Analysis of Gorogoa. Pretty and smart

Written by Kamran Haider

More than a videogame, it is a work of art in motion; a beautiful collection of illustrations with which it is difficult not to be impressed. But that this does not lead to deceit. In the analysis of Gorogoa, you will discover that this is also a great puzzles video game that surprises with the imaginative and ingenious of its puzzles. The experience is brief, yes, but also very satisfying!

Your description may sound bombastic. “It is not just a game, it is a work of art that is expressed through captivating and moving illustrations,” says its creator, and after completing Gorogoa I can not help but agree with him. This is an incredibly beautiful title; a work capable of surprising you with its wonderful staging, with those fascinating prints drawn by hand! but also, and this is the best, with the ingenious design of their puzzles. Because beyond the aesthetics, the colorful and fascinating beauty of its graphics, this is first and foremost a great puzzle game that knows how to put you in trouble thanks to its enigmatic riddles. Who would say it, considering that our action is limited to organize and combine different panels illustrated while, indirectly, we guide the steps of a child facing a strange dragon? It sounds simpler than it really is.

The way in which these scenes are combined, in many cases seemingly unrelated, is at times absolutely brilliant. A door that leads nowhere? A change of panels here and there … and voilà! Our young protagonist will have gone from exploring a city to freely explore an exotic dessert. And this is just the beginning of an adventure that does not stop growing, of surprising, posing increasingly convoluted puzzles that will force us to interact with the illustrated panels in frankly original ways. The scenes will become more complex; there will be more points of interest on which to focus attention, illustrations that allow you to delve into certain details or, even, move the camera in multiple directions to enjoy totally different pictures. This is. You will go from the interior of a room to a beautiful meadow and, from there, you will be able to reach the belfry that you can see on the horizon with amazing fluidity, with a frightening naturalness, and in all these scenes you will find pieces to solve the puzzles. It’s great!

Illustrated puzzles

Without going into details, so as not to spoil the experience, the best that can be said about Gorogoa is that this video game by Jason Roberts manages to stay fresh and original from beginning to end. You never know what mysteries await, with what new tests you will challenge, and although in essence it is played the same, the sensations that it transmits are very different. There is a constant sensation of discovery, of astonishment at the unknown, of wonder! when you give with the key to solving some puzzles that, besides, however rare they may seem at times, they are always based on pure logic. We must be attentive to the small details, the colors, the forms, to detect how the beautiful cards that we have at our disposal should be combined.

It is also surprising how intuitive it is. There are no words, only gestures, cryptic messages that indicate, in a subtle way, what your objective is and, nevertheless, everything flows in an extraordinarily natural way. Move and combine the scenes from here to there; you expand the detail in ones, with other tests to take away the perspective, the crosses, the overlays … and you do not get tired! Gorogoa works like the mechanism of a clock. Each of his pieces fits perfectly, tells his own story ! and the whole ends falling in love. I can not say more because talking about your puzzles would detract from the charm of a video game that, I warn, is not especially long. In just under two hours you can complete the game, although there are some achievements that require a little more time. Too little! you will think some, and it is true, the trip feels short, but also satisfactory as few.Puzzles

The game feels short, but also satisfying like few

The mime with which all the illustrations have been drawn and painted, the beautiful musical accompaniment that gives them life, the imaginative of their puzzles; everything in Gorogoa gives off a special charm that makes this a unique videogame. Brief, yes, but of those that leave a mark. That’s why I can only recommend your purchase on PC, Nintendo Switch or iOS. His great artistic section is just another piece of a fantastic puzzle game that, however, has lacked some more challenges to end up being around work or, at least, a great final challenge. Also in the story, it leaves me with mixed feelings. I like the aesthetics, the stories that the illustrated panels tell, but the main plot, and its outcome does not have the strength I expected. You follow his story with interest, but more for the showiness of the scenes, he recreates than for what he is really telling you, without words, with that interesting halo of mystery that defines the work.

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It is incredibly beautiful, a work that falls in love with the beauty of its graphics, but Gorogoa is also a fantastic puzzles video game that surprises with the ingenious design of its puzzles. Although brief, the trip proposed by this creation of Jason Roberts is well worth, and much, worth it. It is intelligent, original in the way you propose your action and above all, it is exciting and fun.

  • The beauty of its graphics. Pure art
  • Ingenious puzzles that know how to put you to the test
  • The way in which the illustrated panels are combined
  • The game ends too soon. You’re left wanting more
  • His narration is ambiguous; it lacks some strength and emotion

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