Analysis of Battle Chasers Nightwar. The cult comic becomes a video game

Battle Chasers Nightwar
Written by Kamran Haider

Joe Madureira’s cult comic becomes a great classic-inspired RPG that houses a good number of virtues. Analysis of Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a new proposal within one of the most classic genres that exist.

With the Kickstarter campaign that ended successfully and in which the developers of AirShips Syndicate managed to raise more than $ 850,000, the original comic by Joe Madureira published in the late ’90s, Battle Chasers, set a new destination: become a video game. This title has just appeared under the full name of Battle Chasers: Nightwar, a really striking production within the RPG field that has a large number of qualities and characteristics inherited from the most classic productions.

For this last element precisely and despite the fact that it is a game that can be perfectly attractive to many players, I consider that due to its classic character this work will especially appeal to the most veteran users. A title is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, whose version for Nintendo Switch was delayed at the last moment and still has no specific date.

The adventure follows the adventures of the young Gully, the daughter of the legendary warrior Aramus who inherits his gauntlets of power and who, due to the magnificence of his father, becomes a very important target for the rivals of that warrior. Fortunately, to safeguard her life, the young woman has the help of several adventure companions, characters that we can control as we progress, being able to change from one to another with the upper buttons.

As in every title of this kind, each of these characters (the reckless Red Monika, the hard warrior Garrison, the Calibretto robot, the amazing engineer Knolan more than any other …) has its own characteristics and special abilities, which we must put into action throughout a wide world that we can explore freely and that is represented on a world map of considerable dimensions.

Charm and turn-based fighting

One of the basic ingredients of any RPG, whatever the style, has to do with its combat system, the centerpiece of the gameplay that structures these productions. In this case, the battles take place in turns, although the enemies do not appear randomly, being able to know perfectly the position of the rivals before entering battle against them.

This system seemed very good to me and, although it does not surprise by its operation or any other aspect, in particular, it is very convincing. The developers of Airship Syndicate (a study composed of several former members of the Vigil Games staff, the creators of the Darksiders saga ) have opted to implement a combat system that is quite traditional, closely following what was marked by the great representatives of the gender in its most classical aspect. A joy for the most veteran players.

The pace at which these battles take place is very dynamic as far as possible, the spectacularity of some of the special actions and movements that can be triggered is very meritorious … and, of course, the tactical and strategic component has a lot of weight, being necessary Choose well our attacks and defensive movements to get out of the toughest clashes, final bosses included. Shortly you like this kind of turn-based battles, you will not get tired of fighting throughout the adventure, I can assure you that.based fighting

The tactical and strategic component has a lot of weight.

On the other hand, exploration is also very rewarding, especially for two very specific aspects. At the outset, it is possible to find numerous hidden secrets in the funds, which allows us to get money and different booties that, apparently, are created randomly. And similarly, the dungeons in which we must go deeper to progress in history are also generated procedurally., so each game is different and freshness is more than guaranteed. It is true that the extension of the scenarios is not the widest that I have experienced in a title of these characteristics and that sometimes everything is somewhat linear, but since the adventure tries to emulate what is embodied in the classic works of the genre (such as the first Final Fantasy, for example), is a defect at least understandable.

Being a role-playing adventure, dialogues and interaction with other characters are also essential. And in this case, these conversations have been represented in an excellent way, emulating what was enjoyed in the original novels. That is why it is possible to contemplate the classic snacks in which the comments of each protagonist are grouped, talks that have been translated into our language quite correctly. Dialogues that, in addition to being interesting and giving us important information, also allow us to learn more about the protagonists and discover many features of their personality.

Obviously and in addition to all this it is also possible to evolve the characters and equip them properly with the new objectives that we are collecting, knead money to be able to pay rest nights at the corresponding inns (and regenerate the health of all the characters), market in the stalls and shops that are in the villages (very interesting that has a curious guy called The Collector … In addition to this, it is also necessary to overcome some rare puzzles and even participate in secondary activities, such as fishing. Gameplay that As I have already told you, it does not innovate too much (to say anything) as stated in many other previous RPGs but which is unquestionably entertaining.

It is a pleasure to visit the beautiful backgrounds and observe the protagonists in action.

I also liked the way in which Battle Chasers: Nightwar is structured. The world map with predetermined paths through which we move forward allows us to access the various areas that the adventure hosts, being able to enter some of them (such as dungeons, small camps, etc.) to investigate them in depth. A style that I had not enjoyed for a long time and that I liked very much to meet him again. It is true that I always hope for good ways of any work that has the signature of former members of Vigil Games, but despite that, I recognize that this title has surprised me quite a bit.

It also shows that the developers are putting all their effort into perfecting their work as much as possible, and that is noted for example with the appearance of a patch that corrects the vast majority of the annoying bugs presented by the original version that It fell into my possession, errors such as lack of sound synchrony in certain areas, unexpected closures of the application, etc. It is true that there is still some work to be polished in this regard, but surely in a matter of days they will be solved … or so I hope.

In technical matters, what most attracts the attention of Battle Chasers: Nightwar is its aesthetic style. Obviously, the original material, the illustrations by Joe Madureira, has served as an inspiration to recreate the whole world that we can travel throughout the adventure. An excellent plastic work that is as faithful to the original as unique and very striking. It is a real pleasure to explore the beautiful backgrounds and observe the protagonists in action, who enjoy soft animations and look as magnificent as the one embodied in the original work.

Finally, the sound section also has proven quality, especially thanks to a notable soundtrack that houses a wide range of themes and a more than decent dubbing in Spanish. A detail of the latter that is not usually present in this type of niche cut productions.

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This great exponent of RPGs offers us very varied and absorbing gameplay and a magnificent staging. It also has very striking details such as great fidelity with the original work of Joe Madureira, dubbing in Spanish and, most importantly, a system of turn-based fighting that is not done at all heavy and that has been integrated quite accurately. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a good surprise for fans of this genre.

  • Turn-based battles are delightful
  • The varied and well-structured game system
  • Dungeons and their treasures are created procedurally
  • Good localization integral to our language
  • It can be too linear sometimes
  • It hardly brings anything new to the genre beyond its magnificent aesthetic
  • Certain bugs continue to persist despite the corresponding patch

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