A first day of mortal work! Kill the witch … or die. Analysis of Yuppie Psycho

A first day of mortal work
Written by Kamran Haider

First day of work? It can scare a lot but what the protagonist of this terror adventure would never imagine … is that it can also kill him! This crazy thing is the new video game by the authors of The Count Lucanor. Read our analysis of Yuppie Psycho before submitting your resume.

I knew nothing about Yuppie Psycho. And when I say nothing, it’s nothing at all. So my first steps in this retro-style adventure were … disturbing. I can not think of a better word to describe this video game by the Spanish studio Baroque Decay, authors of the interesting The Count Lucanor. Incarnate a young man, of humble origin, on his first day of work !, And on top of a leading technology company. A dream, go. Soon things get twisted and in what way. You enter the elevator, climb and climb to the top of the tower where the action of this survival horror takes place, and there, without saying a word, in a dark, sinister environment, you find written a message that will change your destiny. ” Kill the witch .” There’s no more. A few words are written in blood that, like the protagonist, completely dislocate you. Where have I gotten? What does that mean? And the most important. Now what? What comes next will surprise you.

If something is good Yuppie Psycho is that you never know what new madness is going to hit you. The adventure takes you from here to there looking for clues, collecting objects, interacting with other employees in a delirious and grotesque environment that you would laugh at if it were not because an oversight can end your life. So you play, carefully, following the essential rules of the traditional graphic adventures, that something of them has while delving into the terrible secrets that are hidden in the offices of SintraCorp. You will not be alone … although you can not trust anyone either. And is not for less. Who is the witch? Where is it hidden? With what new traps will it surprise us? Fear of the unknown works brilliantly in a video game that stands out for its ability to reinvent the action with new challenges. There is a lot of research, yes, but also flirts with stealth at specific moments, when you should avoid traps and monsters in the dark, without weapons, or challenge you with simple but ingenious puzzles that will force you to squeeze your brains more often than you could imagine.

Everything for work anyone

in this situation would run to the first of change, that there are corpses everywhere !, and yet SintraCorp employees follow their own, molding themselves to the Dantesque spectacle that develops around them as if it were the most normal thing in the world. world. They may die, some will, but nothing and no one will prevent them from working and demonstrating their worth. A ridiculous, yes, but that in the background masks an important critic to the current society, that in addition, Yuppie Psycho portrays with humor, thus relieving the tension generated by exploring their claustrophobic scenarios. There is terror, of course, and lots of anguished scenes, but this is not an adventure that is going to make you tremble with fear or anything like that. Play more with the oppressiveness of your environment; with the grotesque and wild situations that surround you, facing a scenario that is in itself a death trap.

Here everything kills and without weapons, practically your only option is to run, hide and trust not to be detected, but that is not enough, so you must also use your wits. If an enemy blocks the passage, look for alternative routes; Discover how you can end your life or take it in another direction. The answer to these enigmas is usually logical, although sometimes the game can be so sparing in details that you do not know very well where to go or what to do when you are supposed to have completed all your tasks. This leads me to talk about SintraCorp; of that great skyscraper in which the action takes place, and in whose interior you will find … well, you better discover it for yourselves. But if something I like about Yuppie Psycho is that it presents a good level design with very different areas and their own challenges.You can move freely around the building using the elevator

You can move freely around the building using the elevator, but not all areas will be open entry. You must explore, obtain keys, key objects or new skills that allow you to move forward, which gives you the opportunity to delve more and more into the witch’s lair … and in the process discover some other secret. And the experience is fantastic. Although the action is quite simple, because you will not find especially complex game mechanics, Yuppie Psycho knows how to surprise with new challenges and even more crazy scenarios that will catch you irreparably. If you will find battles against final bosses that will put you on the ropes precisely because of what I said before, because you do not have weapons, so you have to be smart when it comes to finding your weak points and ending your lives.

Most of these challenges will take place in scenarios where darkness is total. So much so that without the help of a flashlight or flares it will be impossible to travel through them. And I love it, of course, because despite the humor and that casual retro style, Yuppie Psycho manages to embarrass you with the oppressive atmosphere and the terrible story told in perfect Spanish. The particular witch hunt in which the young Brian Pasternak embarks is a story that is followed with great interest, thanks also to the presence of a few secondary characters that are worth mentioning. Not only that. I am also fascinated by the way of representing the “charm” that has fallen on the employees of SindraCorp, represented here as zombies who only live to work … even if their job is to turn around themselves. It’s so weird, so twisted and crazy, that just to find out who the witch is is worth moving twisted and crazy that just to find out who the witch is is worth moving on

We must emphasize its good level design, with very different areas and own challenges

would have liked to find more elaborate puzzles, because there are very interesting but are less than expected. Also, the game sometimes resorts to the mechanics of trial and error when it comes to fighting some bosses, which can be annoying if you consider that recording the game has a cost in the Resident Evil style, which means you can not Walk around saving your progress every two times. To give the adventure more excitement, resources are limited, which means that you have to manage your food head-on. and other essential raw materials to recover health or overcome certain obstacles. Have you run out of them? Some characters will sell you their merchandise in exchange for credits, so even if it’s a game that can challenge you, never squeeze to the point of making progress impossible.

With a great staging, the retro style that Yuppie Psycho bets on feels good, although the graphics and the design of the stages do not shine especially for their originality. It has incredible areas, which transmit very badly, but others are more typical and generic. The design of monsters and characters is more original, with that ridiculous tone that spoke before it feels great. But do not think that the extravagance of some of these enemies reduces the terror of the action. Thanks to a brilliant sound section that knows how to put fear into the body based on screams, laments and other sounds from beyond the grave, from start to finish you will be enveloped in that disturbing halo of mystery that defines this adventure. It is the duration? You can dedicate about ten hours in the fight against the witch, although there are more secrets to discover.

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An adventure of terror with the ability to surprise. Few videogames of the style can say the same and that is a great little triumph for Yuppie Psycho. This survival horror will make you pass really well with the variety of its action and the ingenious of some of its puzzles, but also with its insane mise-en-scène and crazy plot. Will you be able to kill the witch? Try it, it’s worth it.

  • A horror video game that surprised by its crazy staging
  • Stealth, puzzles, exploration … is a varied video game that does not fear to reinvent itself
  • The story is followed with great interest. The allusions to the real world and its social criticism
  • They miss some more elaborate puzzles
  • Some challenges abuse the mechanics of trial and error

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