A Fight is Raging for the Memory Speed Record and Adata is Winning

memory speed
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Gloating rights and, well, for the most part simply bragging rights are in question as Adata and Micron both attempt to make a claim to having the quickest DDR4 memory on the planet, by the method of overclocking. As it remains at the time of this composition, Adata is in the lead, however, maybe not for long.

memory speed

Adata’s own XPG Overclocking Lab (XOCL) division impelled the company to initially place by driving a kit of Spectrix D60G RGB DDR4 memory to 5,738MHz, as approved by HWBot. That beats the past record, set only a couple of days ago using a kit of Micron memory, of 5,726MHz. And only before to that accomplishment, Adata had conveyed an announcement saying it had taken the speed crown with an overclocked recurrence of 5,608MHz.

So in under a week, we have seen the DDR4 memory recurrence record broken no under than three times, switching between Adata and Micron.

This dimension of memory overclocking requires outrageous cooling, and specifically liquid nitrogen (LN2). Clearing this is not possible for day-to-day usage—it’s solitary used when attempting to set world records, either in recurrence or benchmarking outcomes. The best RAM for gaming still uses great outdated fashioned heat spreaders and wind flow.

Beyond the gloating rights, companies use these records to elevate their memory packs to the public. In the case of Micron, for instance, the company noticed that its then-record-setting pack uses its own E-die memory chips and that the unit is the similar one it sells to the general public.

Many of the top memory packs have traditionally used Samsung B-kick memory chips, however, our friends at AnandTech recently announced that Samsung is ending those parts. I’ve reached out to Adata to discover out what specific chips are in its Spectrix D60G units and will report back when/if I hear back.

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Meanwhile, don’t be astonished if the record is broken by and by. The real inquiry is, which company will be the first to hit 6,000MHz?


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