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Kirby Star Allies
Written by Kamran Haider

Kirby arrives to fatten (and get fat) the Nintendo Switch catalog with another of his adventures. He does it in his best-known field, the platform, with an adventure that is not alone but in the company of those who had always been his enemies. Moral: your love can with everything … and it is possible that you too.

Perhaps the best approach from which to focus an analysis of Kirby Star Allies resides in evaluating what the user expects from his proposal. I say this mainly because, at this point, I doubt that anyone will think about the pink ball and will come to his memories of great platform challenges, capable of making them sweat because of the difficulty. It has always been about rather relaxed titles, a feast of amorousness both visual and playable.

This new title for Nintendo Switch does not leave this conception. It is a friendly game, which is noted to be made to enjoy in the company of the smallest in the house. It is not a bad thing. As I commented recently in the playable impressions of Kirby Star Allies, I’ve always believed that there is a video game for every moment, and without a doubt, this Kirby is indicated to play with the family, with the couple, and if you hurry with friends. It is not a difficult game, nor does it pretend to be. It does not pretend to reward the lonely player for his great feats, but to encourage him to relax, share some Joy-Con, and open his heart to the nice character of HAL Laboratory.

It is not kitsch. Much of the interest in this saga has been that, in one way or another, you like Kirby and the aesthetic associated with it: a rainbow of sensations in which, now, hearts predominate. At the press of a button, our character releases his infinite feelings of friendship towards his enemies, causing them to join his cause. In the background (and this is the beauty) is something like a message of thanks to more than 25 years of history. However, and far from the playable kindness of the game, which is not criticized in itself, what is missing is more desire to innovate, to propose another turn of the screw. In this sense, Kirby Star Allies seems content to please those who arrive new, without taking too much into account those who have loved him for so long.

Pure love playable

Kirby Star Allies looks a lot like previous video games of the franchise. It swallows enemies, copies their skills and advances through vertical and lateral “scroll” platform levels. It is a design of levels “made in Kirby” of all life. The novelty is that now we can be accompanied by up to three characters controlled by AI, which can also be handled by players, giving a maximum of four participants via local.Pure love playable

Kirby Star Allies is a friendly game made to enjoy in the company of the youngest of the house.

The solitary experience is not recommended, due to the lack of pace and challenges. Really when the game begins to be worthwhile is when they begin to join the game other players. The reason is completely logical and has much to do with the ability to socialize this type of experience. The local cooperative is currently undervalued in the industry, but luckily Nintendo is one of the developers that still rely on this form of offline gaming. It is important. The simple realization of comments on the game already brings many things to the experience, and this Kirby – like the previous ones – is very grateful for this type of interaction.

This does not mean that lonely user should abandon the idea of ​​playing Kirby Star Allies, but it is clear that they have not been the goal of the developers. Not at least during the main adventure. It can be finished in 5-6 hours without major problems, and the collectibles do not involve more complications. There is a puzzle that requires the use of a certain skill, but in general, everything is quite affordable. It would be quite benevolent to talk about the difficulty curve since I arrived with more than 100 lives on the credit screen.

Only once the game is over are a couple of options for users looking for something more … The first of these post-game options is a time trial mode in which we overcome a series of chosen levels, accumulating power-ups, and this is interesting. There is one that increases speed, another attack, and one more resistance. With them, the game becomes more intense. The second of the options is the typical time-attack against bosses, one after the other, with the peculiarity that we can choose between several degrees of challenge. A pair of competitive minigames are presented, for up to four participants, but so ephemeral that it is not worth stopping in them.

The global experience gives more than ten hours, which is equivalent to a few afternoons, but it is convenient to remember that Kirby Star Allies is more oriented to users who want to enjoy in the company, without pretensions. Maybe many of you here are not interested in something like that, but I can assure you that there are many houses where this type of proposal fits perfectly. Of course, what can not be ignored, and this is the most criticized, is that this Kirby has not managed to take a step further in the series: in fact, it contributes very little.

The transformations of Kirby and his friends (circle of friendship, friendship train, friendship ladder, friendship ship …) are the most noteworthy at the level of news, but it stays there … Really where the game is most surprising is in its section audiovisual. Graphically it is a parade of situations with a fascinating color combination, something that has always been key in this license. The taste is huge, and within the same world, we have a diversity of scenarios, which speaks very well of the effort devoted to artistic terms.

Exactly the same thing happens with music, which is exceptional. Some melodies remain for the memory, and we do not doubt that in future videogames they take advantage, because the work is splendid. There are new compositions for the most part, but also other resampleadas of classic video games. In general, we follow a line of songwriting that knows how to accompany the beauty of situations, but that is not cut off by proposing moving themes and with hints of epicity.

In the end, you can not say that Kirby Star Allies is a bad video game, far from it. It has the quality of HAL Laboratory’s own productions, although in this case it should be asked for greater involvement and risk capacity. In this sense, we are facing a very conservative production, which continues to eat the same. And we all know that a good diet is based on variety, and why not: try new things. If not, let them tell the good Kirby …

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Kirby Star Allies adds one more adventure of the pink ball to its long trajectory, but … does it justify its presence? Maybe it does not contribute much, and is conservative in its proposal, becoming a somewhat flat video game, with no challenges for the lonely user. However, it is a recommendable experience if you play in the company, thanks to a cooperative that gives for a few afternoons of enjoyment, more if you like the character of Kirby and everything it represents.

  • Good cooperative experience: the best of the title by far.
  • Interesting post-game content, with a higher level of challenge.
  • The modeling of characters and scenarios is a delight.
  • Great work in a matter of melodies: quantity and variety.
  • The challenge is virtually non-existent during the main adventure.
  • It innovates very little within the Kirby platform formulator.

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