Analysis of A Hat in Time. Nintendo 64 style

Written by Kamran Haider

You try it and you immediately feel nostalgic. You dedicate a couple of hours … and you end up in love with him! Inspired by the adventures of 3D platforms typical of the Nintendo 64 era, writing the analysis of A Hat in Time has reminded us of how much we like this kind of video game in a fantastic year for a genre that seems to have regained the glory of yesteryear.

How deceptive can be the first contact with A Hat in Time? Yes, it is clear that it is a 3D platform adventure in the Nintendo 64 style, and it’s great !, but somehow you feel that this Gears for a Breakfast video game is lacking in the grace with which Rare and Nintendo itself endowed their games in the nineties. It’s too simple, too typical … until it ceases to be. And do not wait long to prove it. After the initial missions completed, the first commissions completed in a crazy island populated by mobsters, this video game successfully funded on Kickstarter begins to show all its virtues, which are not few precisely, making it clear that it is more than just a tribute. The references to the classics are there, they can be seen constantly, but they do not limit themselves to repeating what they have seen so far in the genre.

Fun, exciting and, above all, intelligent in the way in which it poses its challenges, this videogame of action and platforms always looks for the way to surprise and it achieves it! creating challenges with personality, ingenious, that in one way or another they end up drawing a big smile on your face. You can not ask for more to a game with these characteristics. It is pure love; a waste of imagination with which it is incredibly easy to have fun. Therefore, I insist, you should not let yourself be carried away by first impressions. Its start is somewhat warm, it really makes you expect the worst given the simplicity with which you overcome your first missions, but once A Hat in Time takes momentum there is no stopping you! transporting you to a varied and colorful fantasy world in which everything is possible. Even participate in the crazy shooting of a movie. And it’s not the strangest and funniest thing you’ll do in this adventure.

Hats with charm … and a lot of power

Very influenced by classics such as Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie, one of the first things that amaze A Hat in Time is the great freedom of action for which it bets, allowing us to explore almost without limits the gigantic game worlds in those that the action develops. Okay, yes, everything is structured based on a series of missions with very specific objectives but, that’s the point, you can act as you please! You have the freedom to jump and run through the stages in search of additional challenges or the precious collectibles with which, little by little, you will discover new special abilities for the protagonist. The best? Each world, depending on the mission in which we enter, will present more or less important changes in its own structure, thus achieving a varied, ever-changing game experience that encourages us to explore and try new strategies.

Also, since the heroine has several hats with special powers to her credit, you can always retrace your steps to discover new challenges. What is amazing! Increased speed, creating explosive potions or using a hook to reach otherwise inaccessible areas are just some of the skills that the protagonist has, who can also gain some special advantages using a series of badges that we will have to buy previously and, more importantly, equip with ahead, because we can not jump into action with all of them active. Elements that provide depth to an adventure platform that, if something falls in love, is the crazy design of some of their missions. I said it before; Do not be fooled by your initial compasses. Of jumping and crushing enemies without any reason or no will happen to solve crimes in a series of missions where stealth will be important or to escape in a hurry of great dangers with a tone that borders on the epic.Hats with charm

He knows how to surprise you with elaborate tests or exciting fights against bosses

And it’s not that this happens sporadically. A Hat in Time knows how to surprise you with more elaborate tests or exciting combats against bosses, which in one way or another will make you vibrate with pure emotion. In this sense it surprises how the development team adapts all these tests to the thematic of the scenarios through which we move, making the game experience, if possible, more varied and fun than it already is. The great soundtrack also contributes to these good sensations that accompany the action with an exquisite taste. They are catchy, varied themes that match perfectly with the various locations in which the adventure takes place. In addition, in the line of the Rare classics, music is changing, always adapting to what we see on the screen.

Too bad that, in general, the Gears for a Breakfast video game is not especially difficult. Any amateur with some experience in the genre will overcome without any problems most of the challenges posed by an adventure that, also at specific moments, leaves you wanting more. The bases are impeccable but it is not always possible to get the most out of the many game possibilities offered by this platforming adventure so typical of the times of Nintendo 64. The good news is that A Hat in Time, in one way or another, It encourages you to explore your game worlds with an unusual passion, thanks also to a large number of extra items and hidden treasures that you can find during this crazy journey that also has a good plot base. It’s not that the story that is narrated – in perfect English – is original or anything like that, but if I liked something, it is how it weaves the missions creating situations as crazy as intelligent thanks, also, to the presence of a good cast of secondary characters.

The bases are impeccable but not always the maximum yield is taken out.

There are many reasons to be happy with A Hat in Time and although, in the end, it does not reach the levels of mastery of the great referents of the genre, the work of Gears for Breakfast is worthy of praise. They have created a fun adventure, with a great variety of missions, crazy sequences of action and a great control system that responds perfectly to the demands of a title of these characteristics. In addition, in PC, tools are available to create our own content so the useful life of this adventure, which can be completed around 10 hours, promises to be quite high. How to resist a game like that!

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They promised a lot on Kickstarter, they received the support of the fans … and the result has lived up to expectations. A Hat in Time is a great adventure of 3D platforms that pays homage to the great classics of Nintendo 64 without losing the opportunity to leave its own mark in the videogame industry. With a great level design and an exciting rhythm of the action, the Gears for Breakfast game deserves to enter the collection of any fan of the genre.

  • Varied, fun, exciting … it’s an adventure that knows how to catch
  • The special abilities of the protagonist and the variety of collectibles
  • The design of the missions and how they take advantage of the thematic of the scenarios
  • It is not an especially difficult videogame
  • Sometimes your action feels simple

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