A Hat in Time DLC Includes Underground World and Online Party Play

A Hat in Time
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

A Hat in Time’s most recent DLC, out this week, adds another underground dimension to explore just as online party play, which gives you a chance to muck about in groups of up to 50 players. In the DLC, called Nyakuza Metro, you’ll join the Nyakuza looking for riches, exploring nine parts and another Time Rift. You’ll get the opportunity to play with a new weapon, the baseball bat, and tweak your gear through a new sticker framework.

A Hat in Time

For online gathering play, you can play with your friends in gatherings of up to 50 players, or with online randoms in little groups of four, finishing Time Rifts together. In case you’re playing with friends you can “hit, explode, shake and play get with one another”—in case you’re playing with online outsiders, they can’t upset you. The DLC is free for anyone that supported the game on Kickstarter: if that’s you, browse the email you sponsored the project with.

For every other person, it $7/£5.19, and you can get it on Steam on the Humble Store. The GOG version is less expensive however, doesn’t have online get together to play, sadly, in the light of the fact that it was created using the Steam Networking API. In any case, on the off chance that you simply want the new levels, the GOG edition is the best approach.

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Correction: I at first said that the DLC included 10 new levels. That’s not right: it includes 10 new Time Pieces, which are rewards for finishing chapters inside the new Metro world.

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