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Hidden Intentions
Written by Kamran Haider

Hidden Intentions offers a very peculiar concept of party game or game between friends/family comes to PS4 from the hand of Supermassive Games, the creators of games like Until Dawn. Mystery and many decisions await you in this interactive film that is also one of the most attractive games of the PlayLink line.

Sony is trying to evolve its line of games for PS4 in certain areas, such as social games. And for this, he has created a line of exclusive titles for this purpose that is called PlayLink, category to which the new production of Supermassive Games belongs, a studio that I personally like a lot because of his unconditional love of suspense and terror. If we review his most recent works such as the aforementioned Until Dawn or his spin-off for PlayStation VR Rush of Blood and even those that are coming (eye on The Inpatient , which I have already been able to try and paint very well), these two elements with the common denominators in all their works to a greater or lesser extent.

It is true that with the game that concerns us, Hidden Intentions, terror is parked and it is the suspense that monopolizes all the attention, an ingredient that has been exploited in an excellent way and that, personally, I like it a lot. And if that is also your case this “experiment” of Supermassive Games may end up convincing you as much as I do, since in my opinion, it is one of those works that either you like or do not quite satisfy you. This is due to the concept of “game” proposed, so quoted, because the truth is that rather than play what we do is to attend (with great interest) what is happening in an absorbing police thriller in which it is possible to take certain decisions either alone or, the best, in the company of our friends.

Transcendent decisions

Up to six interactive players/viewers can take sides in Hidden Intentions. And how? Well, through your mobile or tablet. You will see Instead of using or playing with a traditional command, developers have created an App for both iOS and Android totally free (missing more, although in the current times …) that each user must download. And for it to work properly, the only thing that needs to be borne in mind is that each mobile must be connected to the same wireless network to which the PS4 itself is linked.. And how do they work? Well, the truth is that quite well as a general rule, although it seems that in certain devices sometimes a little accuracy fails. But because of the very essence of the title, it is nothing serious at all.

Once explained this and with everything ready, we can start the game … which in the end, is like watching an interactive movie but with certain added features that at a moment I will comment. Although it is possible to enjoy this production alone, it earns a lot when we do it in the company of our friends either cooperatively or “competitively” (with points in between), and the reason has to do with the decisions we can make. , which have a direct relationship with our mobile.

This device has two very important functions: acting as a kind of touch panel that allows us to interact with the image that is projected on television at specific moments (we are going, like the tandem formed by a mouse and a PC monitor) and, also, read important information as well as hidden messages that occasionally reach each participant. The latter gives the game experience a special grace, given that in those individual text messages a specific user is urged to be able to persuade the rest so that a specific action can be carried out in the game. And those who get it, earn points and even the possibility of later taking certain unilateral decisions during the course of the game, for example.Transcendent

It is interesting to play with your friends and the price is affordable

¿ Decisions? Effectively. You already know that Supermassive Games is a studio that, like David Cage and the Quantic Dream studio, likes to integrate variable narratives that take place based on the decisions we make during their course. Well, that same thing happens in Hidden Intentions, although on this occasion there is a particularity and that in these decisions all users must take part.

For a decision to be imposed, there must be a majority (the tie to votes is not an option), although in the most transcendent no longer there must be a majority, but a global consensus. And that is precisely where the grace of the game concept proposed by this particular party game lies. On many occasions, those users who have the objective of persuading the rest will try by all means to impose their will and convince the rest … but trying to prevent other users from finding out their true hidden intentions, hence the name of the game.

An idea that has been very well taken and executed and that, in addition, to add more grace to the matter from time to time, it is also necessary to participate in certain QTE that appear sporadically in certain situations, which forces us to be attentive to what is happening. that is happening at all times. Unite to this the task of having to find the tracks of turn in the scenarios of the crimes within a certain time limit and you will get, broadly speaking, a clear idea of ​​what this interesting contribution of Supermassive Games offers to the world of the party games.

And what happens from the narrative point of view in Hidden Intentions? What is the argument behind this work? Without wanting to reveal anything too important for obvious reasons, the plot focuses on the investigation carried out by Detective Becky Marney (role played by actress Katie Cassidy) and lawyer Felicity Graves , the two main protagonists, around a serial killer known as The Trapper, nickname that … you will discover why it is coming and, moreover, who it is. An argument that as usual in this type of works is quite complex and full of unexpected twists, permanent suspicions and truly tense moments. It’s not the best I’ve seen, but it’s not bad at all.

This plot gives about two hours (a duration similar to that of a movie), but it is a very rejugable experience. And the reason is that there are so many transcendent decisions that we can take that it is only possible to enjoy all the scenes and sequences revisiting the adventure several times and making different decisions each time. Of course, if you do not plan to squeeze out all the rejugable potential offered by the title, you will evidently find this work too meager in its duration.

Where it is more complicated to throw something in the face of the title is in everything related to its audiovisual section. The whole game has been located impeccably in our language, enjoying one of the best dubbing jobs we have enjoyed this year on PS4. And as for the recreation of the characters and the scenarios in which they roam, the title reaches a very remarkable note, especially in the facial animations of the protagonists. Special mention deserves the setting, which is one of the greatest virtues that hold Hidden Intentions.

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Supermassive Games continues to stay true to the line of games that it usually designs and brings us a twist. Hidden Intentions is a kind of interactive movie in thriller plan police with the skin of a party game, with all that that entails. An idea that obviously and being so particular may not end up liking all kinds of users, especially those who do not like the “unplayable” proposals, so to speak. But it is worthy to praise both his originality in the approach and his high levels of production, unfit for the title of his style.

  • Its concept is quite curious to be a party game
  • He is very careful in the audiovisual
  • Its atmosphere is very good
  • It is really replayable because there are many different scenes
  • Due to its concept, its playability is very limited
  • If you do not want to squeeze it, it’s a very ephemeral experience

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