Analysis of Blood & Truth, the most explosive action ever lived in PSVR

Blood & Truth
Written by Kamran Haider

Look no further: the most intense and spectacular PSVR action game is here. Blood & Truth arrives to demonstrate the potential of Sony’s virtual reality helmet. We analyze everything that this video game contains.

For many users of PSVR and although it may be somewhat surprising, one of the best action experiences that have had the opportunity to live with the virtual reality helmet of PS4 has been playing London Heist, one of the five games included in the already veteran multidisciplinary title VR Worlds. Its creators, London Studio (a reputed Sony team), acquired the necessary experience with this production to immerse themselves in one of the same categories but much more ambitious in every way. And the result of his work for several years is what we have right now: Blood and Truth.

Treated as an overproduction as some of those responsible for the development study itself has acknowledged, we are facing one of those games that, along with the recent Astro Bot: Rescue Mission or the already veteran (but still exalted) Resident Evil 7, are capable of demonstrating the true potential of PlayStation VR. Surely thanks to the release of this title (which will be on sale now), the most special peripheral PS4 manages to sell several thousand extra units in the coming weeks.

The adventure puts us squarely in a story not particularly attractive but, at least, it is well told. Throughout the almost twenty levels (of very variable duration) that monopolizes this production we have to assume the personality of Ryan Marks, a soldier belonging to the special forces that after the death of his father and when returning to his home, London, He encounters an almost greater problem. Yes, because an unscrupulous criminal “businessman”, taking advantage of this death, intends to extort Ryan’s family to “merge” their businesses with those of his family. A situation that our protagonist cannot consent and that leads him to confront him alone (with some other help) to a dangerous mafia organization.

Blood & Truth, a spectacular torrent of subjective actions

I have already mentioned, it is not the most absorbing or fresh narrative of the moment, rather the opposite, but it is true that as in the best action movies, at least it is well constructed. But in any case, this aspect of the adventure is relegated to a rather marginal level compared to what really matters in Blood and Truth: hit shots and fuss brown constantly!

From a first-person perspective in which we only see the protagonist’s hands on the screen, we have to overcome the most dynamic, explosive and visually stunning missions of which at least I have had the opportunity to contemplate in any PSVR title. Obviously, I’m not going to reveal anything important or perform any spoiler on certain situations that are experienced during the title, but you’ll see the fact that you have left when, in a specific situation, you see yourself jumping through a window in slow motion … I do not think that, as players, you have experienced many such intense and exciting moments. And only for that kind of unpalatable moments is it worthwhile to enjoy this work, at least in my opinion.handling of the pistol like the rest of the weapons is excellent

The handling of the pistol like the rest of the weapons is excellent.

The development that follows this adventure is quite interesting, varied and balanced. And with this last point I refer directly to the fact that, in most cases, the adventure interlaces very dynamic and action-packed levels with much quieter phases such as interrogations or scenes in which we hardly act. There may be certain users to whom this last one is not very funny (look what happens in front of our noses and little else), but in my opinion, it is a wise move to take a few moments of respite while, on the other hand, we observe how the plot is developing.

Returning to the gameplay that we have to live in Blood & Truth, as you will imagine the shootings and the confrontations against many thugs take a lot of the role. Far from being static, the title allows us to change coverage by pressing a simple button, a very simple action in itself but I assure you that it brings more dynamism than it might seem to the fighting.

However, in other sections or levels we do immerse ourselves in a much more guided game, that is, in a kind of racer shooter in the style of Virtua Cop or Time Crisis (franchises, by the way, I miss you do not know how much). This type of phase plus on rails (mostly chases) are incredibly showy and during them, very incredible levels of action are achieved, probably dispensing the most memorable scenes of all those that the title gives us.

To add more grace to the missions, it is also necessary to perform other actions beyond hitting shots. From the outset, although we do not enjoy free movement, it is possible to move from certain points to others that are marked in the scenarios. And for what? Well, to, among other things, “explore” some parts of the scenarios that hide a kind of stars and hidden objects, which allow us to gain access to certain improvements for our weapons (silencers, peepholes, etc.), an arsenal that is customizable until a certain point.tool set

It is one of the most careful games we have seen for PSVR

More interest monopolizes other actions that also need to be undertaken to overcome missions, which have more crumb than is usually the case in this type of titles. Use our toolset to force locks, safes, and other objects is a very common task, to which are added other more specific actions such as using a DJ table to create a distraction, dragging us through ventilation ducts to reach certain areas of the funds of another inaccessible way, etc. It is clear that, due to its characteristics, we are not facing the most diverse and surprising action adventure in the world. But to be essentially a first-person shooter designed exclusively for PSVR, this aspect has been well treated by developers.

Something similar happens with the control … except for a detail that later I explain. Both the handling of the gun and the other weapons that can be carried with us during the development of the levels are excellent and perform the relevant maneuvers of recharging, changing weapons, etc. They are done very naturally. And the same happens when we have to plant loads of C4 to destroy doors and other elements of the scenarios or when we have to climb the cornices of buildings, to cite several examples. The only problem that I have found has to do with the fact that the Aim Controller is not compatible(at least still, I do not know if in a few days they will release a patch to solve such inconvenience). Both the DualShock 4 and, above all, the Move commands behave in a solvent way, but it hits a bit that the developers have not supported this peripheral.

Following the negative criticism that can be placed on this work of London Studio, the duration of the adventure is not that it is its strong point. In about 4-5 hours it is possible to overcome all the missions, figure that to be a game of PSVR is not bad (and less with the price more reduced than usual that owns the title) but that, nevertheless, leaves you with desire the rest. Fortunately, it is quite reputable given that finding all collectibles takes a little more time, to which is added some other minor additional mode such as completing a series of additional challenges.quite rejugable

On the other hand, where the game behaves almost impeccably is in everything related to its technical side. By far, we are facing one of the most careful works of how many have appeared for PSVR in graphic matters, and that is noticeable in many aspects. From the outset, the modeling and animations of the characters are very good, as well as the level of detail exhibited by the interior sets. The special effects are also very meritorious, and the scenes that take place in slow motion are really showy. The only thing that is out of place is the most distant elements that can be visualized in open scenarios such as mountains or vegetation, being too simple and mostly flat. But, for the rest, Blood & Truth is a very spectacular and eye-catching game.catching game.

And what about the sound? Well, it is at a level similar to or even higher than that provided in the previous section. The soundtrack is magnificent and adapts perfectly to the action, the special effects cannot be more numerous and successful and, as a climax, it is one of those works from Sony that has been dubbed into our language in a very professional way. One of the most careful games in this sense of how many are available in the increasingly complete PSVR catalog.

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After making us enjoy quite the attractive experience (although ephemeral) that The London Heist supposed, the famous London Studio team takes us back to the streets of the English capital to enjoy a kind of spiritual successor of this work. Few titles can compete with Blood & Truth in everything related to production values, really outstanding and that gives the game a spectacular never before enjoyed in PSVR. A short title and something predictable in certain aspects but that are an authentic essential for said peripheral.

  • Spectacular development, very peliculero
  • Imposing production values
  • Excellent dubbing in Spanish and soundtrack
  • Very precise control, especially with Move …
  • .. but the absence of support for Aim Controller is inexplicable
  • The main campaign is a bit short
  • The story is not bad, but neither is it very original


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