A Massive Eye Simply Split Open on The Side of Fortnite’s Polar Peak

A massive eye
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

A massive eyeball has shown up where the volcanic debris hit Polar Peak amid the unvaulting occasion going before Fortnite Season 9. The eye is particularly alive, following nearby player movements and flitting about in an apparently panicked state. Were I encased in a pile of ice while millions of teens flossed on my frozen body, I, as well, might be upset.

A massive eye

It’s some degree unusual to see such a noteworthy map update hinting at an in-game occasion this early into a season, yet since the next Fortnite season will be the huge 10, it’s a safe bet Epic is getting ready something special to honor making it double digits.

If you’ve made it this far into the story, at that point you might really care what this eye implies for Fortnite’s near future. Join me for some wild speculation.

Eye contact

The Leviathan skin showed up in the thing shop the night prior the eye opened, which could be a fun loving gesture to one of Fortnite’s oldest myths, born from leaks and rumors many, numerous months back (decades in Fortnite time). Or, it could mean the Leviathan is genuine. Give me a chance to clarify.  During Season 3, an implied leaker took to Reddit, detailing restricted time modes that include a leviathan creature hatching from the shooting that devastated Dusty Depot.

A massive eye

None of it ended up being accurate, maybe just gaining traction because of the validity of leaks released from an alternate source shortly before on the equivalent subreddit. Everyone realized those leaks were legitimate when Epic filled a lawsuit against the QA tester responsible for spilling the beans.

Lies or not indicates of a large dragon– or dinosaur-like creature kept cropping up. A house in the southwestern segment of the map was crushed by something in Season 4, an enormous footprint the only evidence. A drawing of a similar footprint shows up on one of the detective skin’s back bling accessories also, which added fuel to some far-fetched speculation.  And how about those eggs underneath Polar Peak? They were surely laid by a huge creature, and their proximity to whatever is encased in the ice doesn’t feel like an occurrence.

I’m not anticipating the famous Leviathan LTM, but I am expecting much progressively catastrophic map changes. My own theory is that we’ll see another map with or after Season 10, and all the Season 9 uproar is an eager build-up to a dino stomping it all to hell.

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In any case, Epic is prepping to tie all the apparently random threads of Fortnite’s story together. Creative director Donald Mustard’s Twitter bio says he’s situated at “The Eye” which is a custom he usually holds for in-game occasions near the end of every season. And the Fortbytes mural, from what’s been revealed so far, depicts a bearded Jonesy sorting together his own theory. From what we can make out of his scrawls, the cube and the eye are both pieces of the intricate diagram.

I can feel another map in my bones. The daily Fortbyte difficulties send players on a tour of the whole map, something of a symbolic last lap. It’s time, Epic. Now.  We’ll discover soon enough. Keep one ominous giant squid eye on this page for updates.

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