Analysis of Daemon X Machina, have you met the anime wicks on Switch?

Written by Kamran Haider

For different reasons, it has become one of the most promising releases for Switch. Striking action, touch manganese … and wicks! The only thing that could be asked is that it be playable also convince, but in this respect, the news is not so good. We tell you in our analysis of Daemon X Machina for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo opened the presentation of the E3 2018 with a video game that entered very well through the eyes. It was a good action shot with wicks, accompanied by an artistic style that impressed. In addition, she had Marvelous as a developer, who despite having signed regular works throughout her career, also has in her history such outstanding productions as Monster Hunter Stories, in addition to a fairly strong involvement in the anime field, with the Signature of several renowned productions.

I was hoping to see something interesting, to bring new things to the shooter genre and of course to be playable competent. Unfortunately, I’ve only seen the first … and not always. I cannot deny that Daemon X Machina has a soul, by integrating a very careful anime aesthetic into a shoot ’em up with certain doses of exploration. The first thing I experienced when putting the game on Nintendo Switch was an injection of good taste from the interface, music, and graphics. Even the story looks careful, with interesting characters, but everything fell on me when the missions passed and I saw that the gameplay did not take off.

The campaign barely introduces novel situations, and the few times it does so is awkward. Moving around the stage, aiming and shooting is what you do most. It is not bad. There are games that with four mechanics achieve good results (Star Fox), but the problem with Marvelous’ work is that he has no rhythm, nor a variety of challenges. A real shame, especially when you see that everything looks so good on the outside. Designs, visual effects, music, and narrative: everything pointed very well when I saw it in trailers … but once I played it I could not stop thinking about a lost opportunity.

Daemon X Machina, Manganime Wicks

The manganime influence on production is noted, with an argument that revolves around the struggle of humans against machines. A typical story in which an AI turns against humanity by the action of the Immortals, a race of evil machines. Who will save the situation? Well, of course, we, next to an elite group (the Reclaimers) fighting on board wicks in pursuit of human survival.

As soon as we enter the situation, one of the best parts of the game comes the customization of our pilot. It seems a lie, but it is one of the moments when I had the best time. The character editor is full of possibilities, with a multitude of face types, hairstyles, eyes … I threw myself ten minutes as if nothing designing a pilot who, whatever you do, will always come out with anime aesthetics. Always keep it in mind. It is a very Japanese game. In fact, you have the option to choose between voices in English or Japanese, always with a very careful translation into Spanish (I emphasize: the location is very good).

My next stop kept making me think I was facing a very careful game: the system options. What impressed me the most is that such a production interface can be configured one hundred percent, controlling things like the position or even opacity of each indicator. Controls can be adjusted by button by button. The sensitivity of the camera and the gyroscope, the intensity of the HD vibration … Everything is surprisingly detailed, and in the process, we are accompanied by a futuristic interface, very outstanding.Manganime

The interface is very careful and its artistic section is quite striking.

The introduction of each mission with character voices puts you in a situation, and then there is some sequence that takes advantage of the game’s engine. The story is not going anymore but defends itself. In short, everything made me wait for a game that promised to become one of the greats of the year, but the missions arrive and the show fell apart. I will summarize in less than one line the objectives: to kill the enemies of the area or destroy the occasional infrastructure. It is not much else. Somewhere you are asked to locate certain targets or investigate (things that eventually result in crushing the fire button ).

Little variety of proposals in a game scheme that does not shine especially. Think of Daemon X Machina as a game divided into missions with very limited scenarios but with freedom of movement. In them, a good handful of enemies, from wicks to artillery defenses ready to be struck. We have a semi-assisted aiming system that works reasonably well and several actions such as moving faster or rising in the air. Also some ability such as copying our fuse to generate a distraction and various combat modes, but in practice, they do not help much, because its operation is not well explained either.

In this regard, Daemon X Machina makes the mistake of not worrying about adding variants throughout the campaign. Instead, the progression is given by a system of ranges in which the difficulty is increasing. The game sometimes puts you in trouble, but if you improve your wick you shouldn’t have any problems. In this regard, to say that the modification of your robotic device is another of the most elaborate parts, with many pieces to equip for the head, trunk, arms or legs. You can equip various types of weapons (bullets, lasers, explosives …) that behave differently on the battlefield. Not bad.

If you like the typical series of wicks (Mazinger, Evangelion and especially Gundam) surely you are attracted to the proposal. There is whole terminological paraphernalia to define each component, and the narrative itself uses the emphasis on technology to build this highly marked robotic background. Obtaining money in the missions, as well as pieces, and investing them in improving our arsenal is one of the most satisfactory things of this production.

The missions have a very simple design, and the playable scheme does not accompany

The video game has an approximate duration of 12-15 hours if you only go for the main missions, but the truth is that there are quite a few secondary missions, so the duration for players Completists can get quite above. To this is added a multiplayer coop in wireless connection for up to four participants (each must have a console and a copy of the game). It is also an online multiplayer. Playing in the company offers as an incentive special missions in which credits, weapons, and pieces of equipment can be used for the individual campaign. It has been confirmed that there will be competitive multiplayer after launch

Little more … Daemon X Machina has a great presentation, with a very careful interface and a rather striking artistic section. The visual solution adopted allows showing an anime aesthetic that at times can be really attractive, with outstanding use of colors. Musically it is not far behind, with moments when the soundtrack becomes the protagonist during some sequences and moments of the game. It is a hundred percent Japanese production, but unfortunately, it does not take so much care of its playable facet.

It already happened to me in the demo when it appeared, and I expected the final game to improve. It has not happened. The missions have a very simple design, and the playable scheme does not accompany it. There is a lack of elaboration in the mechanics of something that proposes a challenge according to the playable scheme proposed. Little time passes until the game ceases to interest, and that is its biggest complication. A pity, because it did not lack so much to become a recommended game. Although you can always try your demo and see for yourself.

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Daemon X Machina has an attractive approach, with a striking technical and artistic execution, a fairly careful history and a very convincing manganite audio-visual section. However, it fails in the basics: the gameplay, with a shooter proposal too simple, little varied, of little inspired missions that become monotonous in a very short time. Only interesting if thematic (Japanese wicks) catches your attention because for everything else it is a fairly regular video game.

  • The aesthetic anime is reflected in the visual with enough success
  • Nice designed interface: it is very careful
  • The story is worked and some characters are interesting
  • Amount of customization options
  • Game mechanics become unattractive to the few hours of play
  • Monotonous development, without rhythm or variety of challenges and scenarios

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