Analysis of Eastshade, the important thing is the way

Written by Kamran Haider

The desire of our mother is that we visit and paint the most emblematic places of the mysterious and fantastic island on the East side. And there we go. In the Eastside analysis, we tell you how it is possible to create open worlds, with missions to accomplish and a lot of exploration, without the need for combats or experience counters.

There is a very common phenomenon that happens in entertainment and, above all, in entertainment that offers long hours. Anyone, too little that makes a memory, will remember that time that they said to him the famous phrase of “from season 5 of x series, hooks”. Or when you have 30 hours of a JRPG, or half a book read. Normal that engages, we are animals of customs and everything we make a habit ends up like us, whether it is a series, a game, the gym or fishing.

The hard part is always to start. When the mother of our protagonist asks us to go to the mysterious land of East shade, it is normal that you feel some mistrust. The new always has the peculiarity of astonishing, yes, but it is hard to start exploring the vast world it offers. Going through the first paths of this new land is strange since Eastside does not follow the conventions of open worlds. Come on, here you do not come to fight or kill anyone. In the end, your trip tries to admire the landscape of which your mother, we presume to die, fell in love once, long ago and to understand why this earth caused so much impact on her.

As I say, the mechanics of Eastside, despite fulfilling numerous missions, are not fighting or leveling up, as well as touring this mysterious island, knowing its inhabitants, enjoying the landscape … and painting it. The East side is peculiar because it introduces something that today is almost vital to understand not only video games but our daily lives. Capture an image, in this case, our talent as a painter will allow us to take screenshots and transfer them with a simple effect on the canvas. Beyond the personal enjoyment of capturing the beautiful landscape, the inhabitants of Eastside will want our services and we will need money, their help or knowledge to advance the adventure. It is a very imaginative mechanics, because not only does it allow us to admire the landscape as an obsessed of the Print Screen button, but it creates a good synergy between the resolution of puzzles and the aesthetic, when we have to frame all the elements that the inhabitants of the island propose to us as a requisite for a valid painting. One of the “missions”, in fact, that I enjoyed the most was that of a ship’s captain, saddened to have lost her sailboat. He never asked me for anything and, of his own free will, I painted it and gave him the painting. That the game recognized my action and offered me a reward was one of those great little moments that Eastside hides.

It asks for the path to be logged

is strange, because the first time I put the East side seemed almost like an Oblivion with mods. There is something in their melodies, in their bright colors and their architecture that reminds me of a lot of Cyrodill. But instead of being a beautiful world, but violent as the capital of Tamriel, here the main mechanics are based simply on contemplation. Our mother asked us to paint four pictures of key places on the East side, but accessing them will take us to the real mission: soak up this magical place.

Thus, the East side could be cataloged as an open-world walking simulator, but it hides much more to its credit since we do not limit ourselves to traveling the world, but rather we have a whole diary of missions to accomplish in order to progress in the adventure. In addition to painting pictures with which to trade and fulfill some of these missions, there is also a basic system for collecting materials and crafting, which I consider to be the weakest point of the game. It is an excuse to travel the world, of course, but many times you will notice that you are investing too much time looking for that resource you need, crossing that fine line between good exploration and the unnecessary lengthening of hours. Thus, we will have to find materials and learn some recipes to fulfill certain missions, but it seems like an attempt to give variety to the requests of the inhabitants rather than as a creative resource, which has always been the purpose of this mechanics of crafting. Sometimes we can build bonfires and objects that help us in the cold nights, but in general, it is a resource that could have been exploited much more and that remains in the merely functional.Although the technical section is very striking (you need to want to explore the island conscientiously

Introduces something that today is almost vital to understand not only video games, but our daily life: Capture an image

Although the technical section is very striking (you need to want to explore the island conscientiously), it is not exempt from a few bugs that denote an ambitious game and perhaps difficult to embrace for a small study. Even with a good team, it is difficult to move the game in its higher graphics options, due to lack of debugging, but, mainly, there are problems when getting stuck in some points of the map. In my case, it happened when falling behind a house without the possibility of leaving the quagmire. I did not take long to solve it, because the game is aware of it and has a menu that explains how to access the game console and use a command to teleport. Although it is a solution, it does not exempt the fact of a somewhat defective design.

The classic Ithaca poem defines the East side perfectly: “When you start your trip to Ithaca / ask that the road be long, / full of adventures, full of experiences […] Always have Ithaca in your mind. To arrive there is your destiny. / But do not ever hurry the trip. / Better that it lasts many years and dock, old already, on the island, / Enriched by what you gained on the road. ” In the background, despite the missions, the mechanics of crafting, etc., the East side is a game of manners. In its environment and its people. It seeks, above all, to transport you to a fantastic world and immerse yourself in an impossible life, without the need to get hooked to it through the action that practically all games offer. Achieving this is extremely difficult, but in the end, as our mother says in the game, memories always remain. The big tree, the cities of Lyndon and Nava, the peak of the highest mountain … Create memories on the canvas of memory.

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The east side is a very original game. You could almost say that unique. A beautiful open world with a great variety of missions to fulfill, but that does not seek to engage in combats or in the progress of levels. Just discover every corner of this beautiful island and paint it, while you meet the curious inhabitants that populate it. There are some faults and mechanics that could have given more than itself, but it fulfills its main objective: take you to an impossible world and want to explore every corner.

  • Beautiful landscapes to discover, visit and paint
  • The mechanics of painting pictures to accomplish missions
  • Crafting is something basic and unimaginative
  • Technical failures and moments that can get stuck

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