Analysis of Intruders: Hide and Seek, a dramatic situation from the eyes of a child

Written by Kamran Haider

The winner of the third edition of the PlayStation Awards finally arrives at PS4. And it does so in the form of an adventure in which stealth … and bewilderment prevail. Analysis of Intruders: Hide and Seek.

Tessera Studios has just launched its Opera Prima, Intruders: Hide and Seek, a quite peculiar title in several aspects that have been designed exclusively for PS4. A fairly ephemeral adventure (I warn you) that, among its strengths, presents a well-worked storyline that becomes one of its main points of interest (at least in my opinion).

The plot takes us to the (in theory) peaceful American town of Long woods, a place where a family will spend a vacation to get away from the city. What happens is that this idyllic plan soon becomes a nightmare of such dimensions.

Shortly after arriving and settling in the mansion that, theoretically, was going to dispense peace and harmony for the family, three strangers assaulted the enclosure and imprisoned the parents. Fortunately, his two sons, Ben and Irene, happened to be inside a panic room hidden in the farm’s garage. And how had they got there? Well, following (or spy, better said) his father, who hides a secret that has to do with his work as a scientific researcher. From there the adventure begins, in which we have to play the role of young Ben while Irene stays inside that room, communicating with us via walkie talkie (do you remember them?) And providing important information.

What are the thugs pursuing? What exactly is the job of the protagonist’s father so that he requires so many security measures? The answer to those questions and others we are discovering as we play … and in about three hours we will have obtained all (or almost all). Yes, that is the approximate duration of Intruders: Hide and Seek, its main drawback, although it can be added some extra time if we want to obtain the collectibles that are scattered around the house (documents and puzzle pieces basically). Of course, at least while it lasts, the gaming experience it provides is worthwhile … especially if we play using PSVR.

Acting in stealth

The more than interesting narrative that I just explained (above, do not fear) and that covers eight brief chapters gives life to a fairly linear and direct adventure in the playable. The stealth is the basis on which such gameplay is built because our task is to go exploring the different rooms while we are fulfilling the relevant tasks to help rescue parents of the protagonist. Finding specific objects, reaching a specific room or finding the password to access a computer are some of the missions we have to carry out. As predictable and simple as functional.

For this purpose we have several “allies”, starting with the size (reduced) of the protagonist, a fact that allows you to hide in a good amount of places like the interior of cupboards and pantries, under chairs and other furniture, etc. And not only that, since it can also sneak in and run through the ventilation ducts and thus go unnoticed.

The game system is as simple as preventing the three assailants who roam the different areas of the mansion to detect our presence. A task that I have not found especially complicated unless you act calmly and head, contemplating the movements and patterns of the adversaries to be able to dodge them with some ease. And what happens if they discover us? Well, it is possible to put feet in dusty and get out to avoid being hunted, being able to bend the nearest corner and hide in a closet or whatever to evade the “Pillado” screen and start from the corresponding control point ( which, by the way, are sometimes not well placed in my opinion). The AI ​​of the rivals is not the most perfect I’ve ever seen, so stealing is not too complicated.This simple scheme of play is well supported by another of the great virtues that this work presents its successful setting

The feeling of immersion increases a lot with PSVR

This simple scheme of play is well supported by another of the great virtues that this work presents: it is a successful setting. The title manages to convey a sense of overwhelm and permanent uneasiness. The fact of not knowing the exact position of the rivals (their position is not marked on the map) until we see them in situ (or we can see the light emitted by the lanterns with which they are equipped) and, also, the fact of experiencing the occasional “prefabricated scare” that the adventure dispenses helps us to be constantly alert.

This feeling is accentuated and extended much more if, as I mentioned before, we play using the peripheral star of PS4: PS VR. The feeling of immersion that gives us the helmet of the virtual reality of this console is, without a doubt, the best way to enjoy the anguish and tension that is able to provide us with this adventure in the first person. It is also possible to choose between several adjustments and options to soften and almost completely mitigate dizziness and other problems that can happen to play with PSVR, which is greatly appreciated. And what happens if we play without said peripheral? Well, I’m not going to cheat you, the adventure is still enjoyable … but nothing is the same.The setting is very successful especially if we play with PSVR

Precisely the ambiance and atmosphere of tension that has been integrated into this production become its main claims from the technical point of view. It is not a top title in this sense or intended, but it is noted that the developers have worked quite this area to maximize the suffocating game experience that is capable of providing the adventure … and, incidentally, hide how humble that facet is a technique in other aspects.

At the sound level, it also has a decisive influence on all this which I am commenting on concerning the sinister atmosphere. The soundtrack fits perfectly with the development (which has been composed by Xabi San Martín), the sound effects are well recreated and the dubbing in Spanish is very good.

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As ephemeral as suggestive. This is Intruders: Hide and Seek, which is the typical title that is able to provide a quality gaming experience while it lasts but that, unfortunately, said enjoyment does not expand much in time (although it is fair to say that its price is quite lower than usual). Suspense, an excellent script and basic game mechanics that work correctly are the pillars that sustain this interesting stealth adventure that, I insist, to be fully enjoyed is almost mandatory (although it really is not) to play through PSVR.

  • The story is frankly good and very well told
  • Great immersion capacity through PSVR
  • Although predictable, the game formula based on stealth works correctly
  • Excellent soundtrack and dubbing in Spanish
  • It lasts a sigh: in an afternoon you will overcome it
  • Without PSVR the experience is enjoyable … but it has nothing to do
  • The behavior of the assailants is not the smartest we have ever experienced

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