Analysis of Age of Empires Definitive Edition. A classic reborn

Age of Empires
Written by Kamran Haider

More than 20 years after its birth, the legendary Age of Empires comes back to life! Microsoft recovers what is one of its most emblematic franchises with a good remake that updates the classic to modern times, without losing its essence, although not without failures. In the analysis of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition we delve into its virtues and defects.

Warcraft, Dune or Command & Conquer are names burned into the hearts of real-time strategy fans. They were the forerunners of the genre; the titles that laid the foundations for a new way of understanding the strategy, until then anchored in the traditional shifts, with the mythical Civilization as one of its main bastions. However, it would be the legendary Age of Empires, from the sadly missing Ensemble Studios team, who would mark a before and after that continues to be today, 20 years after his birth, one of the most influential video games in the history of electronic entertainment. He solito defined the course to follow by tens and hundreds of titles of strategy that, in one way or another, sought to repeat the success of this Microsoft franchise. Few have achieved, which denotes the enormous creative talent of a team of developers who made history, and repeated success! soon after, with the memorable Age of Empires II, which is still one of the most active strategy titles on the market. And all this kind of story to cry, with joy, that the saga is back !, and the first step in this Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, a remake in every rule that seeks to adapt the classic to new times without losing its essence. He gets it … with nuances.

Two decades later. the Ensemble Studios classic continues to be an addictive video game like few others; You start a game and without realizing it, the hours fly! Time is running, and the spirit to continue battling does not decrease in the least. It is the great virtue of a work that does not seem to pass the years, and less with that new graphics section for which bets the team of Forgotten Empires, authors of the latest expansions of the legendary Age of Empires 2, which gets the video game, even with its old aesthetics, look better than ever. It is the most visible novelty, the one that catches the attention, but not the only one that introduces this remake of Age of Empires that makes great efforts to achieve that the original title is, so many years later, a video game fully enjoyed by the new generations. It was not easy! The classic is a work worthy of praise, of those that are not forgotten, but the genre of strategy has evolved a lot since then, and although nostalgia has its charm, re-enjoying Age of Empires as it was conceived may result hard even for those who in their day adored him with all their soul.

Rescuing a classic

Beyond the graphics, the use of 3D modeling or how well the new textures look, one of the most important changes has to do with the renewed user interface for which this Definitive Edition of Age of Empires bets. That your memory does not play tricks on you. The original, typical of its time, was a rough interface, unnecessarily convoluted, which also lacked options such as production queues, inactive villagers notices, or the possibility of selecting groups of units of the same type with a simple double click. The remake not only integrates correctly these options, but it also facilitates, and much, the construction of the empire itself by giving us access, with very few clicks, to all available options that, in addition, are visible from the start.Rescuing a classic

Age of Empires is an addictive video game like few others; you start a game and without realizing it, the hours fly!

Thanks to this, enjoying the strategic action of the Age of Empires is a more pleasant and fun experience. It is easy to create groups, manage troops, organize villagers, collect resources and build, build a lot because in this game you can not lower your guard for a second. I did not remember it that hard, so hard in the sense that, in its history mode, you act quickly or you’re dead at the first sign of change. You have to collect raw materials at high speed, but also use resources head-first; build the right buildings at the right time, researching new technologies, training troops, advancing in time to gain more management options. And all this under the constant threat of enemies who, unfortunately, although they will put us in trouble, are not particularly intelligent. It is shocking considering that the remake bets for a better artificial intelligence that, in this case, is not always better than the original. He has a crime!

The enemies will go all out from the beginning; they will besiege you without rest during the initial compasses of the game, making your progress very difficult. But if you resist the stake, if you survive long enough to fortify your camp and train troops, the war is won! The rivals are so wild, so aggressive, that in the middle of the game they will run out of resources to continue training troops, so you will finish them without too many problems, which is ridiculous. The allies, on the other hand, although they move better through the scenarios always looking for the best route to reach the destination point (the so-called pathfinding), they continue to block each other, becoming stuck in key points of the mapping without, on their own, being able to solve such nonsense. It is up to you to solve the ballot moving troops from here to there to undo the mess, which obviously can be frustrating.

Without the option to use formations, as in the sequel to Age of Empires, the video game also makes things difficult when it comes to directing troops across the battlefield. It’s hard to explain it with words. Imagine that your archers are scattered throughout the camp and you decide to send them to war. When they move in a group, when they arrive at their destination, they will maintain the same positions with which they left, which has neither feet nor head, because this prevents them from attacking as a group, or motivates that, occasionally, some units are lost by the way. Their eagerness to enter into combat, which again and again abandons training to attack distant enemies, also causes moments of frustration in a video game that at this point, in particular, feels worse than the original.

A deficient artificial intelligence overshadows the many virtues of this remake of the Ensemble Studios classic.

The remake treasures, however, other virtues that are important to consider. Surprise the amount and variety of content offered, with ten campaigns that have been provided with an interesting thread, with dubbing in Spanish, set in the classical era of Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. There are more than 40 hours of solo play, but that’s not all! Because we also have the fantastic multiplayer for up to eight players, with 16 civilizations to choose from, each with a few exclusive units and certain unique characteristics that It is convenient to keep in mind to achieve success. In this sense it is worth highlighting that of Empires: Definitive Edition discards its launch on Steam, at least for now, due precisely to the multiplayer. It remains to be seen if later the videogame opens in Valve’s store along with interesting improvements such as the increase of the maximum population to 250, which guarantees more spectacular and epic battles than those of the original. And what about the legendary map editor, who returns to action with a redesigned user interface that will help fans create their own war scenarios. If you watch the life of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, in which we face several 3D game writers, you will understand why I am so excited about these possibilities.

Thanks to technological advances, this war show is at times exciting, with visual improvements in the water or in the destruction of buildings that help to get fully into the action of Age of Empires Definitive Edition. Do you prefer the more classic option? As in other titles of the style, you can play with the graphics of the original, although this makes you miss some of the new options of a Definitive Edition that, in addition, presents a renewed soundtrack with which it is difficult not to get excited. His themes, his music, contribute to creating a magical atmosphere; they encourage you to want to enjoy a legendary video game that, even with the passing of the years, continues to be a work that is worth trying, like any other video game in the Age of Empires saga. Whether you’re new or veteran, this is an opportunity worth living; more having on the horizon the coveted Age of Empires 4, developed by the authors of Company of Heroes and Homeworld.

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Age of Empires was and is a memorable video game with which it is very easy to enjoy its exciting strategic action, although obviously over the years has made some of its game mechanics are somewhat outdated. This remake fulfills with the awaited thing, not only improving the graphical section of the classic of Ensemble Studios but also adding new options and improvements that feel him phenomenal. A deficient artificial intelligence, however, overshadows this Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, which is still worth trying, whether or not you’re new to the Microsoft franchise.

  • Relive the battles of Age of Empires with a renewed graphics section
  • The new user interface feels great; it’s easier than ever to control the action
  • Dozens of hours of playable content alone and the multiplayer!
  • Artificial intelligence can be frustrating
  • The troops do not always follow the best route; they still continue to obstruct their path
  • The years do not pass in vain, and in some aspects, the game feels old-fashioned

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