Analysis of Blazing Beaks, dungeons and looting in the form of rogue lite

Blazing Beaks
Written by Kamran Haider

The users of Switch and PC receive a new title belonging to the increasingly recurrent gender of the roguelike/lite, although in this case, it is one that has a remarkable level of quality and is endowed with enough personality. This is what Blazing Beaks offers us. Analysis.

What only a few years ago was a very niche genre, has now become a fairly standard type of game (at least within what fits). I mean the roguelike/lite style games, works that at least in the independent scene do not stop appearing for different platforms. The most recent that I have had the opportunity to try is Blazing Beaks, a creation of the unknown Applava team that has a lot of charm.

The title is basically composed of two very differentiated game modes, Story Mode and Tournament, which offer us different characteristics and game experiences, as we will see in this analysis.

The first of them, the Story Mode, is intended to be enjoyed alone or, best, in local cooperative doubles, being, in my opinion, the best asset that presents all this production. And what do we have to do in this modality? Well, surpass a good batch of rooms or rooms of good size that are generated randomly … and that, as you will suppose, is full of adversaries to which it is necessary to liquidate.

Action and suffering in the twin-stick plan

First, in Blazing Beaks we can choose our character between five different, although later three more are enabled … and this is added the possibility of using mods to create our own character. And the good thing about this is that each one has its own qualities and virtues, as well as a clearly differentiated style of battles. Health, reach, resistance and other parameters are clearly determined to depend on whether we play with a duck, a kind of chicken and other characters (all are birds) available, which adds a special interest to each game.

The gameplay is as simple as you would expect. Using the two sticks we have to liquidate all the monsters and bugs that are giving an appointment in each room and when we fulfill this task, we can access the next level. But of course, to this basic formula are added other additional ingredients that bring much more interest to each game.

Apart from the weapons and the specific characteristics of each protagonist, it is also possible to use items called artifacts that are very particular enhancers that give us certain improvements but, in turn, when using them, they also penalize us in different ways. The best? Pass them during the game (unless we are about to die and we have another) and wait to find the dealer on duty to change them for much more substantial improvements, being able to wield a wide variety of weapons that They range from clipped to freezing rays or plasma or poison balls.very juicy looting

Thanks to a very precise and well integrated control system, the game stings its own

On the other hand, as we play we can also access various secret rooms that usually contain very juicy looting, collect keys that are vital to reaching previously inaccessible and that usually bring us very interesting surprises and, of course, face hard battles against several bosses. And what happens if we die? Well you know: we have to start from level 1-1 … And I warn you that you are going to palmar many times, given that while it is not the most difficult title I have ever played, it is not a walk precisely and especially first bars are very uphill.

This proposal is quite entertaining and challenging, and thanks to a very precise and well-integrated control system, the title has its own. However, it is true that hardly adds anything new to the genre and, similarly, does not possess any kind of narrative that serves as the background and that somehow justifies the fact that we have to go killing mutants and similar creatures permanently. It goes straight to the point, without more.

Along with this modality, which is reputable and attractive, has also been incorporated into the aforementioned Tournament mode, which is basically a competitive mode for four players in local mode. And do not think that it is a kind of marginal complementary option because, in fact, it can be more attractive if possible than the previous one.

In addition, this modality includes no less than five clearly different submodels (Deathmatch, One Gun, Skull keeper …), all of them very addictive and, in some cases, relatively original within what is usual in these cases. Thanks to this multiplayer mode the title wins many integers and, in addition, it becomes a very interesting option to spend unbridled afternoons glued to the television with our friends. The only big downside is that it does not support online mode, but hey, it seems the intention of the developers was for users to stick shouts together in the same room.random manner

This very interesting proposal has been endowed with a lot of aesthetic personalities, something that the title is very grateful for. The recreation of sprites is very successful in my opinion and although I missed some more variety in the scenarios that are generated randomly, its retro aesthetics and its attractive chromatic range compensate for this deficiency.

And as for its sound section, it is not the best virtue that covers Blazing Beaks at all, but at least the sound effects are strong enough and the soundtrack brings more dynamism to the fighting.

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A new title belonging to the roguelikes/lite group can be seen in Switch and PC. Blazing Beaks is a game that has been endowed with a lot of grace and aesthetic personality and that, in addition, has as its main value the fact of being able to play its campaign in the local cooperative mode as well as access to a crazy multiplayer for four users … again in local. It is not the best, nor the most original, nor the most engaging in its category, but it is a more than the remarkable option.

  • The game system is challenging
  • To be able to play campaign mode in the company of a friend in local
  • Its Tournament mode for four players is excellent …
  • … but it can only be tasted in local mode
  • It does not bring great ideas to its genre

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