Analysis of Detective Pikachu, the pokémon that imitates Sherlock Holmes

Written by Kamran Haider

One of the most loved characters for many years in this sector (and outside it), Pikachu, is entering an adventure very different from the one we are used to. Analysis of Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS.

It is one of those phenomena that I think should be studied in depth. How is it possible that the Pokémon franchise has so many years triumphed in such an exaggerated way? In fact, far from stagnating, the truth is that if we look at the multimillion-dollar sales of games that star the Pokémon we realize that these characters are increasingly popular. Part of the merit of this situation (and leaving aside the charisma that Pikachu and his friends give off) falls on the quality that most of their productions possess, as is the case of the title that concerns us: Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS.

Instead of being in front of an RPG, this time the gameplay offered by this work of The Pokémon Company is closer to that of a graphic adventure, although with certain overtones that separate it from the pure representatives of the genre. A very entertaining journey that, and despite what might be expected at first, can attract not only fans of this character but a wider audience … that does not expect any challenge or major challenge.

The plot takes us to a rather curious world in which humans and Pokémon live in harmony. A place where the young Tim Goodman must find clues that will lead him to find the whereabouts of his father, who has disappeared without a trace. But Tim is not alone, not at all since the great Detective Pikachu becomes his great companion. Together they embark on a journey in which they must solve different cases and problems in which several secondary characters are involved.

The structure that presents this adventure is quite linear and somewhat corseted, although it manages to be interesting and very nice during the 10 hours that lasts approximately. As in other similar adventures, interaction and conversations with dozens of characters are common and become one of the most important tasks we have to perform. Theirs is to question each type that crosses our path to try to extract important information and decide if what tells us home with the tests and objects that we have in our possession. These conversations take place in English with subtitles in Spanish, a translation as remarkable as expected from a Pokémon game.

Another of our main functions is to explore the scenarios to which we are going to stop, funds that have a fairly small size in general and in which it is very easy to find those objects and tests that can be used to solve each case. It is also necessary to face some more animated scenes with something more action that breaks the peaceful dynamics of the game … but they do not work, at all. No, because these scenes have been “fixed” by QTE as simple as boring: they could have been saved. And finally, in the purest style of classic movies and series starring famous detectives such as Hercules Poirot or Sherlock Holmes himself, we must gather the suspects around us and carry out a kind of process in which, using logic, we have to find the solution to each mystery or case giving the correct answers to the questions in turn.pokémon

Pikachu Talks a lot and stars in some really funny monologues

The overall structure presented by Detective Pikachu is that simple and, at least in my opinion, it’s very guided, maybe too much for the older players. In fact, the level of challenge demanded by this work in comparison with others of a more adult nature is much lower, almost null, but in spite of that, it is quite enjoyed. The main reason for this has to do with the character and personality that Pikachu presents, a character that becomes one of the key pieces that this production has to shine with its own light.

Forget about the traditional figure of Pikachu, that adorable electric Pokémon, because this time this character becomes much more “mature” (within limits), tongue-in-cheek in the best (and most innocent) of the senses, “picantón” and, above all, witty. He talks endlessly and stars in some really funny and extensive monologues. A stellar role that has surprised me pleasantly and I suppose it will also do to many of you. Without his presence, this adventure for 3DS would not be the same, that you can be sure.

It may be that this gameplay is so simple (because it is) and lacking in any difficulty throw back a large sector of users, something normal. Also missing a little more variety, although being fair the genre itself and the way in which this production has been raised does not give much more. But I insist that it is a very enjoyable video game and never gives you the slightest feeling of boredom (except for the cited and sporadic QTE scenes), quite the contrary, being one of those proposals that are quite appreciated in the catalog of titles for the laptop of Nintendo because they do not abound. And before I forget, comment in this analysis that the game is compatible with the new and mammoth amiibo Detective Pikachu’s almost 14 centimeters high, which allows us to contemplate the so-called Pikachu moments of the chapters already completed or that we have skipped.

I also have to point out that this work has been very careful in everything related to its technical aspects since while it does not exploit the potential of Nintendo 3DS, all the characters (especially the main ones) enjoy excellent modeling, fantastic animations, and tremendous expressiveness. The sets also show good designs, although in some cases their dimensions have seemed too small as I have mentioned before. A remarkable technical work that has been accompanied by a large number of video scenes of superb quality.

To finish, the sound is placed at an even higher level, especially thanks to the excellent dubbing (I insist, in English with subtitles) of Pikachu and the pleasant soundtrack that accompanies us throughout the adventure.

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The most famous Pokémon in the world stars in 3DS a very attractive research and puzzles adventure for those users who do not expect to meet with an insurmountable challenge precisely. A work that delights us with a Pikachu that shows an incredible self-confidence and that goes beyond the norm established in other Pokémon games. It may be too linear and somewhat invariant, but it is fun and ends up hooking.

  • The title exudes sympathy for all its pores
  • The development becomes absorbing and always entertaining
  • Great dubbing in English (texts in Spanish)
  • Pikachu plays a sensational role
  • The gameplay is very linear and there are plenty of QTE scenes
  • The level of difficulty is low

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