Analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: scares, monitors and strange puppets in Virtual Reality

Five Nights at Freddys VR
Written by Kamran Haider

The independent terror saga created by Scott Cawthon returns with a very special compilation … especially because it is directed to virtual reality. Analysis of Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted.

A while ago, the independent scene received with open arms one of the productions linked to the most curious horror genre of those that have been seen in recent years. Five Nights at Freddy’s, by Scott Cawthon, achieved great popularity and, in fact, is considered a cult saga for many users. Far from offering an adventure full of tension with “normal” development, this series has always offered a very different style with a lot of personalities.

After a good portion of deliveries said the franchise has finally made the leap to virtual reality. And he has done it with a “rehash” called Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, a title that includes some of the best-known phases of the saga adding some novel elements. A work that goes directly to the action without hardly leaving space for presentations, introductions or other paraphernalia. We are simply invited for the umpteenth time to the restaurant Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza but not to put ourselves as the pincer precisely, but to act as watchmen from the security room. And our main task is to “control” what happens through the monitors and security cameras, being necessary not to lose sight of the insane animated dolls that swarm through the different rooms.

Five Nights at Freddy’s, easy scares but they work, Of course, the approach that this horror video game has is not like almost any other recent production that could come to mind that way. Resident Evil, SOMA, Layers of Fear and other works harbor development and style of play that has nothing to do with what puts this production at stake, which moves away from the basic conventionalisms inherent in the survival horror and horror adventures in general.

Our role in the main levels included in this title is as simple as keeping us alive for a few hours(not real, of course) inside the restaurant’s surveillance booth. And what happens outside of that room? Well, the giant robots shaped like animals that, in theory, are the ones that entertain the kids during the day, come alive at night and try to kill us … or, at least, if they reach our position and win the access to the said cabin, give us a fright that stops what. In fact, in its transfer to virtual reality, such shocks are much more intense than those experienced in any other edition for obvious reasons. And although it may seem an insignificant detail, I consider that just to be able to “enjoy them” it is already worth getting this delivery designed for the virtual reality of FNAF.With this in mind what exactly do we have to do during those nights Then monitor constantly the monitor that displays the images of the different security cameras located in the establishment

Thanks to its design, it manages to maintain tension and frighten

With this in mind, what exactly do we have to do during those nights? Then monitor constantly the monitor that displays the images of the different security cameras located in the establishment, which allow us to follow the evolution of the robots. We can (and should) change from one to another at any time and, if we see that these beings are hanging around our cabin, we can be activating various devices such as activating the side security doors, turn on the light or even get to put a mask to make us go through one of them.

The main problem with which we have to deal (beyond having to survive until a specific time, which is enough) has to do with the energy resources we have. Far from being able to have all the resources at our disposal, we must manage the energy consumed by each of them and only activate those elements when necessary. And what happens if we run out of energy? Well, everything will go to waste, the facilities will be plunged into darkness … and visualize the traditional Restart screen after the corresponding shock.

To this main game mechanics have been added other complementary levels that move away from said formula and that, at least to me, have been even more interesting to me if possible. Instead of being confined in a cabin and limited to activate or deactivate mechanisms, in these phases we are urged to fix the dolls themselves (change their fuses, etc.), do the same with the ventilation system of the enclosure and carry outfit like that. And for this, it is necessary to overcome certain puzzles, press the appropriate buttons and activate the correct levers while the danger lurks from several flanks. The moments of tension that are experienced during these levels are tremendous.Maybe the overall game mechanic that highlights Five Nights at Freddys VR Help Wanted lacks the depth experienced in other horror games but I assure you it works incredibly well

Maybe the overall game mechanic that highlights Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted lacks the depth experienced in other horror games, but I assure you it works incredibly well … but with an important nuance. I refer to the recognition of our actions that we carry out with the command, which unfortunately fails more than it should. In fact, I recommend playing with Move instead of using the DualShock 4 to minimize these tracking problems, which in some cases can be frustrating … especially when you want to reach a switch located on the side of the cabin and simply, you can not do it.

On the other hand, where it is not possible to face any inconvenience to this title, it is to the atmosphere it houses. Despite its visual simplicity, it is one of the most successful PSVR games in this regard. It is clear that the darkness and the fact that the scenes have such a small size play in favor of current, but that does not mean that it is a very careful title in the visual, highlighting the effects of lights and shadows as well as the recreation of the infernal dolls.

The sound section is also convincing, with good effects and very appropriate melodies. The dubbing in English is also very remarkable, but unfortunately, the conversations have not been translated into our language, it is even necessary to go through the options to activate the English subtitles.

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One of the most beloved cult horror series of those that have appeared in recent years, it goes to virtual reality in a very successful way, giving shape to a kind of conglomerate that includes several of the most famous levels of the saga. The jump to the new technology benefits in diverse ways, from the immersion that gives us to the entertaining that is to directly handle the different mechanisms … although this handling is sometimes too imprecise, especially with the DualShock 4 control. But despite That, Five Nights at Freddy’s VR is a very different horror game that is worth trying.

  • The move to virtual reality has made it a fable
  • The puzzle style tests are really good
  • Good handling with the Move …
  • … something that does not happen with the DualShock 4
  • It could have included a greater number of levels

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