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Baba Is You
Written by Kamran Haider

In Baba is You we find the heart of any good puzzle game. A system of well-planned rules, but with which we can play at our whim. A simple premise, but that gives a world of possibilities, which we explore in the analysis of Baba is You.

In The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, there is a concept that was left to us, beyond the intense adventure that it proposed. There are no predefined rules, the puzzle does not have fixed patterns that we have to figure out, along with guidelines to follow. It encourages, in fact, to break those rules and encourage the player’s creativity by solving the puzzle in other ways that, far from appearing to be cheating, are perfectly valid. After all, the satisfaction of the puzzle is always in the mind of the player. And as satisfying is fulfilling these rules as jumping.

In Baba is You, exactly the same thing happens. Sometimes there is more than one solution, but even when there is only one, the game always urges us to be creative. Its premise is based on derailing the whole scenario to later give a certain cohesion to the puzzle. We have a series of predetermined rules, which come in small packages of information that we can manipulate. For example BABA> IS> YOU, which means that we are that little white animal on the screen. Each of those words is a block and if we break it, we stop being Baba, which means that we enter into an error that prevents us from continuing to control the character. There is a large number of varied actions: ROCK> IS> PUSH; WALL> IS> STOP; WATER> IS> DEATH; FLAG> IS> WIN; etc.imagine the possibilities that are given by reorganizing all these words to arrive at the final solution.

It is amazing to see how your mind adapts to the rules of the game.

I do not imagine that Baba is You were out of the mind of a person who was not a programmer. It’s as if its creator, Arvi Teikari, thought directly in code to have come up with the key to the multiple phases that make up Baba is You. Mainly because each of these short phrases that we mentioned earlier has that spirit of computer language.From functions that you are dictating to a program to tell you what each thing means, and how fragile it is in its structure so that only space or symbol misplaces the whole equation. In Baba is You, our job is precisely to create the correct code by breaking it first, but knowing what can be altered and what can not. We can never break our identity or transform a key object irreversibly, but we are always urged to think creatively to find the solution in the most unexpected way.Baba is Win

Baba is Win

The best thing about Baba is You is that, in the hands of any inexpert person who was offered the idea of ​​this game, the end result would be a clever puzzle and little else. But you can see that Teikari has thought and rethought this game a lot to find a huge number of phases that go beyond what no one would be able to achieve by staying on the surface. Know when to exploit the concrete mechanics of a word, take it to the maximum and change before you adapt too much to it. He knows how to make you think in ways that you did not even think you were capable of. It is one of those puzzle games whose satisfaction is infinite, but also with a relentless development that does not give a shred of the solution in the process.

Thus, a series of worlds is composed that we can unlock once we manage to solve a certain number of puzzles in order to continue advancing. It is not necessary to complete all in order not to frustrate the player, and much less some extra levels of advanced difficulty with which you can be a long time to solve them. The result is an experience that, well dosed, is a complete stimulus to the player, but that at its most advanced levels can leave it completely blocked and with the fried neurons. It is surprising to see how your mind adapts to the rules of the game, although I must admit that in some moments you can get to “catch” it in some contradictions. More than once I have come to a conclusion that could be logical and valid for victory, but that by breaking the game too much, it has not turned out to be correct for victory.Restart or undo your steps will be very necessary after a bad move

It has quickly become one of the biggest surprises of the year.

Forget what you can think of the graphics aspect, which is charming in the end. Baba Is You subtracts all unnecessary elements from each of its levels so as not to distract you from its main mechanics, because you will need to be really focused on this challenge. It is a pure puzzle game, which has quickly become one of the biggest surprises of the year, showing that good, original and well-developed ideas continue to exist in video games. Essential for any lover of the puzzle.


Baba Is You is one of the best puzzle games of the year. Not only is he able to achieve original mechanics, but he manages to exploit it to the maximum of his possibilities, creating complexity and depth. It is a lasting challenge and one that calls for approaching him with creativity and dedication. Definitely, BABA IS WIN.

  • A surprising and original mechanics
  • It does not stay on the surface. Deeper to the fullest
  • Exploits the player’s creativity
  • Some rule may not be clear enough

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