Analysis of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. A perfect camping

Pocket Camp
Written by Kamran Haider

They leave the consoles to visit smartphones for the first time, and they do it through the front door !, with an endearing, fun and addictive video game that keeps intact the hallmarks of what is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. We go camping to tell you in the analysis of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS and Android what makes this free to play title such a special game.

It’s hard to explain why Animal Crossing, with a game premise so seemingly anodyne as to walk from here to there picking fruits, fishing or chatting with animals with no other purpose than having a good time and, of course, decorating your own house, has reached such heights of success. You have to try it! I can not tell you anything else because, honestly, it’s quite an experience. Immersing yourself in this colorful world populated by a motley group of talkative animals makes you feel like a child; It takes you straight back to your early childhood, and it’s great! You smile, you sigh, you get excited! every time your neighbors remember you; when they bring you a gift, when you buy a new piece of furniture and you make your home a warmer place or, after many efforts, you manage to capture that butterfly that so much resisted you. And you’re still there,

Nintendo allows us with great creative talent to build a virtual life that costs to escape and now more than ever, entering the world of Animal Crossing is available to anyone thanks to the launch of a video game for iOS and Android that is left in the ink none of the key features of the franchise. Virtually everything you love about her is here, in this free-to-play title that proposes to go camping; build a nice space to live in nature while sharing experiences with that lovely group of animals that are impossible to love more. And he does it with style, proposing the most interesting challenges that promise to keep us stuck to this app for a long time. So yes, mission accomplished !, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a good example of how a traditional video game can adapt to smartphones without losing its identity or, of course, besiege fans with micropayments, although I do lack the innocence that defines it. It could be said that in this process he has lost part of his soul.

The peaceful life … now on mobile

Building a new life is not easy and in this sense, Animal Crossing is one of those video games that require time. It has always been like this. You take a walk through the town, collect resources, talk with neighbors and something else until the next day ! that Rome was not built in a day. And Pocket Camp stays true to this philosophy. You arrive, you settle in the camp, you meet your neighbors … and from there, to repeat the same actions over and over again. Day after day with the usual purpose: to create a comfortable home, to your liking, so that more animals go there to enjoy the environment. But unlike other titles in the series, this time it was over the debt to the eyebrows with Tom Nook. In this app, we must make our neighbors happy so that they reward us with the precious berries and raw materials that we will later invest to make furniture and other decorative objects.

Apples, cherries, sea shells, horse mackerel, squid, beetles, butterflies … or whatever! The inhabitants of Animal Crossing, as capricious as always, do not get tired of asking and we, we have to satisfy their desires. How you already imagine. Exploring the camp; looking for fruits, fish, and insects in the different plots which this game world is divided. And here the time factor comes into action. Shake a fruit tree and immediately you will see a counter that will mark the hours you need to return to bear fruit. It is not very elegant, it is effective and, it is worth remembering, also typical of the franchise. However Pocket Camp allows you to speed things up with the Leaf Tickets, a currency that you receive when you meet challenges or make neighbors happy, but that you can also get by buying with real money. Abuse? No way.

Waiting times, even when you build furniture, are usually not excessive. Only large projects require more hours of work but, I insist, is something typical of a saga that has always played with the concept of “the passage of days”. The problem with this app is that, unlike the great Animal Crossing: New Leaf of Nintendo 3DS, it does not offer so many alternatives or divertimentos with which to spend the dead hours. Fulfilling the wishes of neighbors, who have a limit per day, will not take too long and, when fishing or hunting insects, has opted for a game mechanic in my opinion too simple. Just press on the touch screen at the precise moment and that’s it! without much challenge or complications. It is not that I was looking for a brutal challenge in Pocket Camp, but when you play a longer game than usual, you can feel some boredom. Do not panic so fast.peaceful life

Everything in Pocket Camp looks great.

There are lots of furniture to make, with many styles in between, and despite what might seem, the contentment of neighbors is not an easy task. Each of them has their own tastes so it’s time to work, and much, to get the greatest number of animals to come to our plot with a big smile on their face. There are those who prefer sports environments, or those who enjoy a home with a cuqui air, so every decision we make will affect the type of neighbors that come to visit. In this sense, I like that before forging a good friendship must meet certain requirements; it gives the game a bit of depth that feels great. In addition, there are few sensations more pleasant than to make the camp grow with more and more animals; almost vibrate with emotion every time you get happy to any of the endearing neighbors that give life to this colorful game world. And what about the translation into Spanish. Once again extraordinary, with funny, witty phrases, with which it is difficult not to smile in a foolish way, although some are repeated in excess and the villagers, in general, have lost part of the charm and kindness that made them so endearing.

The division of the stage into plots helps to better manage the games: there is an area where picking fruit, another where it is easier to fish, and even an area that allows us to make raw materials at high speed as long as we are accompanied by five more players or pay a price with Leaf Tickets. The downside is that sometimes load times can be somewhat annoying, but it is a minor evil to enjoy a video game that looks frankly spectacular at the audiovisual level. The color of the scenarios, the design of the characters, their characteristic grunts, the music, everything in this Animal Crossing for mobile It looks great, also presenting a user interface with which it is easy not only to interact with the inhabitants of Animal Crossing but also to decorate our plot or the motorhome ! which had not said anything before but can also be personalized with total freedom.

I miss most sellers, who appear temporarily in a specific area of ​​the campsite, a multiplayer more worked, because, in the end, you can only visit the lands of another player without the option to interact with him in real time, and of course something more than depth and variety in the challenges it poses, but it can not be denied that Nintendo has done a great job with this Animal Crossing Pocket Camp . And I return to the subject of micropayments because, I insist, the good news is that you will not feel the need to invest money to fully enjoy the video game. There are exclusive items that can only be purchased with Leaf Tickets, but spending a few minutes a day will not be difficult to get a good amount of them. Do you want the action to be faster? There is the option; pay and the trees will give more fruit, the furniture will be manufactured faster, and you can even throw the net into the sea to capture just the fish you craved. Micropayments speed up the gaming experience but do not interfere in the least with those who prefer the traditional style.

Personally, I am sorry that part of the message that has made the franchise great has been lost. In the original videogames, you help your neighbors because you want, because you get to appreciate them from the heart, never in order to get something in return. In Pocket Camp the opposite occurs. Fish, collect fruit or look for insects because you need to offer them as payment to a group of characters that do not feel as genuine as in the main deliveries. They do not have houses so you can visit them, nor do they keep those funny phrases that made them unique. It seems silly, it’s not something that affects the game itself, but it’s something that at least made me enjoy the experience a little less.

The world of Animal Crossing adapts perfectly to mobile devices with a video game that keeps intact the hallmarks of the franchise, while adding new game mechanics that feel really good. This time camping, Nintendo proposes to create a nice space to share experiences with a group of endearing chatty animals. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp can become somewhat repetitive in the medium term given the limited variety of challenges it poses but, as always with this series, it is a game that manages to make you smile, forget about day-to-day problems if only for a few minutes. And just for that, it’s worth it.

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  • It is an Animal Crossing faithful to the essence of the saga
  • Extensive options to decorate the camping and the motorhome
  • Forge friendship with neighbors. It’s a fun process
  • Something simple and lacking in variety in some aspects
  • The multiplayer does not have much weight in the action

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