Analysis of Ash of Gods Redemption. Following the banner of The Banner Saga

Ash of Gods Redemption
Written by Kamran Haider

The first time we saw Ash of Gods we came to think that it was a new work from the creative studio of The Banner Saga. Nothing is further from reality. In this analysis of Ash of Gods, we show you the differences, but also the abundant similarities, between these two games.

Whenever we are faced with a player who intends to perform a deep tribute to another there are a few doubts. How much will it look like the original? What does it contribute to the genre? In the case of Ash of Gods , the truth is that it took us a little more time to get to see their own virtues, since at a first glance and just see some screenshots or videos of the game, the similarity with the title of Stoic, The Banner Saga, are so similar that they can make more than one suspect.

AurumDust, the studio based in Moscow, has had no problem admitting the great inspiration of his work in the company of the Texan. But some moments, the homage is so even that the line between inspiration and tracing is too blurry. Because virtually all aspects of Ash of Gods are identical. An artistic style that follows the same line, battles in turns that develop very similarly and under a very even interface, and a development of the adventure in which we will have to make decisions and make a few sacrifices.

Also to provide new rules to the formula, such as the addition of the cards in the battles. A kind of magical abilities that spend a turn and that allow us to heal our units, empower them or reduce the enemy. The possibility that our heroes die is also very real, but the truth is that it is a more interesting way, accumulating wounds in battle whenever we fall in combat. If we are injured four times our character will die, but we can always make a small sacrifice of resources in the bonfires to rest and heal the wounds.

The war of the gods

The story also moves away from the classic Nordic myths of The Banner Saga, offering here an epic fantasy story on a large scale with different points of view according to the characters we control. Its start, like many fantasy novels, can be somewhat slow given a large number of texts and characters and situations you have to present.

All in all, it shows the hand of a professional writer behind the plot. In this case, that of Sergey Malitsky, a Russian fantasy writer who is little known in the West because his works have not been translated. Although the pace is not the best and the approach too cliché, there is an effort to create a well-built world with interesting characters.

The artistic section of Ash of Gods: Redemption, as we said earlier in the analysis, follows the same stroke of The Banner Saga, which in turn already mixed the style of Eyvind Earle with the aesthetics of cartoons, offering a result more than Remarkable though not as surprising as the first time. Even more in their animations, which are somewhat scarce converting many conversations into an experience too static.war of the gods

You can see the hand of a professional writer behind the plot

The soundtrack is also a very prominent aspect, as it is made up of great composers, such as Adam Skorupa, author of the soundtrack of the first two of The Witcher, which offers us some outstanding melodies both to set the long journey for this magical world and to give intensity to the struggles. Maybe they are missing more voices in their dubbing, which will further enliven the conversations and the abundant dialogues of their history.

Few developments are found in combat, beyond the card system, which is a good contribution but not as useful as might be expected at first. We found some differences when it comes to managing the units from both melee and distance, but in general terms, the whole system, including its two different life bars, works in a very similar way.

The difficulty of the matches is well adjusted, although we have not had many problems to keep our fighters alive, thanks to their system of injuries. If the management of resources is more challenging, with the so-called stories, the kind of currency that does not serve to travel the map to other places and cure our units. It is a very scarce good that we have to control at all times, because running out of stories means that our characters will suffer in their flesh the consequences, accumulating multiple wounds, to be able to continue.

In short, Ash of Creation is a fun experience, but with a lack of freshness, given its abundant similarities with the work of Stoic. Without a doubt, it is recommended to all those players who have already gone through The Banner Saga and have been wanting more strategy in turns as only these games manage to transmit. His story, although of a slow start and with multiple dialogues, is followed with interest and both his artistic design and music accompanies very well at all times. But, no matter how hard we try, we can not avoid seeing a lack of innovation too latent in it. A missed opportunity to have expanded the genre beyond a new point of view, instead of following the road already traced so reliably.

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Ash of Gods: Redemption is a good student of The Banner Saga that follows in the wake of this game at face value in all its sections. It is ideal for those players eager to continue enjoying this formula while waiting for the third installment of the Stoic game. However, although it meets and is up to the circumstances, there is a certain lack of freshness that will bore whoever seeks something more original and different in its own genre.

  • A very good artistic design.
  • The soundtrack is impeccable, a great work of composition.
  • The story starts slowly but is followed with interest.
  • The card system in the fighting does not end up being useful at all.
  • It feels lacking in freshness and original because it is too inspired by The Banner Saga.
  • The rhythm may decay in some sections of the adventure.

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