Analysis of Box Boy 3. Mens square in corpore cube

Written by Kamran Haider

Puzzle lovers, you are obliged to attend a special farewell, that of a license that has made us think of the cube. With ingenuity, with charm, comes a third installment that is presented as the high point of the trilogy.

A terrible night, of those in which you just did not take the posture and see how the hands of the clock are moving, reminding you how exhausted you will be the next day as you do not get to sleep. What I have on hand is not a book. Not even the TV remote, but my Nintendo 3DS. I thought it would be a good time to check the properties of Bye-Bye BoxBoy! (I don’t say it with an exclamation, it’s that the happy game is called that).

I already defended in the previous installments, both one and the other, which is an ideal game for short games. Small but ingenious puzzles in which the designers of HAL Laboratory combine an exemplary level design and a lot of sympathies. Our character is a cube that can generate copies of itself, this being the simple but at the same time powerful idea that gives meaning to the game.

And I say the powerful thing because the main attribute of this license is to find reasons to surprise you at every level you pass. The mechanics know how to adapt to your expectations so that you never feel monotony, so that this cube so bland, but at the same time nice, does not generate squared gameplay, but rather round. What a paradox … but it is so. The biggest triumph of the Box-Boy series! It is about making your puzzles always feel fresh.

Squared puzzles

Bye-Bye BoxBoy! It has enough evidence for your mind to end up exhausted before you can overcome them. It does not seem like a game to binge you, but to grant you such a “random” space that involves dead times at home or journeys. It fulfills its role in those moments when you do not have so much strength or time to throw a game to Zelda or The Witcher.

The best proof is that you start playing within a few seconds of running the video game. No long explanations, no load times. Only learn that your character moves, that can generate cubes and that through its use can overcome obstacles. The variations in mechanical gradually introduced, with a rhythm so well adjusted that looks like magic.Squared

Under an apparent simplicity, both playable and audiovisual, it hides a lot of talent.

It is not advisable to tell more about the account, not even in this type of experience. For that, there is the official trailer, which practically “spoilers” everything. However, it is convenient to say that there is a lot of genius in the approaches, with cubes that fly like rockets, or others that behave like portals. The problem, solution, problem, solution … and in between these innovations, these changes in mechanics, which are making the matter increasingly complex and difficult. Exquisite and perfect: a marvel of design.

Possibly, you will tell me that the formula is already very visible, and in a way, we have two deliveries, which is why you are not missing. In this regard, Bye-Bye BoxBoy! It suffers from the evil of the big franchises. Wow, another paradox … However, it must also be said that significant variants are introduced, such as that we should help small cubes to move forward, along with us, to the end of the routes. With this, the continuous current is compensated with interesting innovations. It is not in-ca-si-lla (jojojo).

Despite this, it is not a long game, in 3-4 hours you will have finished it, even considering that you unlock some of the additional challenges. Because that is another … The game does not end with overcoming the challenges without more. There are crowns to collect, and collecting some of them are really nonsense towards the user. Malicious developers who want you to scream in suffering.

But it is also the magic of the title. One that under an apparent simplicity, both playable and audiovisual hides a lot of talent. A game that nobody would be surprised to see in MOMA, because it makes the unconventional a virtue. Where others worry about putting the more polygons and textures the better, Bye-Bye BoxBoy! You only need a few black lines on a white background. And that lesson is the best farewell. That one, and that I could sleep peacefully that night.

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For journeys, before going to sleep, for any time you have a few free minutes … This license once again demonstrates the value of its off-road puzzles in Nintendo 3DS with a farewell that leaves the bar very high within this particular and sometimes belittled gender. A game to put your mind square while you get fun to the cube, and by the way, for only 5 euros.

  • Puzzles with their own identity, a lot of personalities
  • Varied mechanics with each level you pass
  • Adjusted sense of progression and difficulty
  • Minimalist and charming in audiovisual
  • Continue in his approach, despite the playable, turns introduced

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