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Cities Skylines
Written by Kamran Haider

Build and manage almost without limits a great city while looking for the happiness of its inhabitants. It sounds like hard work but as we tell you in the analysis of Cities: Skyline, it is also extremely fun. After succeeding on PC, the Paradox video game seeks success on PS4 and Xbox One with good results.

A residential neighborhood around here, shops along this avenue, a few trees here and there to give joy to the streets … creating a big city is not a simple task but it is tremendously fun in Cities: Skyline , one of the best construction and management games urban planning appeared in recent years that have already reaped great success on PC, now seeking fortune in consoles with a version well adapted to the PS4 and Xbox One circuits, although with the time elapsed since the launch of the original, also something is missing contents. There is fun for a while, hours and hours of pure entertainment, but only the After Dark expansion has been included as standard, and more so with DLC as interesting as Snowfall or Natural Disasters in the bedroom. That this also prevents you from enjoying this fantastic work of Paradox Interactive and the Colossal Order team.

Although at first glance it seems one more than many titles of construction and management of cities seen on PC, this work provides certain brushstrokes of innovation that really suits you. Especially in regard to the possibility of creating districts within our city to manage the lives of citizens in detail, either by setting special taxes in very specific areas, or by legislating neighborhood by neighborhood with measures against tobacco, aid to public transport, recycling support and energy-saving slogans to name just a few of the many options available to us. It is one of the great assets of this video game that once you start playing it is very difficult to leave.

Damn traffic!

Roads, power lines, residential areas, industry, commerce, public transport, schools, fire stations, hospitals, recreation and recreation areas, beautiful monuments … for a city to be considered that, a big city, it takes a lot of effort and dedication. Hours and hours of planning, managing expenses, increasing tax collection, improving the efficiency of services, and also doing it by keeping taxpayers happy. A challenge that in the case of Cities: Skyline is one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences of recent years.

A great example of how to create a great video game without inventing anything new or radically changing playable mechanics that have proven to work like a charm during the last two decades. Why then is the game so special? Because even being a traditionalist, Skyline feels addictively fresh; as if it were the first time you set about building a city in a title with these characteristics. More so on consoles, where this kind of game are not lavished as much as on PC.

The sense of progression, of knowing that things are going well when you see that a humble neighborhood begins to grow thanks to the efficiency of your work is incredibly satisfying; as well as the great freedom of action that is offered when it comes to personalizing the design and operation of our city. We already said it before. Apart from the usual options, we can also create districts to establish their own operating rules. Not forgetting the industry, which will also have its peculiarities. Because do not think that here it is enough to mark territory as “industrial zone” and period. There is agriculture, oil, mining, and even forestry, each with its peculiarities and various ways of influencing the territory. What in the end will also have repercussions on the degree of happiness of our citizens?Damn traffic

Cities: Skyline is the most complete game.

Are we heartless entrepreneurs who build, build and rebuild without leaving space for green areas? The beauty of the neighborhoods will be reduced and with it, the general satisfaction of our citizens. Have we neglected environmental policies in order to increase the production of our factories with polluting materials? More of the same. Without forgetting that the sewage can flow into the areas from which drinking water is extracted and … well, you can already imagine the bitter aftertaste that you will leave in the mouth of your taxpayers.

Cities: Skyline is the most complete game that does not forget any of the basic features that have made this genre one of the most prolific in the world of compatible. We even have the possibility of managing traffic with a certain degree of depth; what could not be otherwise being this a title developed by the creators of Cities in Motion. Does it hit her? That sometimes the behavior of our citizens will not be the most intelligent, causing in some super populated areas the odd traffic jam that does not always have to do with poor planning in the construction of the road network.

Perfectly adapted to the use of control, with a clear and intuitive user interface, one of the main problems of this adaptation is that it only includes the first content expansion, which does not make much sense given the time that has elapsed since the Original video game will be released on PC. There are new buildings and the possibility of enjoying nightlife and other tourist attractions thanks to After Dark, but we were standing without other interesting additions such as those provided by Snowfall and Natural Disasters, without forgetting about the mods, which incompatible endow to this production of eternal life.

At a technical level, the video game looks good on PS4 and Xbox One, although it suffers from the occasional slowdown that can be annoying at specific moments of the game. The bigger the city, the more the problem increases, but never so emphatically as to spoil the gaming experience. Visually speaking, Cities: Skylines meets expectations without excelling in any particular aspect. The design and modeling of the buildings, the amount of traffic and pedestrians that swarm the city, the color of the stages and the lighting effects … there are many quality details in this video game, although the best is the sense of progression, of See that all those small and humble houses with which you start the game end up becoming gigantic skyscrapers thanks to your good work in front of the city.

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Cities: Skyline adapts well to the PS4 and Xbox One circuits, keeping intact the freshness that has made it one of the best construction and city management videogames in recent years. Despite the enormous amount and variety of options, it puts in our hands, it was never so easy and fun to lift a great city out of nowhere. A little that you like the strategy you will enjoy as a child of this video game that, in its jump to consoles, could have included all its additional contents as standard.

  • The progress of the city; Check how it grows to become a big city
  • The district system. A great idea brought to perfection in practice.
  • Clear and intuitive user interface with a control system well adapted to consoles
  • Snowfall and Natural Disasters expansions are missing
  • Some slowdowns hinder the experience at specific times
  • Trade with other cities is not taken advantage of.

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