Analysis of Cuisine Royale. A fun battle royale, which does not take itself very seriously

Cuisine Royale
Written by Kamran Haider

The best chefs in the world have met with a mission: to fight to the death in an all-to-all fight based on shots and stutters. With the analysis of Cuisine Royale, I tell you everything that this free battle royale offers full of humor, magical powers, and kitchen utensils.

When you hear the name of Cuisine Royale, you may think that it is the latest edition of MasterChef or a similar program, but nothing is further from reality. It is a battle royale as full of humor as pans and saucepans. And is that Cuisine Royale was born as a joke of April Fool’s – the innocent Saxon saints – by Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment, a parody of games like PUBGFortnite or Apex Legends, which adds its own touch of flavor to the so manida sauce of the current battle royale.

After its premiere in 2018 as an early access game, Cuisine Royale entered its final version last December for PC, Xbox One and PS4, maintaining its joking spirit and with some identity signs that seek to differentiate within a genre overpopulated I speak of powers and abilities, of demonic rituals, of magical traps, and most importantly, of pans and pans with which to protect our rearguard. Although the most relevant for many will be that it is a free-to-play, a free battle royale for PCs and consoles.

But it is not easy to stand out in an environment with so many proposals, let alone stand up to three of the biggest games of the moment. That is why I threw myself into the kitchen of Cuisine Royale in its version of PS4 to know first hand what this proposal offers. Assess whether it is an haute cuisine dish for the best palates or a medium-cooked stew with its ingredients still raw. But I already give you one thing: Cuisine Royale is the most fun.

Taking the pan by the handle

The games do not lengthen much given the number of players

First of all, I will get rid of and the common points that we all expect in these games. Cuisine Royale is a battle royale of up to 40 players, at the moment, on an open map, with towns and buildings, chests, vehicles, loot to pick up, and a “dark area” that is extended to reduce the playing area. The basic proposal is similar to what you will find in any game of PUBG, although Cuisine Royale shows some peculiarities from minute one.

Because the beginning of the games is instantaneous. You give it to look for departure, either alone or in duos, or patrols of four, and the moment you find it and the map is loaded, you immediately appear on the ground. There are no previous waiting areas, in fact, it is heading quite fast, and there is also no plane or bus from which to jump, but the players automatically appear in a separate location from the rivals. A decision that takes a lot of strategies away from the first measures of the games, but that personally has seemed interesting to me, by making you spend more time playing and less time waiting.

On the other hand, this also implies that it takes longer to take action, appearing away from any enemy. In any case, with some exceptions, the games do not lengthen much given the smaller number of players, as well as by gameplay that seeks fun over realistic simulation, which makes Cuisine Royale ideal for throwing loose games when You have some time. An entertaining experience for its playability, but also for all the humor that overflows in its different components. Already first, the armor of the game are not only vests and helmets, but pans, strainers, pans …There are a lot of parts of the armor, with different pieces for each shoulder and leg, the body, the head and most important of all, for the ass.

And yes, in Cuisine Royale there is a specific armor space to protect your butt from danger. It sounds like a joke, mainly because it is, but when you are running away to the race, and a bullet bounces in your pan from behind, you feel grateful that your ass has saved you. There is also a jetpack for the back, and comparable improvements by way of “advantages” that are the most absurd: a cigar that increases your maximum life, winged boots to run faster, an oxygen bottle for more resistance … Even a dropper like those in the hospital with a bag of blood, which constantly regenerates your life. The improvements not only make a difference, but it is impossible not to laugh when you find them and see them equipped. rituals

Cuisine Royale allows you to execute special attacks and create magical rituals with our souls.

These kinds of things make the first games of Cuisine Royale fun, as you discover the number of absurdities you can equip to survive. The backpacks are shopping bags hanging on your wrist, the chests are disguised as a loot box, for more parody, and the bandages and kits are pizzas, food cans, prepared dishes or a whole roast as if you were in Streets of Rage There are even slot machines that are activated with coins What’s on the map, and how soon they give you a good weapon like they drop grenades and kill you, or you laugh when you see the notification that an entire team has died for that reason.

Humor, therefore, is a constant in Cuisine Royale, especially for playing with friends. But that is not your only hallmark. And it is that beyond weapons and pans, food and refrigerators, Cuisine Royale allows us to execute special attacks and create magical rituals with our souls. Because yes, if you kill an enemy and desecrate his grave, you win souls with which to execute the final attack of each character, each more absurd (there is even a “bullet time” being a multiplayer game), in addition to being able to paint stamps magical as a trap, or use them as demonic rituals with greater effect. Some mechanics very curious and with potential, although it is difficult to take advantage of as much as their premise promises. And if the souls sound like Dark Souls, to revive your fallen companions you have to reach a bonfire and deliver their hearts.plate of contrasts

A plate of contrasts

Unfortunately, not all elements of Cuisine Royale work as well as these. The handling of the weapons and the physics of the shot leave to be desired, although Cuisine Royale never seeks realism in his proposal. The transport is not a great advantage to move around the map since the vehicles do not allow even the passengers to shoot from them. And there are some unnatural control decisions that make, by the inertia of other games, you get confused when doing certain actions. The recharge, for example, is done by keeping square for a while and not pressing, and vice versa, to revive a fallen ally you have to give a single touch and wait for the action to begin, that if you are alone there is no problem, but in the middle of a shooting leads to confusion until you get used to it.

Both the rituals and the clothes affect the gameplay

And the selection of seals and rituals is also a real nuisance, something that I hope will improve over time. Beyond these negative details, Cuisine Royale offers a fairly polished experience, although it never gets far enough away from another battle royale, especially PUBG. It always feels like a game you’ve played before, despite the humor or the powers, and even then, it’s a really fun game. The more games I played, the more I wanted to play again, which is always a good sign in a multiplayer game.

The graphic section, meanwhile, fulfills its task well. It is not a state-of-the-art visual wonder, but the scenarios and their finish are quite attractive for a free title. There are currently two maps, one set in Normandy and one in Mexico, which offer a good variety of environments when playing. The most interesting thing is that some “decorations” such as the stationary weapons of the bunkers are actually elements that can be used to shoot and “camp” in their location. And the sound also meets the expected when listening to enemies, or shots in the distance. Also, the performance of the game and the server have left me very satisfied, with stable performance, without apparent drops of frames or noteworthy graphic failures, and without having had problems of lag during the games.

Before finishing, we must make it clear that Cuisine Royale is a free game with micropayments. The game has a progression system that unlocks new clothes and accessories, as well as rituals and traps for the game, for free, although some can only be unlocked if the battle pass is acquired. Both rituals and clothing affect the gameplay – clothing activates bonuses and skills – so there are some improvements that can only be unlocked with the pass. Being honest, at no time have I felt to be facing a pay-to-win or similar, although it is important to note that not everything can be unlocked for free.

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Cuisine Royale seeks to offer an alternative to the most popular battle royale of the moment with good doses of humor and with some ideas of its own, although it never comes to feel like a really different proposal. However, their games are the most fun, especially with friends, with the incentive of being free.

  • A crowd of comparable objects, each more absurd
  • A casual and humorous style
  • Solid technical performance with a well-polished finish
  • Weapons and their behavior
  • A progression system with payment limitations
  • It never feels like a novel game

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