Action and role with the essence of the 90s. Analysis of CrossCode

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Back to the past! Inspired by classic videogames like Chrono Trigger or The Legend of Zelda, Radical Fish Games allows us to enjoy a great adventure of action and role with retro essence but also desire to innovate. Analysis of CrossCode.

You can tell when it is a passion that guides your hand, when the admiration you feel for others acts as a motivating element, as the perfect fuel that drives you to want to be better, to want to overcome what in your childhood you marveled. It shows, and much, in each pixel of CrossCode, fantastic adventure action, and the role that gives off the best essence of those classics that both made us enjoy in the decade of the nineties. It is a love letter to the genre; to the good old days, to the time of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore and many other Japanese RPGs that transported us to worlds brimming with creativity; that made us live exciting epics in places of unequaled beauty. Older words, yes, of those that cause vertigo !, but to which the team of Radical Fish Games does not fear the least. “Take a look at the analysis to see who loves the game, we are sure that you will do it too,” they say on their Steam page. I’m not going to contradict them.

There is something special in this video game that, I admit, at first did not quite convince me. “Another one,” I said to myself. “One of many that seek to imitate the aesthetic and sensations of the legendary Super Nintendo .” How wrong I was. Soon it takes CrossCode to show its great virtues; Little takes this adventure of action and role in surprising with the intelligent design of its dungeons or the exciting combats against bosses, demonstrating that even being traditional, classic in its bases, it is also fresh and innovative thanks to its bet for the puzzles to the purest style of the Zelda saga . Without a doubt, it is the great strength of this adventure that proposes to explore a colorful world of science fiction that, in reality, is the great game scenario of a popular MMO inhabited by physical representations of the players themselves. Among them, of course, the heroine of the program, Lea, who, oh surprise! Suffers from amnesia. Quiet, even using many of the clichés of the genre the story is not bad.

Savior shot

when talking about CrossCode and its curious science fiction world, there have been a few who have answered me: “Ah, it’s like the manga Sword Art Online “. And yes, it is a good way to describe it, because what you find here is a game that develops its action within another video game, in this case, an MMO, with its raid, dungeons, team missions and dozens of monsters to shoot down in combat. And in between, of course, hundreds of players -not really- swarming here and there, living their own adventures, collecting precious raw materials with which to manufacture more and better weapons. The feeling is exciting and fun, more if you are fond of the genre because there are many references, funny comments, anecdotes to all those adventures that we have lived in games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV for so many years. And it is a good point in favor.

I confess that when the clan you join ends up proposing to participate in a raid, I almost jump for joy thinking about the crazy challenges that were to come. And that’s an incredible feeling that Crosscodetakes good advantage of during the nearly 50 hours that can take you to complete the adventure. His great asset? A dynamic combat , at times frantic and spectacular, which is accompanied by a huge variety of increasingly convoluted puzzles, increasingly ingenious and complex, based mostly on the use of the gun that carries the heroin, with which We will have to make authentic virguerías to achieve hit the switches that will allow us to advance.Action and role

Even being classic in its bases, it is fresh thanks to its bet for the puzzles

. How are you doing billiards? It is not a trivial question because, in its own way, the game of Radical Fish challenges you in a similar way. No direct shots; with ammunition capable of bouncing a limited number of times, the usual thing will be to find the perfect angle so that the bullet avoids all kinds of obstacles until hitting the target. And it’s not that easy! Because with the passage of the hours everything is complicated, and besides hitting the objective, we will have to do it in a specific time, following a specific order, or using the power of the elements, like fire and water, to create effects as striking as steam or ice, essential to overcome barriers like a river of lava or endless chasms. The most surprising thing is that when you think you have seen it all, CrossCode shows you the opposite, forcing you to think about new solutions for already known problems.

The best thing is that this strategic point also moves to the combats, where it is not enough to hit swords left and right or shoot without rhyme or reason. There are enemies that require the use of a specific type of energy, or those who only suffer damage if they are hit under specific conditions, and even those who need to perform certain actions, such as hacking robots, to hack their systems and bring down your defenses. And all that you will do as you run, roll and hit dozens of enemies in a succession of exciting combats that reach their zenith in the battles against the more than 30 final enemies. As you can see, all are good words for an adventure that also presents a great design of its game world, relying on the verticality of scenarios to enhance exploration and puzzles. Pity that in the artistic thing it is shown something more irregular, with zones that transmit a special charm and others that are something more anodyne.

I have also noticed some problems when it comes to discerning the platforms that we can jump on during the moments of the platform, that there are, in the same way, that some elements of the scenario can obstruct the view in the middle of some combats. Small defects that do not cloud an admirable work that is also surprising because of the enormous amount of playable content it offers. There are more than a hundred different missions to deal with rewards as succulent as weapons and legendary equipment with which to improve the skills of the protagonist. In this sense, we have opted for a system of skill progression with abundant options to choose from without being particularly complex or convoluted. There are passive improvements such as increased attack power or greater resistance to the elements, as well as new combat and defense skills that, in addition, are different depending on whether we use the weapon loaded with fire, electricity, ice or earth.argument

The story he tells is funny, but he lacks that spark and genius that defined the stories he is inspired by.

The biggest catch of CrossCode is that his argument, even though it is interesting, it does not end surprisingly as the great classics of SNES did in the past. The story it tells is funny and attractive enough to keep you stuck to the action of the game for hours, but it certainly lacks that spark and genius that defined the stories on which it is inspired. The heroes and villains, the colossal science fiction world that builds from nothing … there is a lot of charm in this universe of science fiction, but sometimes the history hinders the rhythm of the game, facing challenges without much grace, without much to tell or offer. The same goes for secondary missions, which usually resort to such typical tasks as exterminating monsters or collecting objects.

It is normal that there are and are essential to level up, but seeing the magnificent design of the temples and the puzzles that we find in them, it is a pity that the same degree of attention has not been dedicated to the rest of the missions. Let no one lay their hands on their heads! CrossCode is still a video game worthy of praise; a great adventure of action and role in the style Zelda that also has a nice soundtrack, although somewhat repetitive, and a good handful of secrets to discover. All this with texts in English, which may hinder the departure of some users.

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It is difficult not to get carried away by the emotion with a video game like CrossCode, which successfully recovers the sensations of the great role and action adventures of the nineties, without losing the opportunity to leave its own mark; to innovate with ingenious puzzles and exciting challenges. Although the story is not particularly original and sometimes breaks the rhythm of the action, this is a game that is worth trying.

  • It is inspired by the classics but also seeks to innovate
  • Great design of dungeons; the puzzles are witty and funny
  • Good combat system: intense, strategic and at times spectacular
  • Dozens of hours of adventure with missions, role-playing, and equipment to find
  • The story is not very original; sometimes slows down the pace of action
  • The artistic design somewhat irregular

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