A turn changes everything. Analysis of Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk
Written by Kamran Haider

Five space marines, alone, before an endless horde of nightmare creatures. Turn by turn in this strategy game based on Warhammer 40,000 you must walk carefully if you want to survive a relentless threat … which you can also embody, as we told you in the analysis of Space Hulk: Tactics.

Just a wrong move, something as silly as not closing a hatch, so that in a single move, in a single turn, the fearsome Tyranids of the Warhammer 40,000 universe end up with your squad of space marines. This is Space Hulk: Tactics ; so cruel is this challenging turn-based video game that, true reflection of the board game in which it is inspired, gets in its way to make you spend a hard time fighting for your life in a claustrophobic scenario; in a sinuous battlefield that you must explore with your head to reach your goals without dying in the attempt. It is oppressive, at times terrifying; just what the failed Space Hulk was supposed to achieve: Deathwing with its commitment to cooperative action and that, however, sadly generated the opposite effect with the boring and repetitive of its combats, unable to thrill as it does this title developed by the team of Cyanide. The threat is constant! The risk of dying feels very real and that contributes to each game keeping you in suspense.

In command of a squadron of five Blood Angels, one of the best assets of Space Hulk is that it transmits as few feelings of being inside the heavy armor of the Space Marines. They are lethal, yes, but also slow and clumsy; quite the opposite that the Genestealers, that run, jump and hide so fast that when you have them before your eyes it is too late; Death comes from a blow. That is why it is so important to move cautiously covering every inch of land. Leaving a tunnel unattended is a fatal error that can cost us dearly, and sometimes it will not even be worth distributing well to the troops because the weapons can fail, or explode directly! causing a security breach that will kill the entire squad. It’s one of the things I like most about the game; That feeling of a constant danger reminiscent of the legendary film Aliens: The Return, in which Games Workshop was inspired to give life to this challenging and tense turn-based strategy game.

The cards on the table

Space Hulk: Tactics is true to the rules of the board game, including the role of dice, but it does not lose the opportunity to leave its own mark with an interesting card system that allows to personalize and improve the troops during the development of the game. fight. Using points of command as a currency that are generated at the beginning of each turn, with them we can improve the attack power of the weapons, increase the chances of success of a melee, or generate more points of command with the death of the enemies … that we can control! And it’s great. For the first time in a Space Hulk videogame, we will guide the steps of the Genestealers, enjoying the action from a more frenetic and brutal but not less strategic perspective because, also the Tyranids, can resort to the cards to reduce the tactical advantages of your enemies

Imagine for a moment lost in a gigantic space wreck, in the dark, practically alone, knowing that on the other side of the door a few Xenos have been grouped with a thirst for blood. Carrying straight forward would be suicide, but it would also be to turn around, consuming along the way a precious point of action, with the sole purpose of escape. Escape to where? There is no escape possible! The enemies will only need one turn to knock down the door and, if not the first one, it will be the next creature that ends up devouring us. That is why it is necessary to stand firm in the position, retreating step by step without losing sight of the gate, with the weapon ready, in guard position, so that in case of assault a hail of bullets will strike without compassion to any enemy that crosses in the way. This scene, which in some cases can become brutally epic, is one of many that you will live in this strategy game that unfortunately ends up becoming something repetitive because of a discreet mission design that does not end up offering its best side.Tactics

The risk of dying feels very real and that contributes to each game keeping you in suspense.

Destroying key objectives, protecting a specific area during a certain number of turns, finding an escape route in the middle of a Xenos assault … with multiple tasks that to undertake during the campaign of the Space Marines, it is missing some more variety in the way to raise the fight. Yes, there are scenarios in which we find traps and turrets that force us to adopt new combat tactics, but in general, you will find a few changes to the action seen during the initial missions. It is a pity. With the option to customize and improve the skills and combat equipment of the troops, Space Hulk Tactics is a video game that encourages you to keep going, which motivates you to explore its dark recesses in order to experience more moments of terror in front of the Geneastelares hordes. It does not always succeed because of an irregular artificial intelligence that can even spoil the most exciting missions.

You know they can with you; that as soon as one of them enters it will be a question of time that its numerical superiority ends your life, and yet … they do nothing. They stay there, still, hidden behind a gate awaiting that moment of attack that never comes. It is as if they knew that you have hacked a turret to annihilate them, or that your gunner is ready to open fire, and far from looking for alternatives, where they stay as if the war was not with them. Obviously, this kind of situation takes you out of a game that, when it works, is fun and exciting. From the point of view of the Genestealers, which are of various kinds, something similar happens. Their missions usually go directed to finish with very concrete enemies in a campaign that takes place long before happened in the adventure of the Bloody Angels,board game

Space Hulk: Tactics is true to the rules of the board game, dice roll included

The good news is that this is an aspect that later, with updates, could be solved without too many complications, so you should not condemn a game that, in addition to two campaigns with a good background story translated into Spanish, includes competitive multiplayer and a complete level editor for fans to design their own missions. Visually speaking, Space Hulks: tactics is solvent, with a great design of characters faithful to the imagery of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. And the best thing is that we can customize the troops with great freedom, modifying and painting every part of the body and armor. The video game also includes a first-person view that helps to get even more into the skin of the Space Marines, transmitting that feeling of overwhelm that spoke earlier, although when playing the best option is the classic isometric view.

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Whether in the skin of the Space Marines or in front of the Genestealers horde, the challenging strategic action of Space Hulk: Tactics will make you spend great moments in the chaotic and bloody war universe of Warhammer 40,000. The tension of the fight and the importance that it gives to control the game board make this a recommendable title for the fans to the turns; more if you want to compete against other players or give free rein to your imagination by creating your own missions.

  • A great translation of the board game and its challenging and tense turn-based action
  • The card system helps to give a more exciting turn to the fighting
  • Two campaigns with game styles, although similar, in turn also different
  • Artificial intelligence does not always work as you expect
  • It lacks a greater variety of missions and more combat options

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