Analysis of Hollow Knight. The fantastic Hollow Knight premieres in Switch

Written by Kamran Haider

One of the best Metroidvania-style action adventures is finally released at Nintendo Switch, proving that the fame that precedes it is well deserved. In the analysis of Hollow Knight, we delve into the powerful virtues that make this an essential video game.

Revisiting Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch has been an incredible experience. When I wrote the analysis of the original PC game I highlighted how much I enjoyed the thrilling and epic action of this Metroidvania style adventure, and nothing has changed since then. Or yes, because the great work of the independent studio Team CherryIt is a videogame if it fits better thanks to the improvements and additional content that have been incorporated over the last year. In spite of how frustrating the action can sometimes be, however implacable it shows with the errors, something has this video game that falls hopelessly in love. It is so enigmatic, so strangely beautiful, that you do not need more than a couple of seconds to understand that you are facing something that is not unique, that it does not invent anything new, but it is very special; So much so, that it is not an exaggeration to talk about him as one of the best and greatest action adventures and platforms of his style in recent years. It is not a small thing having so many and such good recent examples.

Leaving aside how much I love his artistic section, the mime with which each stage has been designed, the best of Hollow Knight, and sometimes also the worst, is the sensation of walking totally lost exploring an underground world that does not seem to have an end. Wherever you go there is always an alternative path, forks here and there that can sometimes drive you crazy because nobody, will tell you where to go. I know that it sounds a little absurd to ask just that, that someone tells you the way to go, but when you walk for hours without being clear about your destiny; When you get into dangerous areas for which you are obviously not prepared and you die, then frustration addresses you. It is great to feel all this freedom of action, to understand that you are inside a great labyrinth from which it will not be easy to escape, but unlike other titles of the style, in this work of Team Cherry you do not have anything clear if you are doing the right thing or do not; if the path you’re moving is the right one or you’re going in the wrong direction … and that ends up taking its toll; It takes you, even momentarily, to hate the game. “But use the map!”, Some will think; and yes, it’s your thing, but first, you have to buy it ! and for that, inside this underground hell, you must find the cartographer, which is not exactly simple.

The essence of Souls

Suffice it to say “Metroidvania style” to get a clear idea of ​​what a videogame offers. Action, platforms and much, much exploration based on the use of special skills. We have all this in Hollow Knight represented with an exquisite taste; is an adventure that is enjoyed from beginning to end, who knows how to surprise you with new challenges, with more and more dangerous enemies that will force you to take advantage of everything learned during the more than 30 hours that can take you to complete this odyssey. But there is something else! Here also we are worth another of the most popular descriptions today. This is a game “with Souls essence”. I do not need to say more, right?essence Souls

One of the best and greatest metroidvania style action adventures of recent years

Dying in Hollow Knight is so easy, so fast, that no matter how beautiful the artistic design is, and it is, you will tour the world of Hallownest with fear in the body. It is not for less. At one point, exploring an area where it seemed clear I was not going to run into any boss or anything like that, I fell between two enemies of great power that took only a couple of seconds to end my life. It was seen and not seen. An authentic drama! Well in the same way as in the saga of From Software, in this adventure of action and platforms to die means losing all the money that you carry over. Forever? No, not forever, because you have the opportunity to recover it if you return to the place where you lost your life and face your own ghost, but obviously it is not easy to survive this kind of challenge.

There are more than 130 enemies to fight against, each one with its particularities, and in between, 30 dangerous jefazos that will make us enjoy some of the most epic, and also difficult, moments of the whole adventure. They are huge figures, amazing, that denote the passion and effort with which a videogame has been developed that, as I said before, has something that makes it special. You will die, again and again, you will also feel lost, frustrated with some of your challenges, but in one way or another Hollow Knight motivates you to move forward. You always want a little more; explore a new game zone, confront that fearsome enemy that has made you suffer so much, or collect the money necessary to acquire a new gem of power with which to increase the combative skills of the protagonist.

It is vibrant, exciting, a video game that catches you and does not let go until you complete all your challenges. And they are hours of pure action! Of combats without quarter against an army of monsters that never stop, that goes for you tirelessly, harassing you in scenarios of the most varied that are also deadly traps. Rocks that fall unpredictably, worms or carnivorous plants that suddenly emerge from the earth to devour you, pools of acid or flying jellyfish that emit dangerous electric shocks … everything in this dark underground world is there with a single purpose, hinder your progress, but It is so well designed, and it is so fun to face them, that no matter how hard the road is made, you will go through it with a smile on your face. Does everything seen see you? Do you ask for a bigger challenge? Completed the adventure unlocks the modern Game +, which already yes, immerses you in an authentic hell from which it is difficult to escape with life.gem of power

It is vibrant, exciting, a video game that catches you and does not let go until you complete all your challenges.

Someone will miss a deeper combat system, with more options when attacking or defending enemies, but I do not believe Let this be a problem. Less when there are fights that are a pure spectacle; fights in which you will not stop running, jumping, hitting, dodging and using magical powers without a second of respite. There is a lot of epic in this video game that, in the audiovisual, is also wonderful. What can I say? Take a look at the images that accompany this analysis, or enjoy the live streaming of Hollow Knight, because you do not need more to understand how strangely beautiful the video game is. The design of the enemies and, above all, their animations, how they move and respond to our actions, is fantastic; also the variety of locations, how different are the environments through which we move, and the huge amount of detail that we find in them. Almost it looks like a traditional animation film and at least to me, with that, they already win me. The title lands on Nintendo Switch accompanied by three additional content that expands and improves the game experience with more optional bosses among other additions.

The soundtrack is also worthy of praise; it is enigmatic, mysterious, with melodies that transport you to that dark world that seems born from the mind of the filmmaker Tim Burton … but at the same time, it is also beautiful, melancholy, with pieces of great beauty that you sometimes hear for pure pleasure, although you know that around you there are enemies with a thirst for blood. Hollow Knight also has a good translation into Spanish, which is essential to enjoy the lugubrious story that narrates with much mysticism in between. The version of Switch also presents a good performance showing its action at 60fps, and of course, it also stands out for that portable mode that adapts perfectly to the game.

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It may be that at times your action becomes frustrating, or that exploring its colossal underground world is sometimes a torturous experience, but Hollow Knight is a video game so funny, so epic and exciting in its action, that it is difficult to resist the many virtues what he treasures. With an artistic section of enormous quality and an important variety of enemies to fight against, this is one of the best Metroidvania style video games of recent years.

  • Includes DLC and has been improved
  • Challenging, fun, epic and varied in its action
  • Great variety of enemies to fight against
  • The artistic design and the soundtrack
  • A gigantic game world to explore freely …
  • … although you sometimes miss a guide that guides you better
  • More combat options would have made him feel great

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