Analysis of Bravo Team. Bravo Team: The evolution of Time Crisis?

Bravo Team
Written by Kamran Haider

We immersed ourselves in a pitched battle in the middle of a city in Eastern Europe in the new production of Supermassive Games for PSVR. A video game full of action and coverage that vaguely reminds Time Crisis at certain times. Analysis of Bravo Team.

The Supermassive Games studio is a machine to create games of all kinds. And although it seems that terror is their main specialty, it is also encouraged to give life to experiences far removed from this concept, as Bravo Team may well be. A video game for PS4 that, unfortunately, has not fulfilled the expectations that many had deposited in it and that, without being a disaster, it is one of the worst works designed by this study to date.

As members of the elite team that gives a name to the game and whose main mission is nothing less than to protect the president of the United States, we have to prove our worth after suffering an attack during the trip by car. An ambush that ends with the abduction of the said lady and that becomes the lazy main argument of the game. Yes, I know that it is not especially original, but in the title of this style, it is not that it is the most important.

From there we have to get into a subjective private PSVR shooter that has certain parallels (at least from my point of view) with the long-awaited classic of Namco Time Crisis, although its quality does not even reach the sole of the shoes to said saga, at least to his best deliveries. A good attempt that, unfortunately, makes too many playable mistakes that take you away from the glory.

Unconvincing coverages

I’m not going to go in the bush: the worst flaw that Bravo Team has to do with its coverage system. So, globally. And because? Well, because as I will explain right now, condemns the gameplay from the first moment, although I recognize that the idea itself is not badly formulated. It has been his uninspired execution that has failed.

Instead of being able to move freely, in this shooter we must point to the coverages that are arranged by the funds to automatically reach them, instants in which the perspective becomes the third person. And from these points, we can squeeze the VR component that has the game to locate in them and find the best position to attack without being punished for it by enemy fire. On paper this approach is not far fetched and could have worked well: in fact, in some moments it does. But unfortunately, it has package defects that break the immersion, the supposed realism and the part of the gameplay in global.Unconvincing coverages

Remember Time Crisis, but make too many playable mistakes

To begin with, on more than one occasion and in full battle, we accidentally activated the mechanics of automatic displacement to new coverage, which is quite frustrating when it happens. The artificial intelligence of the rivals, on the other hand, is anything but brilliant, and in many cases these opponents behave like authentic automatons, being very easy to guess their movements and shoot them with bullets without being able to answer us. Some adversaries that, by the way, do not stand out precisely because of their variety, since there are hardly three or four different types armed with that same amount of weapons (rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and shotguns).

In addition, the game experience is very brief, even more than I expected. In a couple of hours or three as much we can overcome without problems the main campaign that consists of half a dozen levels, which by the way I recommend playing doubles online because it earns many integers. A modality that is accompanied by a Challenge mode that encourages us to get the highest score possible, an option that has been almost more attractive than the main one, especially (and again) playing doubles.

As for the control system, here is one of the good news that Bravo Team gives us, given that beyond the inconvenience related to the abrupt change between coverages, in general, it responds quite well … especially when we use the PlayStation VR Aim Controller. It is also possible to play using both the DualShock 4 and the Move commands, but the first option is the most accurate and satisfactory.

In short, irregular gameplay that has been captured within a graphic environment of equal caliber. Yes, because Bravo Team combines really spectacular moments of action with visual disappointments. In this way, it is possible to appreciate very well decorated sets and endowed with good textures for, instants later, to pass to others much less worked and in which it is possible to appreciate a work of texturization quite improbable. The animations, in general, are convincing and the modeling of the rivals is not bad, but in return, it is possible to witness certain technical defects such as clipping, delayed loading of textures, etc.

A technical aspect with too many ups and downs that have been accompanied by a good dubbing in Spanish, quite remarkable effects and almost nonexistent melodies that are only appreciated during the screens of the different menus.

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Without being able to call it disastrous under any circumstances, it is true that Bravo Team is a disappointment. Supermassive Games has wanted to give its warlike character shooter something that it has achieved, but along the way it has made mistakes in its design that disfigure the result and substantially reduce the gameplay offered by the title. And it’s a shame because he could have given much more of himself in every way.

  • Operation with PlayStation VR Aim Controller is very accurate in general
  • The setting of the warlike court is very successful
  • Online to double modes add interest
  • The Campaign is very brief.
  • Multiple playable defects: weak IA, failed coverage system, etc.
  • Technically it presents too many ups and downs

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