in love, Velocity 2X is one of those works that you should not let escape to little that you like the vertical scroll shooter. It has a point of originality, a good plot background, and a high-quality audiovisual section. What more could you want? Sure, it was something longer; but you can not have everything in this world.

  • The control is perfect, very intuitive.
  • We liked the phases on foot.
  • History worked and exceptional atmosphere.
  • The electronic melodies are very catchy
  • If we do not want to reach high scores, the title becomes short.

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