Analysis of Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! Infinite dungeons, chocobo movement

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy
Written by Kamran Haider

One of the most adorable mascots of the Final Fantasy saga, the Chocobo, returns in a new remastering that this time is left wanting in PS4 and Switch. Analysis of Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!

The remasters are a reef that companies are going to squeeze for many years, I am convinced. And as in everything, there are better and worse and, more importantly, those that have more or less sense. Fortunately, the one that has just arrived through the download services of PS4 (PSN) and Switch (eShop) seems to be quite interesting, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! , a new version based on video games that appeared many years ago first on Wii and later on Nintendo DS.

It is one of the best known and loved spin-offs by the community of players of all that have been made to date based on the popular Square Enix series … although in my opinion, Final Fantasy Tactics is still the best all (by the way, for when a new delivery?). An adventure that is far from what lived in the works linked to the main series but retains certain characteristic elements, such as the RPG factor or the ability to choose between several professions, for example.

The narrative is not that it is the most original ever devised but it follows with some interest through several video scenes that are interspersed from time to time throughout the game. Cid and his inseparable pet Chocobo are the great protagonists, although we control only said yellow “chick”. As professional treasure hunters, their search takes them to an invaluable jewel … that falls into inappropriate hands and, to top it off, right after both characters are absorbed by a kind of dimensional hole to end up landing in a very strange village called Lostime.

The most outstanding feature of this town has to do with its bell tower: each time the bell rings, its inhabitants lose their memory. A situation that these neighbors see as something natural and even beneficial (starting with their mayor), although a young woman ( Sharma ) is not at all in agreement with the way of life of her fellow citizens and decides to help the protagonists in their struggle to recover your memories.

Turn-based battles develop very smoothly.

And what is the way to achieve this goal? Well, get into the minds of the different characters that are parading throughout the adventure, and for this, we have the invaluable help of the little Raffaello. This curious character has the ability to transform the memories of people in dungeons. And as you suspect, the more intricate the memory, the design, extension and other features of the dungeon will be adjusted accordingly. The first ones that we overcome are quite simple and act as practical tutorials, but as we progress they get more and more complicated until we find authentic labyrinth that consists of dozens of plants.he game dynamics of Chocobos Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy It is quite simple and consists of two very specific stages to be defined

Particular dungeons

The game dynamics of Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! It is quite simple and consists of two very specific “stages” (to be defined). When we are out of the dungeons, it is possible to explore a more or less extensive mapping in which we find characters with whom to dialogue ( texts in English ), houses that we can investigate, objectives to approach to advance, market in the corresponding stores, carry out activities (like fishing) to relax, rest … However, the most interesting thing comes when it is time to enter those dungeons.

Controlling the Chocobo of turn, which by the way can be akin to a good remittance of different professions (Knight, Ninja, Thief, Black and White Magician …) that confer distinct skills, we have to walk plant by plant mappings of labyrinthine design and procedural in which it is easy to get lost. And our ultimate goal is to reach the lowest part of it to face the final boss of turn.

Obviously, this task is not exactly simple, given that it is necessary to take into account several factors. To start and beyond having to orient ourselves, each plant is infested by traps (some of them invisible) as well as monsters of all kinds. The particularity that this production has and that separates it from most similar titles is its approach. Each time our Chocobo advances through each square, the opponents do the same. And far from being a minor detail, this feature gives the title a very important strategic component since it is necessary to measure each step we take to try to take advantage … or just the opposite.Battles take place in turns but they are developed very smooth being able to carry out conventional actions as well as special attacks or use items of all kinds

Visual and technical note that it comes from a title of the last generation

Battles take place in turns but they are developed very smoothly, being able to carry out conventional actions as well as special attacks or use items of all kinds … that is, the usual in any RPG, but something more simplified. But to this is added a small nuance that is also necessary to take into account: the Chocobo famine meter. As it progresses and consumes calories, our chick loses freshness and needs to eat because, otherwise, its level of health is reduced. Another detail that enriches the gameplay. And apart from all this, while we explore the scenarios we can collect useful objects with which it is possible to equip our protagonist.

The good thing is that we can perform all these tasks both alone and accompanied by a friend thanks to the cooperative mode that includes Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! , a very estimable option. But we will never be alone at all even if we play alone! That is because the most plausible innovation presented by this remastering has to do with the possibility of capturing the monsters that come to our step to accompany us, being able to choose a partner who follows our steps. Ideally, that partner is controlled by a second player in local mode but, if it is not possible, the CPU is responsible for doing so.

To this innovation have been added many other less relevant but appreciable, such as the addition of new jobs or professions, the appearance of unpublished characters, new dungeons, rivals … A number of incorporations that are felt and that bring freshness to the whole and, also, compensate for the absence of a couple of elements that were in the originals and that have been eliminated, the most striking being the so-called Pop-Up duel with cards in between. It is not that it is a very painful loss since it was a secondary aspect, but it is not for that reason justifiable from my point of view. Fortunately, the gameplay contained in the title is sufficiently deep and absorbing in itself so that the decline is hardly relevant or harmful to the whole.

Focusing already on its technical section, Square Enix has worked on the basis of the original Wii and has added the minimum that is usually linked to this type of remastering. Increase in resolution, more stable frame rate, slight tweaks in the appearance of the textures … The result is more than decent, but it still looks like the title of the last generation.To finish the sound slope is much more careful A new dubbing in English and Japanese has been integrated

To finish, the sound slope is much more careful. A new dubbing in English and Japanese has been integrated (with, unfortunately, subtitles only in English as I mentioned earlier) which is not bad. And to this are added effects as varied as well recreated mostly (except the odd exception). But the highlight is its soundtrack, with remixes of very classic songs that in many cases it is impossible to stop humming, like the famous melody of the Chocobos.

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PS4 and Switch receive a remastering of one of the most notable spin-offs of those that have appeared so far from those based on the Final Fantasy franchise. This is a very special RPG dungeon crawler title starring a Chocobo and his friends that have very particular gameplay and something reiterative long term but, in turn, is much more complex than it may seem in the first moment. A title that is capable of absorbing you completely if your game mechanics are to your liking.

  • The news that integrates have enough chicha
  • A large number of dungeons to explore thoroughly
  • The soundtrack is still really remarkable
  • The cooperative mode is a very striking novelty
  • Certain features of the original versions have been removed
  • Technically it is a very simple title
  • Certain playable aspects have not aged well at all


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