A total war for survival. Analysis of Conan Unconquered!

Conan Unconquered
Written by Kamran Haider

Hundreds of enemies march with only one idea in mind: kill you! Will you allow it? As you will see in the analysis of Conan Unconquered you will suffer more than one defeat, but the action of this strategy videogame is so intense that it will be difficult for you not to have a good time.

Nothing can with them. They die, hundreds, but they keep coming wave after wave. The corpses are piled up at the foot of the walls and the stench is so terrible that putrefaction begins to spread like a disease that weakens the few survivors. But I still do not give up! I refuse to give everything for lost … and neither do they. Their attacks are increasingly devastating, more fierce, striking the fortress from all fronts. It’s hell! An authentic madness in which you can not afford to stand for a few seconds. It is so intense, chaos so exciting and epic that even when you suffer a resounding defeat, and you will suffer a lot, you enjoy the experience that Conan Unconqueredproposes, the new work of the veteran Petroglyph team formed by former creatives of Westwood Studios.

Its premise is the same that has led to the success of They Are Billions, the amazing strategy videogame developed by the Spanish studio Numantian Games, proposing nothing less than surviving the attacks of enemies that do not seem to end. There are more, many more soldiers than you can train and maintain with your scarce resources, so there is no other alternative but to use the ingenuity and the head to stop and massacre this lethal avalanche. Exciting? Yes, a lot … until it ceases to be. Because although the game base has incredible potential, Conan Unconquered feels like a lost opportunity to create a fantastic strategy videogame starring the fierce barbarian who was born by the writer Robert E. Howard almost a century ago. It is fun, yes, it will make you spend great moments while fighting the enemy hosts, but it also falls short of content too quickly leaving you with the bitter feeling that it could be great.

Will you resist the siege of Conan Unconquered?

There are few more exciting situations than surviving an insane fight against dozens of soldiers, necromancers, giant spiders, fiery demons and even a huge snake. It’s epic, brutal !, and that’s why it’s easy to enjoy the crazy action that Conan Unconquered poses. I understand those who would have preferred a traditional strategy videogame, I’m the first one who wanted it, but I also tell you that the survival experience that it offers gives you to create an unforgettable game capable of making you vibrate with pure emotion with its devastating battles. Unfortunately, he succeeds … but only in part.

Resisting the constant siege of the enemies is a real nightmare. Do not get tired, do not give up, and of course they do not leave you for a second of respite. Have you finished with a wave? Arm yourself with courage because the next one will come soon. So again and again; hitting where it hurts most, damaging your structures or killing the few soldiers you have under your command. The threat is constant, that’s why your first thought is to build as many walls and soldiers as possible. All defense is little! And yes, of course, it is ideal for exterminating dozens of enemies without putting your life at risk but … can you pay for all that? I already advance you no, you can not, because the economy in Conan Unconquered is one of the great challenges that you will have to face. The reason?Conan Unconquered

It’s fun, but it falls short of content.

You need resources and gold to build structures and train units, but also to keep them running. Is the iron gone? Maybe there is a lack of wood? The buildings that made use of these raw materials will stop working, without more, leaving you helpless before the host enemies. I know what you’re thinking. It is enough to build more mines or lumberjack cabins and problem solved ! the warehouses will be full of materials again. But no; Nothing is as easy as this in Conan Unconquered. That maintenance cost was telling you to be as efficient as possible. Many mines or much of what is involved means paying more, which will leave you without gold or certain resources that you may need later to train better troops or build advanced buildings.

Conan Unconquered is a relentless video game that does not forgive mistakes. It’s difficult, sometimes a bit frustrating, but somehow it invites you to keep playing, to keep trying new combat strategies until you win. It is an incredible feeling. Comment each game; discuss with friends how certain challenges could be overcome, how to defeat certain kinds of enemies without suffering more than the bill. And it is these details that show the enormous potential that Conan Unconquered treasures. Unfortunately, the Petroglyph videogame feels lacking in content. There are several defensive structures to turn to and a good handful of troops to train but, honestly, knows little. We miss a greater variety in the action; More ways to fight enemies that are not as numerous and varied as you would expect.lacking in content

To the weapons! The fight beginsResource management is a challenge, which I like, but it also ends up being a bit tedious and frustrating. There is little to do, few variations in the way you expand your defenses, with production costs so high that yes, in the end, you will value each unit as a treasure, but it also limits much that you can experiment with the crazy Conan Unconquered action. You have pots of boiling oil, braziers with which you can shoot using fire, wells that will absorb the souls of the fallen so that the sorcerers make good use of them … and you almost can not use all these options because you do not have enough resources.

I understand that this is the grace of the video game. Oblige you to make decisions in the worst possible conditions; take you to the edge of a nervous attack moving your few troops from one side to another while the enemies attack en masse, being also bastards in the sense that they will exploit your weak points. But I’m missing something. It’s exciting, epic and spectacular … but also something simple and repetitive. There are no combat formations and not even the figure of the heroes incarnated by Conan, Valeria and Kalanthes feel completely right. They are stronger, of course, they have a special ability with which to massacre dozens in a single blow and they can also equip magical artifacts to improve their skills, but that’s it. There is not much more. Again, it tastes little.catapults of corpses

hurts that a creative license with so much potential has been left halfway. It has great flashes. There are combat units that are pure Conan, like those catapults of corpses that will spread diseases and which you will have to hunt as soon as possible to avoid a catastrophe, but after a few games, you will begin to notice certain fatigue to repeat again and again the same Actions. It does not lead to improvisation; to look for new ways to protect your domains. And it is a pity when you have structures that help to enhance certain resources, such as the slave wheel that increases the population, or even magic and religion, with that colossus of which you can invoke in the initial bars of the game. But it is that not even the campaign helps to alleviate these sensations. It is a succession of missions with the same goal of survival, which serves as a tutorial … but almost without information and help to understand the action well. You learn by force, based on suffering and losing.

Even though I’ve really enjoyed Conan Unconquered’s battles, I’m also disappointed by what he could and did not do. There is a lot of epic in the fighting. When the screen is full of enemies and the music starts to sound with that style so typical of the movies, it’s hard not to get excited and simply enjoy the show. You also have the opportunity to share the fight with a friend thanks to the Conan Unconquered cooperative multiplayer , which is really fun, or to challenge others by proposing to overcome your brand in specific scenarios, so you have hours ahead to take advantage of the bloody fight proposed by the authors of the coveted remastering of Command and Conquer. However, there is a downside. You want more armies, a greater variety of scenarios, of troops, of options with which to fight. Without them, Conan Unconquered is a good game that is far from reaching its full potential. And it’s a shame.

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Although his brutal battles are fun and exciting Conan Unconquered feels like a missed opportunity. It has the potential to surprise you with its challenging strategic action, and in part, it succeeds, but unfortunately, it falls short of content too quickly. So yes, you will enjoy the fight, but you will do it while thinking about how great it would have been to have more troops under your command, new traps, more enemies or simply more varied challenges.

  • Fighting dozens of enemies and surviving is an exciting experience
  • Giant spiders, necromancers, catapults of corpses … it’s hell!
  • A very funny cooperative and great soundtrack with the style of the first films
  • Artificial intelligence is capable of the best and the worst
  • They miss more units, more buildings, more of everything to have a better game

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