Analysis of Inked, a puzzle adventure drawn by hand

Written by Kamran Haider

Be a hero … in a world drawn on paper! Intelligent in the design of your puzzles, with an artistic section of great quality and a good background story, in the analysis of Inked we tell you why you should not lose sight of this attractive video game of puzzles and platforms developed by the independent studio Somnium Games.

Iconfess that the initial bars of Inked made me presage the worst. A beautiful video game, incredibly beautiful on an artistic level, which is nothing more than that, a pretty face with little more to offer. I was wrong The more you advance in this puzzle and platform adventure, the more you enjoy the challenging action proposed by the Somnium Games video game. He is intelligent in the design of his puzzle but, more importantly, he knows how to surprise with challenges that force him to think in a different way.

The base is always the same. In the role of an anonymous hero, a samurai in search of the love of his life, we will have to use a magic brush to draw simple geometric figures that will help us overcome the many obstacles that await along the way. At the beginning it will be enough to draw blocks to press switches, build improvised bridges or ramps with which to reach high areas but, little by little, things will get complicated to the point of having to escape from deadly traps, create paths from nowhere with time against us, or discover convoluted scripts watching carefully the beautiful scenarios in which this adventure takes place. Warning, I may become excessively heavy talking about how nice this game is, but I can not help it!

Drawn by hand, with colored pencils or a simple pen, Inked is one of those games that enters through the eyes. Captivate with the beauty of scenarios that, in addition to beautiful, are varied among themselves. There are so many contrasts, so many areas with their own personality, that it is impossible not to get excited with each step you take in an adventure that, if that were not enough, also takes advantage of these locations with such interesting challenges as using currents of water, wind or light to solve your puzzles.

Little by little, the game is expanding its action in an ingenious way.

Some tests may be simple or, sometimes, the solution of some puzzles is not obvious, but there is a lot of charm and talent in a videogame that is also interesting. in the narrative, intertwining the story of the anonymous hero with that of its creator !, a comic artist who will often intervene in history drawing more obstacles or, directly, crushing the canvas with punches and outbursts of anger. Everything has an explanation but, of course, the best thing is that you discover it for yourselves in a video game whose aesthetics have a reason for being. It’s one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most; relate what I see on paper with Adam’s personal history. And it’s worth it.puzzle adventure

A paper samurai

I said it before. The initial bars of Inked can be deceptive. Their challenges are too simple, unimaginative, but little by little the Somnium Games video game expands its action in an ingenious way, posing challenges that will make you smile when you answer.

There is everything, of course, because not all tests are at the same level; there are simple, too typical, but also others that go out of the ordinary or, at least, that are more exciting because of the associated risks. Drowning? One of many possibilities in a game in which it is easy to lose your life … although not always fairly. The position of the camera can make planning difficult, leading us to fall into the abyss if we are not careful; to which we must add a somewhat imprecise control system that can play tricks on us in the moments that require more precision. It can be frustrating if it is true, never to the point of despair.paper samurai

It is interesting in the narrative, intertwining the story of the anonymous hero with that of its creator!

Inked puzzles also present some other action sequences that do not stand out precisely because of their quality. They are fine, to dry, but they contribute little to a video game that becomes strong with its puzzles. At least, yes, when something happens on the tapestry when out of nowhere traps arise or the stage literally turns upside down, it happens for a good reason, it makes sense ! and is one of the great virtues of the video game. Also its ability to do, in a certain sense, a clean slate and a new account. I explain. Although the essence is always the same, that is, using geometric figures to solve puzzles, every time you visit a new region you feel like a child with new shoes. You know that new challenges await you, new ways to overcome obstacles, and finding them is part of the charm.

That’s why you enjoy Inked so much. Their puzzles do not reach the levels of genius and originality of the greatest of the genre but they are intelligent, funny and in many cases also ingenious. They manage to surprise you, put you to the test in different ways, which is always appreciated, and if that were not enough, catch with the beauty of their graphics and the way they tell their story (with translation into Spanish ). They are missing more elaborate challenges, tests that really take advantage of the magic brush with which our anonymous hero travels, but even so this is a work that is left to enjoy.

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There is a lot of charm in the adventure that Inked proposes, a good videogame of puzzles and platforms that surprises for its beautiful artistic section and the way in which it tells its story. Their puzzles, with an attractive and ingenious design, pose the most interesting challenges with which it is difficult not to have a good time, even when sometimes they are simple.

  • The beautiful artistic section that also surprised by the variety of scenarios
  • The story of the anonymous hero and how it relates to that of his creator
  • Smart puzzles, in some cases ingenious …
  • … although more elaborate proofs are missing
  • Control somewhat imprecise. The camera can make the plan difficult

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