Analysis of Ion Fury, a worthy heir of Duke Nukem

Ion Fury
Written by Kamran Haider

Duke Nukem 3D style action. In Ion Fury’s analysis, you will see that the new 3DRealms shooting videogame is a great tribute to the action classics that were released in the 1990s. Frantic fighting, explosions and fast-paced action. These are the keys to the hitherto known as Ion Maiden.

You run, aim and … BAM !; You almost died without realizing it. So frantic and brutal is the action of Ion Fury, a first-person shooter that admirably recreates the thrilling shootings of classics such as Duke Nukem, Blood, Shadow Warrior and many other great titles of the nineties. You move so fast and there is such chaos around you that you will believe you are unable to survive such hell. But you do it, and you enjoy it because the new work of 3D Realms and the independent studio Voidpoint is a worthy heir of all those great works that defined the genre of action twenty years ago. It is pure adrenaline; a festival of shots and explosions with which it is difficult not to have fun. You run, aim and now you shoot like a madman while dozens and dozens of enemies cross your path just to get shot in the face that turns them into a bloody pulp. And so for hours.

You will not have a second of respite in a video game that looks and plays like the classics it inspires. It’s like going back in time; Returning to a time when the shooters forced you to move with a devilish speed while shooting almost instinctively, without thinking, stopping even if it was a few moments meant in most causes instantaneous death. That’s why Ion Fury goes straight to the heart of the most nostalgic players; of those who grew up with the classics of Id Software or 3D Realms. Here you will find a faithful reflection of the time that has even adopted the graphic technology of the memorable Duke Nukem 3D to be more authentic if possible; a “BUILD Engine with steroids “that still looks really good two decades later. So yes, of course, if you bet on Ion Fury you will have a great time, although the new 3D Realms sometimes sins of lack of ambition and stays, at best, as a great tribute to the action classics and little else.

Swallow lead, cabr **

If this is the first time you play a shooter of the nineties, it will surely surprise you and much the fast-paced Ion Fury action. From the first minute, the enemies will assault you in a group, from all directions, while running, jumping, dodging and shooting like an authentic expert. And there are few feelings more rewarding than that. Enter a room full of enemies and, in seconds, kill them all using explosives, shotguns or even two submachine guns capable of setting fire to their victims. Formerly known as Ion Maiden, the Voidpoint video game is pure adrenaline. Do not stop for a second. You always have something to shoot at, which helps you enjoy the experience immensely.

Everything is so old-school, so Duke Nukem 3D, that it costs not to get excited when you accidentally bump into one of the many hidden secret areas on each level or pick up that color card with which you will make your way through some labyrinths scenarios that stand out for their good level design. Lacking originality in the initial stages of the adventure, you will soon begin to fight in increasingly fun, more unexpected places, where you will soon be immersed in shooting, such as diving, jumping or even solving simple puzzles based on the use of switches. Too bad that Ion Fury does not seek to surprise more with this kind of situations outside the combat because there comes a point where you feel that the action is always the same. Kill, kill and kill while you move on, without thinking; Run and shoot everything that moves.Swallow lead

You always have something to shoot at, which helps you enjoy the experience a lot.

Of course, the shootings are great and perfectly recreate the sensations of classics like Duke Nukem 3D, but while the 3D Realms game left you stunned with their hoes Firearms, Ion Fury’s arsenal falls short. There is variety, yes, and the most important thing is that they all have utility; you will use them again and again during all missions. The downside is that they are too typical. Except for the grenades you throw as if they were a bowling ball, or cluster mines, which will display a rain of fire around them, the rest of the weapons are the usual ones in any shooting game. The revolver, for example, has a secondary attack that is fantastic: you can mark targets and exterminate them in a second; but that’s it The shotgun is what it is, machine guns are what they are, and so on with everything.

While Ion Fury keeps the interest high during the nearly ten hours it can take to complete the main story, something else is missing in the shootings, in the design of the missions, in the enemies you face. Start strong, presenting every few minutes to a new rival to duel … and after that hours fighting against the same monsters. Luckily, in the final stretch of the game, new rivals begin to emerge and the action is animated in a bestial way. Also in the final stages, the stage design itself improves significantly with more convoluted, more interesting environments, which make it necessary to explore and pay close attention to find the right path.

I cannot deny that I had a great time annihilating hundreds of enemies in Ion Fury, but it is also true that the Voidpoint game does not end up reaching the levels of quality of those great classics in which it is inspired. It is a great tribute, a title that any fan of retro action should play, but I feel that he has lacked some more ambition to take a step forward and surprise with new challenges even being faithful to the essence of the originals. And if not, at least, be more ingenious in the challenges it proposes. The rhythm of the action is thrilling, it stands out for its good level design and even presents battles against bosses who are not bad at all, which are fun; but something is missing from Ion Fury to finish consolidating his commitment to the 90’s action.

It’s a great tribute, a title that any fan of retro action should play.

The good news is that Ion Fury includes a level editor so that more creative users can create their own game scenarios. And this can obviously give us hours and hours of additional play. The story? You will have noticed that I have not spoken anything about her but sincerely, there is little to say. An evil scientist has released an army of monstrous creatures on Earth, and Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison must end all of them based on shots, explosions, and insults. There is no more, but neither does he need it; With the hilarious comments of the heroine, you can laugh at yourself while massacring hundreds of enemies. In this sense, and within the cutrez that frames the story, Ion Fury has some apotheosis moments, such as when the protagonist encounters a new type of enemy, a monstrous one, and her reaction is to say: “I had never seen anything so horrible. A man without poll * “. This is the tone, and it is one of the reasons why you will enjoy Ion Fury so much.

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With a thrilling pace of action and good level design, Ion Fury will have a great time shooting at the hundreds and hundreds of enemies that will cross your path. It is a non-stop of shots, explosions, and insults that faithfully reflects the sensations experienced in classics such as Duke Nukem 3D, but the game of 3D Realms and Voidpoint has lacked some more originality when it comes to posing their challenges, which sometimes sin of being something repetitive. In spite of everything, it is a retro action game that is worth it.

  • A worthy heir to the action of Duke Nukem 3D and Blood
  • The frenetic pace of action; you won’t stop for a second
  • Good level design, with lots of secret areas to explore
  • The arsenal is fine but more original weapons are missing
  • The fighting can become somewhat repetitive. More puzzles and enemies would have suited him

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