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Written by Kamran Haider

With an overflowing imagination, great sense of humor and a lot of ingenuity, the authors of Machinarium and Botanicula come back to surprise with a beautiful graphic adventure point & click that stands out, and in what way ! for its beautiful artistic section. The team of Amanita Design does not fail, and as we tell you in the analysis of Chuchel, falls in love with another video game with a special charm.

The day is approaching, the moment to return to enjoy a new videogame of Amanita Design … and I can not help it! Jump of joy; I go from here to there with a big smile on my face anxious to get lost, once again, in another of the crazy and beautiful fantasy worlds that the team has already used after Botanicula and Machinarium. And despite this, even with very high expectations, this Czech studio manages to surprise me again and again like the first day; fall in love with the tender innocence that defines each and every one of his works, which are pure art, to the point of making me feel like a child. Chuchel is not an exception. With a great sense of humor and much, many charms, this new graphic adventure point, and click is pure joy; a waste of imagination with which it is impossible not to have fun.

The excuse? A deliciously absurd. To the protagonist of this adventure, an unparalleled hairy ball named Chuchel, he has wanted to eat a succulent cherry … that there is no way to catch! That, when it is in their hands someone, snatches it abruptly, or it falls off due to its extreme awkwardness or disappears by magic creating crazy game situations with which it is difficult not to let out a loud laugh. Do you remember the Scrat squirrel in the Ice Age movies? Well something like that but in a more crazy world. One plagued by strange creatures with which we will have to interact, by good or bad, in order to recover this precious treasure and, once and for all, satisfy the appetite of the hero of the action. They’re not going to make it easy for you, but I really tell you, and this really makes me feel like a bad person, the worse is our grumpy protagonist … the more I laugh! more I enjoy their misadventures in a title that, yes, is something simple on a playable level, but nevertheless it is exciting and satisfying in its action.

Run to catch you

Looking back, in the analysis of Samorost 3, I praised the ability of this graphic adventure to foster curiosity. “It makes you, even for a moment, in that curious child who dreamed of traveling to space,” I said at the time about this remarkable video game by Amanita Design. And that is exactly what Chuchel achieves, although in a different way. Here the story is the least; there is no intrigue or suspense, just a ball of hair running after a cherry. Where is grace? In the way, you interact with the scenarios and characters; in the way that this crazy world responds to your actions. It’s hilarious because you also never know with what new grace you’re going to get out, with what absurd nonsense our protagonist will have to deal with, and that capacity for surprise does not wane at any time.Run to catch you

Chuchel is hilarious, you never know what new grace they are going to come out with, what absurd nonsense our protagonist will have to deal with.

It is true that the videogame is quite short; In a matter of two hours, you can complete an adventure that is not especially difficult or complex in the design of your puzzles. And it’s a shame. Although Chuchel presents the odd puzzle of great quality, of those who surprise with their wit, in general, most of the challenges posed by the new Amanita Design consist of looking, touching and moving forward. Little more. And yes, it sounds fatal, but as with the rest of the Czech studio games, surprisingly, in the end, it is the least. What is enough for a simple click to solve a puzzle? Yes, but click! Because you radiate happiness every time you visit a new scenario imagining what crazy adventures await you; speculating about what the protagonist will do, and when you see him in action … you just smile. You feel a child again. A few games get something like that.

The adventure also has some other moment of action that feels really good, giving you direct control over Chuchel in a series of mini-games that in some cases pay homage, in a funny way, to great classics of the industry such as Pac-Man, Tetris or Space Invaders. Overcoming these challenges is a breeze, it costs nothing, but they are ideal to provide a greater variety of a video game that, as I said, rarely fails to surprise. Obviously, I would have liked to run into more elaborate puzzles, there are a few that are simply great, but the overall experience could not be more positive. The graphics? Little can I say, the images speak for themselves?

True to their style, Amanita Design has given life to an incredibly beautiful, original, unique videogame, that not only enters through the eyes but also into music is pure delight. His animated soundtrack by the band DVA is catchy, it really gladdens you the day, and also perfectly matches the crazy action shown on the screen. Churchill’s grunts will make you laugh constantly, as you will also be amazed by the strange gibberish with which the colorful characters that swarm through this colorful fantasy world are related. Everything is so beautiful, so strangely beautiful, that you crave to touch and observe, to click and let yourself go in an adventure that by its way of telling the story, with a succession of brief animated shorts, reminds of the animated series by Hanna Barbera. There were real moments when I felt like I was remembering some of the mythical episodes of Tom & Jerry or the Roadrunner, being poor Chuchel the coyote that time and time ends up badly stopped.

That’s why I like this adventure so much. It’s short and simple, yes, but it also has a special charm that makes you enjoy every minute of action. You will laugh, much, and in the end, you will also get excited with another nice puzzle game that, really, is art in movement.

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The Amanita Design team does not fail. The new graphic adventure of the creators of Machinarium and Botanicula is another one of those videogames with a special charm that is worth trying. His great sense of humor, the ingenious design of some of his puzzles and, of course, his beautiful artistic section make Chuchel a work worthy of praise for his ability to make you feel like a child.

  • An adventure with a lot of sense of humor. It’s hard not to have a good time
  • Incredible artistic section. Chuchel invites you to interact with everything you see on the screen
  • Some puzzles are pretty clever …
  • … but most do not stand out because they are very complex
  • The adventure ends in a sigh

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