Analysis of Everybody’s Golf VR, exclusive golf for PSVR, the virtual reality of PlayStation

Everybodys Golf VR
Written by Kamran Haider

The world of golf returns to PS4 in a very special way. Yes, because Everybody’s Golf saga makes the leap to the virtual reality of Sony with a very interesting delivery but that has some ups and downs. Analysis of Everybody’s Golf VR.

The commitment to virtual reality that Sony has made for a while now is tremendous. Far from losing presence, the PSVR helmet of PS4 continues to host a good number of titles every month. And in addition, from my point of view, some of them start to come off considerably (in fact, I’m eager to play in depth the imminent Blood and Truth of London Studio). The most recent to land is Everybody’s Golf VR, the launch of this successful franchise linked to the world of golf, a title that needs to be clarified that can only be enjoyed through PlayStation VR: it is mandatory.

A saga (known in Japan as Hot Shots Golf) that, although it may surprise some of you, is one of the most veterans of the Japanese company and has been giving war for more than two decades. The last incursion of this saga in PS4 took place a pair of years ago, the game that reached a remarkable quality as you can see in its analysis. Unfortunately and in my opinion, this VR version does not reach these levels for different reasons but, yes, it is still a very funny title and, of course, thanks to the use of Sony’s virtual reality technology, it offers a much more immersive degree accused that experienced in any other previous edition.

Everybody’s Golf VR, Golf simpaticón for all ages those

of you who have tried any of the innumerable deliveries that have appeared in Everybody’s Golf, surely you already know what this new edition will bring you. Far from being in front of a pure simulator, the most important thing in this proposal is to spend as much as possible with a golf club in our hands (and more in this case). But do not mislead: we are not facing a total arcade, far from it.

If we leave aside its carefree aesthetic, the absence of real golfers, fields and official competitions and other paraphernalia, what this title does offer is golf in its purest form … but suitable for all types of audiences. And, besides, I already notice that in this version it is much more complicated to hit the ball with the necessary precision than what happens in most of the golf titles available in the market. And that is due to its control system, which instead of having to use the sticks and the buttons of the control to calculate the force and direction, in this case, everything works around the motion sensors.DualShock 4 for obvious reasons

The best thing is the feeling of immersion thanks to the use of Sony virtual reality technology.

We can use both the DualShock 4 and Move to make the hits and control the rest of the game. The difference between one option and another is quite sensitive in my opinion, being much more advisable to opt for the second for two reasons: precision and “realism”. Beyond the fact that it is much more natural to perform the relevant swings with the Move command than with the DualShock 4 for obvious reasons, I also found it a bit more “simple” to materialize more “clean” strokes (without detours in the trajectory of the ball) or other unwanted errors) with said peripheral. And this is noticeable in a more accentuated way when it comes to using the putter on the greens to put the ball in Do not misunderstand me: you can play perfectly with a traditional pad, but it’s not the same.

The sensations that we experience when we are in the middle of each hole that we have to undertake is really good. In my opinion, right now there is no other title of this sport discipline on PlayStation 4 that offers the same levels of immersion as those held by this work by Clap Hanz. And although in this case, it is not that it is something fundamental given the nature of the game, it does seem right to highlight it.

The gameplay offered by Everybody’s Golf is very similar to that experienced in previous editions. Without being the deepest or most realistic title linked to the world of golf, at all, yes it is necessary to practice enough to achieve merit hits and get down the pair in the holes, especially in the most complicated.

The most important problem presented by this version aimed at PSVR has to do with the amount of content that houses the start title. Undoubtedly, this series has always stood out for offering a multitude of options, modalities and other game elements to users. A quality that, on the contrary, has not been contemplated in this version, which seems a “lite” edition (so fashionable in these times) compared to the shown, without going any further, in the latest version released for PS4.

The figures that these production handles are not ridiculous at all, but it is not that they guarantee almost infinite fun as it happens with the aforementioned previous version. The game includes three complete fields of 18 holes each, although at the beginning only one is available, being necessary to enable the other two. This facet is not bad, it may be something justice but it is decent … although that does not happen with the available game modes. Beyond training and tackling games of 3, 9 or 18 holes per field, the title is not that it presents many more possibilities or alternative game modes or, even less, deep. And in the sporting game, as it is the case, this lack acquires a remarkable relevance.We have three courses of 18 holes per head awaiting us once unlocked all, a respectable figure but something fair.It is true that we can unlock new fields as well as sets of clubs of new style and even the occasional additional caddy that helps us during the games. And, also, as we play we can also improve our level as golfers (with their virtual card and everything), but despite that, I think Everybody’s Golf VR has been too short in this regard. It is a game designed to play fast games alone and little else, which remains several integers to this work as a whole.

Where yes that you can not put many faults is in everything related to its more than attractive audiovisual section. Without being the most impressive title of PS VR (after all, it is a game of golf ), the recreation of the fields has seemed very careful. Bunkers, greens, lakes and other elements that are seen in the routes have been captured with much success, and that adds small details such as the fall of the leaves of the trees, quite successful effects such as the wake that leaves the ball while It flies through the air … The sound is also remarkable and the good effects and the slow soundtrack also adds a good dubbing in Spanish.

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The most well-known golf franchise of Sony is released in PSVR with a remarkable delivery that allows us to enjoy the world of golf in a very immersive and carefree but, at the same time, relatively “realistic”. Unfortunately, one of its most striking qualities and present in the vast majority of its incursions, its innumerable possibilities of play, have been greatly reduced in its move to virtual reality, is precisely this the biggest (and important) defect that presents this version. Of course, Everybody’s Golf VR is still a very entertaining title, becoming one of the most recommended sports titles of all available exclusively for PSVR.

  • The immersion offered is such that you can almost breathe the smell of freshly cut grass
  • Very careful in the audiovisual, with voices in Spanish and everything
  • It’s easy to play but hard to master
  • It lacks content, especially more variety of fields and game modes
  • Playing with DualShock 4 instead of Move reduces the fun

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