Analysis of Flipping Death, an adventure that is of Death

Written by Kamran Haider

Death is the only popular character that we will all meet in person. This is one of the comments present in the video game and helps us understand the peculiar sense of humor that follows. A title of puzzles, conversations, and platforms that reminds of the best graphic adventures. We told you in our analysis of Flipping Death.

Saving distances, both temporary and formal, Flipping Death gives a certain aftertaste to the mythical graphic adventures of the nineties. Those in which the setting was half the success and the other half were in ingenious puzzles, based on puzzles that often had no head or foot.

Although if you have to look for a closer reference, the question is obvious … and the truth is that it is much closer. Only five years ago, Stick it to Man! already played with the adventurous and puzzle gameplay that we see in this new work of the Swedes of Zoink, which, in fact, we could consider as a spiritual successor. Change the theme, the narrative, the characters, the enigmas … everything, except the taste for hilarious humor and a really unique artistic style.

The adventure does not last much longer than 5-7 hours, but it is more than enough to tell the story of Penny, a girl who after dying, takes the place of the very Death in derisory circumstances. The fact is that this will help us to launch a series of techniques, the main one being to possess bodies, and thus make use of different skills throughout the various chapters in which this humorous story is divided. Undoubtedly, Flipping Death is a video game that does not take itself or itself seriously, and that is what makes it so great. After all, how could he do it, if he does not take death seriously?

An adventure of Death

We play like Death, and as such our power is huge. The most attractive aspect of the gameplay of Flipping Death, and that explains its name, is the ability to move between the world of the living and the dead, something that is represented in the video game through a plane change. The image is literally turned around. A scenario presents people and scenarios in full color. The other is charged with darkness and ghosts to which we must help to fulfill his last wishes before resting.adventure

It is a videogame that does not take itself or itself seriously, and that is what makes it so great.

The only requisite that is put to us to possess bodies is to collect souls in the set, which roam freely. There is a mini-game to catch the most precious souls, which also unlock the possession of the most interesting characters. However, this is not the biggest problem. The real mechanics of the game is to possess the inhabitants and take advantage of their abilities to solve the numerous puzzles present. Puzzles that are in themselves a real mess.

A cat does not want to run in a kind of mechanical wheel … what will you do to do it? An intelligent being has stuck his tongue in the freezer … how to help him? You have to scare the fireman … who would be the best person? The solutions may seem logical, but some will give you the feeling that the developers are staying with you, just as it happened in graphic adventures as mythical as Lucas Arts.Lucas Arts

The fact is that Flipping Death adapts the situation to the new times using a little trick. In the pause menu place a series of clues, based on illustrations (no text), suggesting the next step to follow. It is intelligent and does not harm the feeling of a challenge at all. There are even occasions when, even with these aids, it is difficult to move forward. In particular, we have been stuck on a couple of occasions, something that speaks quite well about the degree of adjustment achieved.

It is praiseworthy, especially considering the small size of the development study. Therefore, the design decision adopted could be explained, based on which scenarios and characters are repeated in several chapters. Opportunities are expanded, and sometimes new parts of the map are shown to us. However, it is perhaps one of the most questionable aspects. The other is that the control is quite inaccurate, especially when it comes to jumping. Luckily it is not the priority of the game, since more than a platform, we are faced with a game of conversation and puzzles.

In fact, humor is the best thing that the game has. If you are looking for a good time and laugh in front of the screen (you will do it, promised), you are facing a highly recommended option. Humor is present throughout the adventure, thanks to a hilarious script and lots of funny situations.

This continually accompanies the artistic section, one of the elements best treated in Flipping Death. The developers themselves consider it a 2.5D video game. The finish appears to be in 2D, but everything is modeled in 3D. The effect that is provoked when flipping the image horizontally when going from the world of the living to the dead – and vice versa – is one of the great attractions of the adventure.25D video game

Of course, there is also the design of characters and environments. All give off a special grace, either by the style used, the use of colors or the animations themselves. On certain occasions, the inspiration is noticed in Tim Burton, and more specifically to one of his most mythical creations: Nightmare before Christmas. Unfortunately, the sound is not at the same level. Although the voices are highlighted (in English, texts in Spanish ), the truth is that music never comes to a surprise. It is flat, without too much charisma.

If you’re a fan of graphic adventures, it’s a good idea to give it a try.

In any case, we are facing an outstanding adventure within its genre. It does not have a long duration, but the way it combines puzzles, conversations, platforms, and navigation between two parallel worlds is quite innovative, as well as convincing. If you are a fan of graphic adventures, you should take a tour of it. We think you’ll have a death.

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Flipping Death is reminiscent of the best graphic adventures of the nineties, and that is worthy of praise. Its fusion between puzzles, conversations and some other platform, results in a title in which nothing is too obvious, which gives off a great sense of humor and also has a very peculiar artistic section. He has lacked more emphasis on the variety of scenarios and situations to get further, but if you want to solve enigmas while you laugh with a delirious story, you should not hesitate.

  • Remember the graphic adventures of the nineties. Ingenious puzzles
  • Great sense of humor
  • Good number of collectibles and optional missions. Replayable.
  • Great artistic section. It fits perfectly with the intentions of the work.
  • The scenarios repeat a lot. More variety is missing between chapters.
  • Some control problems, which cause frustrating situations.

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