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Crash Bandicoot N
Written by Kamran Haider

We do not know if nostalgia can move mountains, but it is clear that it does embark on players in the illusion of recovering such emblematic characters as Crash. If you had a PlayStation, you are required to stay. But also. After all, we talk about an important part of the history of video games. Analysis of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

The authors themselves doubt the denomination that this videogame should have. Remastering or remake? The eternal question and how many debates it raises among users. In Vicarious Visions, they have always maintained that the answer is not simple. For them, a remaster would not have been possible in this case because the original code was not available. On the other hand, a remake would not have been viable, since they did not want to redo something that the players already liked.

In the development of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy feelings of nostalgia come into play, which are ultimately the most powerful. Any change could enrage the more than 20 million players (VGChartz data) who tested it on their day on PlayStation. However, a lack of news would be equally perceived as something negative. The solution has a name, and it has been given by the same developers: “remaster plus” . It is more than a remaster, but without becoming a remake.

It is not good to always trust these comments, but the truth is that it offers just what is promised. The video game, when you put it on your PS4, feels like twenty years ago, and that’s the amazing thing. The emulation of the work originally done by Naughty Dog in the late 90s is incredible, tracing not only the spiritual foundations but also the gameplay … of course with all the necessary changes to make it a 2017 release.

“Remaster plus”The developers who tried to put themselves in the Naughty Dog situation back there in 1996 comment. They saw the material they were inspired by (Looney Tunes), and they played a lot. They studied control, conceptual arts, and even promotional material. This is how they started, emulating the original level geometry. From it, they added their own graphics and melodies.

Understanding this, it is easy to conclude that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy owns the skeleton of the three original games but now has completely new organs. The main one refers to the visual section. All the elements of the stage have been designed from scratch, giving greater detail to each box, platform, enemy … with textures and lighting adapted to current times.

The result is simply wonderful, especially as we move from one delivery to the next. Those titles appeared in a small timeframe, but the jump was still noticeable. It may be hard to believe, but you put all three in this remastering and that perception is maintained. There is still that point of excellence in Crash Bandicoot: Warped (the third of them) that you don’t detect in others. For something it was the most outstanding video game of all, a vision manifested by many critics, who came to regard it as the highlight of PlayStation.Sane Trilogy

It is a game especially suitable for nostalgics.

In the end, those who want to rediscover Crash will make an interesting analysis with this trilogy. On the one hand, you will see that there is a deep playable evolution between video games. The first serves to see the bases on which everything was built. The second adventure will tell you how Naughty Dog tried to improve the platform formula, but without innovating too much. The last is the verification of how this company dominated the genre of platforms, with an exquisite control and a variety of situations that many games would already want today.

Thus seen, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a true kind of history, while allowing a very constructive nostalgia exercise. They tell from the development team that the first thing they did was to look at the aspects that were introduced game after game. Thus they came up with the incorporation of a unified save and checkpoint system for the three deliveries, as well as autosave and a game menu that includes information on progress and unlockables.

That is, basically everything becomes more accessible, but without diminishing the difficulty. It’s still a terrifyingly desperate game when you want, and maybe it’s something that should have been polished in some way. It does not help that the control is somewhat inaccurate, especially in the first installment, with some “lag” in Crash’s response. But of course, for something we do not talk about a remake, but about a remastering in which you have not wanted to touch too many things.

In any case, there is nothing like throwing yourself half an hour with a macabre phase, and that scream you release when you finally get over it: an old-school reaction. Of course, they miss more news. We have the addition in the three video games of the “time trial” for each phase or the possibility of playing as Coco (Crash’s sister). It is not much else.

The highlight, we insist, is the audiovisual section. In the graphic plane, we bet on real-time lighting and larger textures to recreate the meaning of the original games, although without neglecting the perspective that 4K TV support gives us. For its part, the sound is remade, because from the studio they thought it had to go according to the global renewal presented by the video game. In particular, there are voices that were not, like that of Carlos del Pino in the role of Neo Cortex.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy lacks incentives, news, and perhaps some remake. But it is not a development problem, but from the beginning, the project was outlined from that perspective, as a recovery process, without trying to touch too many things. That is why they insist so much that it is a game especially suitable for nostalgics. We from here reaffirm it. If you liked Crash in his day, you will love this trilogy.

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is defined by its own creators as a remaster, and as such we must take it. Milimetrically recovers the playable feeling of the original, with its many virtues and few imperfections. However, it would not have been too much to have put some more remake (new phases or readjustments in control) to have culminated with a flourish a compilation that will still delight the nostalgic.

  • Magnificent audiovisual renewal work: sometimes unrecognizable
  • It remains an outstanding platform, even despite the years that have passed
  • Although there are few improvements introduced (saving system), they are successful
  • Shortage of news
  • Missing readjustments in terms of control and difficulty

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