Analysis of Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package. Frank comes home for Christmas

Dead Rising 4
Written by Kamran Haider

After skipping his third installment, Dead Rising returns to PlayStation 4 with its fourth part, along with all the downloadable content to which is added a very special one: Capcom Heroes. We review in this new analysis Frank West’s last zombie odyssey for this edition, Frank’s Big Package, which returns home for Christmas.

The passage of the years has ended showing that the first Dead Rising was a game ahead of its time. A title that proposed mechanical bravely that even today many studies would not dare to implement. A campaign structure for a player that in the present we could even qualify as “roguelike” for a time when anglicisms were not even fashionable. So brave was that the first game that not even their own sequels were able to rise to the occasion, losing much of that essence along the way. In this fourth installment, the loss is even more pronounced, as it is undoubtedly the havoc it does to rescue the success of the original.

Dead Rising 4 is clearly trying to support two crutches: the character of Frank West and the iconic Willamette shopping center, but, as our colleague Toni Piedrabuena told us in his original analysis of Dead Rising 4, the result is disappointing. With a Frank that looks more like a parody of himself than the fabulous character created by Capcom and a new shopping center that leaves behind in the shop window all the charisma of what was one of the best examples of level designs of the previous generation.

While the first Dead Rising never asked you as a central goal to kill the zombies themselves, their fourth installment takes Horde mode (literally) by a flag. It is not only about having lost along the way the ingenious missions in which the fight was more against the clock than against the living dead, but the very mechanics of crossing the various plants and areas of the mall infested with zombies, in that ingenuity was worth more than brute force, becomes here a decaffeinated walk where the challenge shines by its absence.

A tree full of the gifts

The main protagonist of this edition is the crazy Capcom Heroes Dead Rising 4 mode: Frank’s Big Package adds from the beginning all the difficulty modes that could be unlocked in the original to try to alleviate this situation, but the numerical difficulty does not solve the problem of a defective design, which has been bet more for a type of action that seems typical of a Musouirregular that of the cunning of Dead Rising itself. Let’s not talk about how constrained their new survivor rescue system is compared to the organic system that was once. Rescuing a survivor was synonymous with losing it to any minimal oversight, until taking it to the refuge, while the commitment to automatism in Dead Rising 4 simplifies the task that turns adventure, risk and the daring of this action into a pure and hard routine. Nor does it help control that does not facilitate things and that sometimes seems erratic and sometimes inaccurate, mainly in everything that has to do with the handling of firearms and the targeting system.

The novelties of this edition are not many, but they are all that were appearing. Frank’s Big Package focuses on collecting all the content that was released for Xbox One. Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf that offers us an eccentric ride through several circuits of this discipline of golf and that earned enough points when we played in the company. Frank Rising, perhaps the main one of them all, in which Frank West himself goes to the opposite side of the zombies after being infected and that was pampered with his own story and alternative equally extravagant. Finally, the Christmas Packin which to personalize our protagonist with all kinds of accessories from the winter season. All these contents are included in this Frank’s Big Package, to which however the great protagonist of the edition is added: the Capcom Heroes mode.

As much or more crazy than the previous contents, Capcom Heroes proposes to search for all the mapping several of the classic recreational brands to unlock characters and movements of some of the legendary heroes of the editor. From several Street Fighter franchise characters like Ryu, M. Bison, Cammy, Akuma or a wonderful metal Zangief, to protagonists of other franchises like X and Bass of Mega Man, Dante of Devil May Cry, Sir Arthur of Ghost N ‘Goblins, Morrigan of Darkstalkers, Jill Valentine of Resident Evil or the own Classic Frank West and the beloved (and hated) clown Adam MacIntyre of the original Dead Rising. Even more bizarre are others like Sissel, from the great and rescued Ghost Trick or Viewtiful Joe and Amaterasu from Okami, both from the late Clover.A tree full of gifts

The certain thing is that although the suits put in Frank are quite grotesque as little, all the represented movements and the personalities are very well obtained at the time of realizing their crazy cosplay. It is impossible not to recognize the special movements like Akuma’s own, which darkens the entire screen and leaves his particular kanji, the charged shot of the X-Buster of Mega Man X, the styling that distills Dante with each of his shots and shots. the imagery put on a character like Sissel when controlling inanimate objects which poltergeist. The result is an immense amount of sets of animations and completely new attacks that help to dispatch the zombies in the mall. We especially liked Dante himself and his movements when fighting against the undead, for their types of attack that mix the classic Rebellion along with the no less honored Ebony and Ivory pistols.

All the downloadable content that has appeared is here for the occasion. Frank’s Big Package is the definitive edition

Getting them does not depend exclusively on the arcade machines since some can be purchased directly from the vendors arranged by the mall, while others can be unlocked by finding different collectibles hidden on the map. In addition, when using them to complete special secondary missions, we can improve and find their variants. Undoubtedly, a great addition to this edition that, it must be said, is not exclusive to the PlayStation 4versionalthough it opens with her. Xbox One players will not be without him and can enjoy it completely free with the release of this edition, which can be a good premise to return to Willamette.

All in all, this complete edition can be a good excuse to get closer to the fourth installment of a mythical video game franchise, but even with all the downloadable content together, it can not live up to what the most diehard fans could expect from it. This does not mean that Dead Rising 4 is not a game with which you can get a good dose of fun while riddling every zombie that comes with the strongest weapons we can build, but the courage and good work of the original work and neither are it nor is it expected.

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Dead Rising 4 Frank Big Package is a complete edition that includes all downloadable content to date, to which adds the new Capcom Heroes mode: a new set of costumes and movements that honor many of the classic characters of the editor. However, the same problems found in the original are once again present here, in a work that does not bring back the good Frank and the classic shopping center of Willamette manages to beat its own height.

  • De-stressing fun: kill, kill and kill again
  • A very competent multiplayer
  • All downloadable content included in the pack
  • Capcom Heroes mode, a very successful tribute
  • The return of the city and the protagonist does not support the entire product
  • Poor level design and game structure
  • Somewhat clumsy control, especially in firearms

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