Amnesia Collection analysis. Remember … is to die

Amnesia Collection
Written by Kamran Haider

The year’s pass and Amnesia: The Dark Descent continues to torment us as the first day. Don’t you know this horror adventure? Amnesia: Collection not only gives you the opportunity to play the Frictional Games classic on your PS4, but also to try its expansion, Justine, and enjoy the remarkable Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Ready to start the descent into hell? You will soon discover that the experience with this video game is flattering. Analysis.

Here will be those who think it is an exaggeration. That all those screams, grimaces and stories not to sleep are a pure facade, and I understand because it was because of this video game that videos on YouTube were popularized with people screaming as if life were in it. Do not fall for that mistake. Six years after its release, Amnesia: The Dark Descent is still scary. Very afraid! Even though he already knew his dark history and remembered, with his more and less, the moments of maximum tension; the situations in which you face death face to face, embodied by a monstrous creature that never stops chasing you, the Frictional Games games has made it really bad again. It’s a nightmare! But one that you cannot resist no matter how much your head cries out to you to leave the game; You leave it at once.

In his day, with the original PC, I did it. He was so afraid, he was so nervous, he couldn’t help it: he paused the action and left the game. As it is. A detail that the creators of this memorable horror adventure have taken into account with great surprise when establishing the Amnesia Trophies: Collection, the compilation that takes the classic to the PlayStation 4 circuits along with its expansion of content, Justine, and the notable though also controversial Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. All this for 29.99 euros, which is not bad considering the quality of the three games.

The death that stalks

I will be clear to you. If you have not enjoyed Amnesia you are already taking. As much as imitators come out, and there are, this is a unique video game; a work that reflects as few the anguish to die and the terror of the unknown. It is unsettling; It overwhelms you in a way that is difficult to explain with words. You hear a rumble, or a scream … and you run like crazy! Without looking back. Closing doors abruptly, as if that could stop the horror that haunts you. And when, somehow, you escape, you turn around; but not in the game, but in your own home, praying that nothing you just lived during the game will be repeated in real life. That is the greatness of Amnesia and its overwhelming atmosphere; so dreary, so depressing, so Lovecraftian, that shortly you enjoy this kind of stories you will be amazed.

The passing of the years shows and, of course, the graphics are what they are. More in a low-budget video game that was born as a last resort to avoid the bankruptcy of the study; but you cannot be denied its merits. The level design is quite good and the atmosphere, with that macabre air, that stains the walls of the Prussian castle in which the action takes place, manages to make you feel restless; which is already a lot in a title of these characteristics. His greatest virtue? How well it combines the resolution of puzzles with the fight against that fearsome nightmare that never ceases to harass you. Although more than fighting, yours is a full-fledged escape. You have no weapons, no resources to defend against monsters beyond stealth. Have you been detected? Pray to find a good hiding place because otherwise … you’re dead!death that stalks

As much as imitators come out, and there are, Amnesia is a unique video game

Sometimes you can even succumb to madness; lose your mind to the horrors that happen on-screen as the fantastic Eternal Darkness of GameCube once did. Just walk for a long time in darkness, or face a monster face to face, to begin to notice the effects of dementia: dizziness, hallucinations or even headaches that can affect the development of the game. Solution? Avoid darkness and, of course, never look in the eyes of death, which is not easy when, precisely, walking accompanied by a dim light will attract the attention of monsters. I already said it before. This is a game that despairs, that overwhelms so deeply that on more than one occasion you will ask yourself the big question: why do I keep playing? The answer comes alone. Because it is great to work.

The puzzles he proposes, the story that tells, with that setting, that great mystery that worries the soul; Everything in The Dark Descent is designed to make you suffer, and few titles get it with such brilliance. So yes, it may be that technically it has aged somewhat badly and, already accustomed to this game formula, surprise less than it did at the time; But this is a journey that nobody should miss either on PC or now on PS4.

Tormented by nightmares

One of the things I like most about this franchise is that each game, even sharing the same base, feels unique, different. I have told you about the descent into hell proposed by the original, but if you bet on its expansion, Amnesia: Justine, you will find a title that in a way reminds movies like SAW, for the kind of challenges it poses and, above all, the consequences. There are more puzzles, or rather, tests, traps, which involve deciding whether an innocent person lives or dies. And in between, the monster, which will torment us in the final moments of this brief but intense survival adventure. Here also death is permanent, so if the creature catches you you can say goodbye, bye, there is nothing else to do. Something that gives more tension to the action.

A Machine for Pigs, on the other hand, almost ignores any playable challenge to focus all attention on the story. And what a story! Work by the authors of Dear Esther, The Chinese Room video game presents one of the most disturbing stories of all we remember. The script is masterful but, above all, I am amazed at the narrative pulse with which, step by step, you get into the terrible nightmare that torments the protagonist. The absence of puzzles earned him the criticism of many fans but, I insist, the trip he proposes is worthy of praise. The final stretch of the adventure, with the incredible music Jessica Curry, is one of the most intense I’ve lived in a long time. The game, also set in London at the end of the 19th century, has a great artistic finish that stands out for the remarkable variety of locations and the good use it makes of lighting and, above all, the sound effects. In general, this is one of the great strengths of the saga; the terror that goes straight to the ears. And the use made of it is masterful.

After so many years and with the excellent SOMA involved, in this collection I miss a better control system, especially for the original video game and its expansion, which at times of maximum tension I do not notice that it works well, it costs me horrors spin cranks and pull levers, and of course, the mods that so many joys have brought to the PC fans. Its presence would greatly improve a result that is already quite good, even despite the lack of news. It is still a faithful and direct conversion of the originals to the PS4 circuits.

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Better late than never. This saying comes to you even painted to Amnesia: Collection. The passing of the years may have caused him to lose sight and some of the freshness that defined The Dark Descent at the time, but this is still a horror adventure that you should not miss. And the same can be said of A Machine for Pigs, which surprises with the brilliance of its argument. If you already played them on PC, you will miss the news; also the mods, but if you are new to the saga and you like to be scared, few games will terrify you at this level.

  • Terror in its purest form. Few games will make you go worse
  • Great atmosphere and a very good story
  • Each of the three games feels unique
  • The control system with command can be somewhat awkward at times
  • Technically it is a discreet video game

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