Analysis of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition. The return of one of the best DMC created by Capcom

Devil May Cry 3
Written by Kamran Haider

It is not considered by few as one of the best Devil May Cry. That is why it is not surprising that Capcom has selected it to launch a special edition on Nintendo Switch. We tell you the reasons to recover it on this platform: one of the craziest and funniest hack ‘n slash we have ever played.

A jewel. Despite the 15 years since its original premiere on PlayStation 2, it is fair to say that Devil May Cry 3 endures time well. Even for someone who had not played it before, it is a competent hack ‘n slash action title, and that already says a lot about the good work of director Hideaki Itsuno (Dragon’s Dogma) and of course composer Tetsuya Shibata, which led to An absolutely demonic soundtrack.

DMC3 is important in the history of the saga because it meant redemption with respect to the irregular DMC2, which coincided with Hideki Kamiya’s departure from the project. To recover the brightness of yesteryear, Capcom focused on what made the first game of the saga great: its dizzying combat system, a very tight difficulty and, of course, Dante’s cutlery.

What we receive now on Nintendo Switch is an optimized version, with high definition graphics, the possibility of changing the combat style without entering the menu, and a cooperative option for the Bloody Palace mode. It is not bad to be a reissue that, above all, what it seeks is to maintain all the flavor of the original game, as it was conceived. Younger users may be shocked by the graphic section – very much of the time, so to speak – but those who played on PS2 will feel even a little nostalgic … Very healthy, on the other hand.

A madness of demonic action

It is impossible to forget the mythical intro of DMC3, with Dante eating pizza and kicking at the table (pirouette included) to pick up the phone. Next, a guy appears telling him I don’t know what about his brother … and he gets involved. Rock-metal music begins to play as we begin to distribute firewood in the bravest way possible. Capcom is pure at its best, “Made in Japan” action with the humor of impossible blows, a lot of slow motions and short dialogues, but full of fulminating messages.

That was the first Devil May Cry, and the Japanese managed to recover their essence in a delivery that shines by fleeting but intense levels. 20 phases in which you do not stop crushing buttons … but without losing sight of the strategy. To make the best combos the game forces you not to repeat the same movement twice, but to play with style, putting into practice each and every one of the techniques that you are unlocking as you go. You will probably reach the middle of the game and you are still doing the controls, but that is the magic of DMC: encourage you to make a second round and get all the possible “S” scores.

I’m not telling you anything new: it’s something basic in any hack ‘n slash. The learning curve is short; however, the curve to master it is prolonged. This is favored by a deep combat system. There is a button to attack, another to jump, one more to use guns, to dodge … And then there is the issue of switching between weapons to adapt to each situation. It seems easy, but learning to combine the different options is not so simple. Even in the difficulty by default, it is quite difficult to beat the bosses, which require a strategy – although minimal – to defeat them.

How much does all this give? Well surprisingly for quite some time. The average of overcoming the game is at 10-12 hours, depending on how many times you see the “game over” screen. This is about failing and repeating play over and over again. You could spend it in half the time if you are an ax, I will not deny it, but if you want to do it all one hundred percent I already tell you that a second (or third) turn is not taken away by anyone.

The only negative of this Special Edition is that it does not offer much news. We are allowed to change the combat style on the fly (between six different ones), without having to enter the pause menu, which was a nuisance in the original game. A local cooperative for two users in the Bloody Palace is also added, a set of 9,999 levels in which we can control Dante and Virgil, either with the Joy-Con or the addition of a Switch Pro Controller to the formula.madness of demonic

The game comes out better with the Pro Command

Saying that obviously the game comes out better with the Pro Command, although I was surprised to see that the handling does not shine much less in portable mode. Not only is it handled perfectly, but the performance is very similar to the TV mode. Stable frame, without descents, and with a very competent visual representation. Of course, all considering that DMC3 does not need large resources to function, and less knowing that it is a very slight remastering, focused on raising the resolution, applying the panoramic format and little else.

Honestly, in this case, I think it wasn’t necessary either. The graphics have a special aura in this case, and seeing those pre-lent funds, in addition to some pixelated elements (including Spanish subtitles) have generated me a bit of nostalgia. I do not know if, for some carelessness, the menus have been left in 4: 3 format, but strangely it is not something that bothered me. Could it have been done better? Undoubtedly, and some extra would not have been over, especially considering that a couple of years ago the rest of the platforms received the HD Collection, now a fairly competitive price.

But that said, I’m surprised that the game behaves so well today, with a very tolerable response time to the controls and an absolutely memorable soundtrack, one of the best we’ve heard in a Devil May Cry. So put on your headphones, turn up the volume and either in portable or TV mode, enjoy one of the best hack ‘n slash ever created. It is a live history of the video game, and it is always good news that it is preserved, in this case in a special edition that, without being outstanding, is worth it.

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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition is not so “special” in terms of content, because it hardly incorporates things beyond the logic HD resolution, panoramic format or coop for an extra mode. However, it is special to assume one of the best installments of the saga, for which surprisingly it must be said that the years have passed very well. So if you already tried it, you will be very nostalgic to remember it, but if you did not do it, you will also be able to discover one of the best Devil May Cry ever created.

  • One of the best Devil May Cry, now in a special edition for Nintendo Switch
  • In spite of the years, it conserves of outstanding form its powerful action hack ‘n slash
  • Small additions, but welcome: HD resolution, the local coop in Bloody Palace …
  • The soundtrack is still absolutely brutal
  • They miss more additional content, being a special edition
  • Compared to other editions of Devil May Cry, it falls short.

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