Analysis of Apex Construct. A devastated virtual future

Apex Construct
Written by Kamran Haider

PlayStation VR users can finally enjoy a new and good action and adventure title designed for this Virtual Reality support. We analyze the Apex Construct and its devastating future against ruthless robots.

Although it may not sound too much, I consider that Fast Travel Games is a study that can give us great surprises from now on, given that many of its members are former study workers such as Rovio or DICE. In fact, your first job, Apex Construct, can be a good touchstone to get an idea of ​​the talent that this team has. A title that has just appeared for PS4 and its peripheral of Virtual Reality PSVR and that, within a month exactly, will do the same in the rest of devices of this same nature available for PC.

In a not very encouraging future, we are immersed in a world in which machines have taken over every corner of the stage. What happened? Why are we the only human being left alive? How did we get to this situation? We will only know it as we advance in the adventure. A plot that is so unoriginal (how many times have we witnessed something similar in video games and movies alike?) As, it must be said, quite attractive once you dive into this universe devised by Fast Travel Games … something really easy to achieve due to the characteristics of the game and, of course, its origin VR. Of course, those who do not master English may not know part of the story, since the game is completely in that language, at least the version I’ve tried.

An adventure well planned and executed

Far from being the typical horror game (there are kicked on this platform) or a shooter with little playable chicha, this is a very complete adventure that quite successfully combines numerous genres, from exploration to very intense moments of action and, also, the resolution of simple but well-designed puzzles. A compendium of elements that shape a gaming experience that I found very suggestive and rewarding, which also possesses enough entity to keep us entertained for a minimum of about 6 or 7 hours.

To develop in this universe it is necessary to dust off the PlayStation Move commands since on this occasion it is only possible to play with those controllers. A decision that may not please all users and that, from my point of view, could have been complemented perfectly by the addition of a control option that was compatible with the DualShock 4. In any case, it is fair to say that such management It has been well implemented and works more than accurately.

Apart from being able to move as much through free movement as (for all of us who get dizzy), using teleports, in Apex Construct, we must also make good use of the arch (and the corresponding arrows) as well as our shield. That is because, in the end, these objects are the only ones that can keep us alive, items that can be strengthened and improved throughout the adventure.n adventure

With nuances, Apex Construct offers everything that should include games for virtual reality systems

The moments of action are well taken and, while they offer nothing that we have not enjoyed a thousand times before in numerous previous titles, at least in PSVR they do not result so frequent and, for that reason, I find them very enjoyable. In addition, the patterns of attack and movement of the adversary robots are quite achieved, especially when it comes to facing the biggest. Of course, do not expect to find an incredible variety of enemies because precisely here we find one of the few weak points (and not at all serious) that holds Apex Construct.

These confrontations are complemented by the resolution of small puzzles (but quite varied) as well as another of the fundamental ingredients of this work: exploration. The scenarios do not enjoy a huge size but it is usually large enough so that they contain certain resources and collectibles that we can collect. A way to extend the duration of the title slightly, very estimable already in itself as I told you before.

Therefore, without being anything new or, especially, spectacular, the fact is that Apex Construct offers everything that should be included in the games developed for VR systems: well-played gameplay, a respectable duration and a graphics section and sound to the height.

Indeed, because another of the best aspects presented by the video game has to do with its audiovisual plot. The scenarios enjoy an unquestionable solidity and the modeling and animations of the mechanical rivals are very good. The setting has also been quite careful and transports us to a suggestive and believable dystopian world that is also shown with an acceptable degree of definition. And to accompany this meritorious visual facet, the soundtrack adapts perfectly to each zone of play and situation without being repetitive, while the effects sound with the necessary intensity and the dubbing (in English, retro) is correct.

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One of the first surprises for PSVR (and, in a month, also for the rest of VR devices) transports us to a post-apocalyptic world dominated by machines that, besides being quite attractive in the audiovisual, is very suggestive in the playable. Apex Construct is an adventure deep enough, varied and relatively long (within what is usual in the titles designed exclusively for VR) that reaches a remarkable level as a whole. A title that, due to its quality, deserved a translation into our language.

  • Well planned and quite varied gameplay
  • Aesthetically it is quite remarkable: great atmosphere
  • Its duration is longer than usual in games intended for PSVR
  • Although it is interesting, the plot is unoriginal
  • It could have incorporated the option of control by means of DualShock 4 (and not only through Move)

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