Analysis of Candleman The Complete Journey. The light on the road

Written by Kamran Haider

A dim light with which to break the dark mantle of night and, thus, survive its many dangers. In Candleman’s analysis, we delve into the key aspects that make this adventure of 3D platforms such an interesting videogame. Starring a small candle wax that yearns to illuminate the world, the game is presented as a story of the most endearing.

Fleeting. A flash that lasts only a moment, seen and not seen !, but enough to survive the many dangers that await in Candleman, an interesting 3D platform adventure that plays very smart with light and darkness. It could not be otherwise with a small wax candle as a protagonist who, astonished by the glow of a distant lighthouse, decides to undertake the journey of his life with the hope of breaking the dark mantle of the night thanks to the heat of its flame. And that’s precisely what this Spotlight Interactive video game is about. To use light to find the path that allows us to move forward. Otherwise, we will fall into endless chasms, or succumb to traps difficult to detect unless we light the fuse and, with a flash, bring clarity to the world.

How easy! Some will think; Simply light the candle and move forward without much concern, but this is not the case. We only have ten seconds of light; after that time the wax will be consumed and, inevitably, we will die before reaching the end of the level. And that’s where the main attraction of the game lies. Consume wax or reserve it for what may happen? Although Candleman is not an especially difficult videogame, it does raise the most interesting challenges that force us to use this special power with a head, since its usefulness goes beyond simply illuminating the path. There are certain obstacles that will yield to a flash, or on the contrary, platforms that require the penumbra to remain solid. Discover all this and survive the threats it poses is one of the great attractions of this indie game that, originally, was released on Xbox One and now landed on PC.

An uncertain road

something I like about Candleman is that, sometimes, by not consuming wax, you move through its increasingly convoluted levels leaving you to be guided by intuition; trusting your instinct more than what you see … because you will see very little! And it is an interesting sensation that, in some way, gives the videogame a certain air of originality. It is not in reality but, at least, it does feel different, which is appreciated. You are more obligated than ever to pay attention to the environment that surrounds you; look at small marks on the ground, wait for the right moment to take a step, as when a twinkling light that reveals the mysteries of the night, or little flowers of color subtly indicate the way forward.uncertain road

Its level design is somewhat irregular, with very interesting areas and some more simple.

Apart from this condition, from the darkness, Candleman is a platform adventure quite prototypical. There are many jumps to perform, yes, but also traps to dodge as dangerous flares, large blocks of stone falling rhythmically, or surfaces that will vanish under our feet at the most inopportune moment. In between, the Spotlight Interactive video game presents some odd puzzlesThat’s not bad! although they are not especially original. They have to press switches in a particular order, or those that force to modify the scenario to open new escape routes, such as turning the rudder of a ship so that some obstacles slide in the opposite direction. With the passage of the adventure these challenges vary, which helps the game not to fall into the reiterative … although it does not always achieve it.

I like how your action changes; that from the dark instances of a boat you go to explore a forest with flowers that grow with the support of light, but where also some plants can react negatively to these flashes. There are also levels with a certain dreamlike air, with books that extend their pages in a magical way, or gusts of wind that allow you to overcome great chasms, and these are the best moments of a title that, however, does not end up blunting. Its design of levels is somewhat irregular, with very interesting areas that contrast with other fairly simple, little fun, in which the most expensive will be to find the various candles that are hidden as collectibles. Along with the time challenge mode, it is the only excuse to replay an adventure that can take us to complete around five hours. The trip that he proposes is certainly interesting thanks also to the way in which his story is told, as if it were a story, with texts translated into Spanish. In the audiovisual field, it is not a surprising game, although it fulfills the purpose of moving us to a dark world where light, understood as hope, plays a crucial role.

There are pictures of great beauty, scenarios that captivate with their dismal color, strange as it may sound, accompanied by an environmental soundtrack that does not have a great role in the action, but it does help to immerse yourself in it. For all this Candleman is an interesting purchase. There are better platforms and puzzles adventures, of course, but at least the videogame seeks to get away with a premise and challenges to some extent original, and that is always appreciated.

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Candleman is an adventure of puzzles and platforms with charm, with a certain aura of originality, which makes good use of that of moving through scenarios bathed in the most absolute darkness. Although some of their tests lose grace too quickly, the video game always seeks to surprise with new challenges, and that is always appreciated. With a tender history, those that soften the heart, and a good staging, this is a work to which if you give an opportunity will know how to reward it with a good dose of fun.

  • The light and darkness. A nuance that gives it a certain originality
  • A story that feels like a story
  • A good platformer that takes advantage of the special power of the protagonist
  • Its action can become somewhat repetitive; There is little variety of situations
  • The level design somewhat irregular

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