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Written by Kamran Haider

It seems that FIFA 18 in Switch has justified the confidence of Electronic Arts with a new and improved delivery of their football for the Nintendo console. FIFA 19 still has some peculiar absence, but it improves on everything seen in FIFA 18 and adds the fields and captures of players in the Spanish league in the debut of the Champions League in the leading football franchise. Analysis.

Traditionally, Electronic Arts have never shaken the pulse with Nintendo users at the time of abandoning them: if customers do not accept their offspring, they have no problem launching Legacy edition, a mere update of players, kits and fly with the inertia of sales between the intended tier. That’s why I thought it worth celebrating the firm’s commitment last year, dedicating EA Romania to develop the new edition of the game by creating its own version for the hybrid console of the Japanese. The result could be known in the analysis of FIFA 18 Switch just a year ago: surprising in the playable and disturbing in some of the decisions taken by the Romanian study.

The strangest of the decisions, without a doubt, was not to give users the option to enjoy online games with their friends, which ended up being, undoubtedly, the main headline of all the analyses of last year’s edition. It seems that the speaker has been useful, since Electronic Arts have added the defendant option in FIFA 19, in addition to some elements absent in FIFA 18 as the labeling of the Premier League or LaLiga Santander. If we add to the title the obvious playable improvements of each edition, we see that we have a game that improves what we got in 2017, but it seems that its developers have wanted to continue maintaining some of their strange absences for the present delivery as well.

The most obvious one is El Camino, of course. However, I think it is the most justifiable absence: we can not ask the FIFA 19 engine, a hybrid of the FIFA 16 Ignite adapted to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch, that is able to reconstruct what we see in Frostbite in the Xbox versions One, PS4, and PC. Could you reconstruct the playable scenes and pass the cinematic scenes to video? You can, but I am convinced that, if the solution were so obvious, in Budapest they would have already gotten to work. I think the most contentious absences are far from Hunter: they are in the game modes.

Convulsed preseason

IF the friend Álvaro Castellano told us in his analysis of FIFA 19 for PS4, Xbox One and PC that the career mode had few changes, worse has been the thing in Nintendo Switch, in which I have not been able to detect any change in his developing. The experience is very similar to last year, ignoring the improvements made in the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions in the new release. The same could be said of Ultimate Team, although also present in FIFA 19, has eluded the presence of the Squad Battles, FUT Champions or Division Rivals. EA came to ensure that he did not want to overwhelm the users of Switch with so many game modes: does he still not want to overwhelm them or is it that they have not been able to give him shelter?

It is surprising when we see that EA Romania, on the other hand, has been able to add elements to the port of Switch as the Alternative Rules (a modality that will allow us to enjoy five different game modes and alternatives to traditional football, with rules as surreal as absence of fouls, a way in which only goals are scored from outside the area or the Survival fun, in which each goal is rewarded with an expulsion of a player from the scoring squad). Why deny Ultimate Team players competing in FUT Champions or all other absent modes? It is almost the only negative note of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch, which itself has presented some interesting news inherited from PS4, Xbox One, and PC.portable FIFA

The star signing of FIFA 19, the Champions League and the Europa League, are also played in Switch

One of them is the Exact Finish, the new shooting function that allows players to improve the shot by pressing the chute button just when the footballer He makes his shot. In addition, the improvements in the playable have been verifiable in the rest of the elements of FIFA 19 in Switch, making important visual and technical improvements , evolving the physical game of the players and implementing numerous animations that make the party’s own rhythm more fluid and coherent and the behavior of soccer players over green. I also see improvements in lighting, improving what was seen last year in clashes in broad daylight.

Being more permissive and carefree in the playable than in the other versions, it successfully maintains the foundations and everything that can be expected from a FIFA in a hybrid console like Nintendo, and that is the best news that I can give you about the videogame. FIFA 19 is an excellent alternative to play FIFA portable and is in the hands that can continue to evolve with further improvements in the future thanks to the good work of EA Romania.Endless licenses

Endless licenses

Before the arrival of LaLiga labeling to the last installment of FIFA 18, I found disappointing his absence in Nintendo Switch, hence he had no faith in seeing the new stadiums of the Spanish league in the conversion. I could not be more wrong: although the labeling has been added, it is worthwhile the work that FIFA 19 has done with LaLiga Santander in its version for Switch, capturing dozens of players to show an appearance at the height of their homonyms on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and opening the highly anticipated First Division stadiums in the game. All good news in the present field, including the teams that are not the usual ones of the European Cup, who will enjoy recognizable versions of their favorite footballers.

Speaking of European competitions … EA has not wanted to leave the Nintendo Switch users without their star signing and has added the Champions League and the Europa League to FIFA 19, just as it has done in the other versions of the game. No complaints: we have tried to emulate in detail the traditional entrance of the teams to the field, the staging of the anthem and everything you can expect from an adaptation of the two biggest club tournaments in Europe. However, it is a pity that in Spain we do not have a Champions League alternative to the voices of Manolo Lama and Paco González as it happens with the English commentators of the game, which counts the legendary Martin Tyler and Alan Smith in normal matches and with Derek Rae and Lee Dixon in the Champions League.

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FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch improves everything seen in FIFA 18 but continues to show absences with respect to their editions on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, it is a video game capable of capturing all the elements that make FIFA great, maintaining the technical and playable bases of the market’s leading simulator. All the stadiums and players’ capture of LaLiga Santander have been included, and although it can still improve, the bet of EA Sports towards Nintendo Switch seems clear.

  • FIFA 19 has corrected the most outstanding absences of FIFA 18
  • The playable and technical improvement compared to its previous delivery
  • It is able to offer a fun and consistent alternative to the FIFA of PS4, Xbox One or PC
  • No big news in career mode, virtually identical to FIFA 18
  • It is missing other game modes present in other versions
  • The soundbank of Manolo Lama and Paco González requires a renovation

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