Analysis of Laser League, a sport as vertiginous as lethal

Written by Kamran Haider

There are times when the best experience is that which is capable of offering a game centered exclusively on the fun, challenge and the most classic values ​​that the videogame can offer. In this analysis of the Laser League, we show you how is the new roll7 game that bets on competition in this kind of futuristic sport as vertiginous as lethal.

It is likely that Laser League is generating less noise than it deserves. When I was able to try it for the first time at E3 last year, the game was already shining with that kind of fun that is only capable of getting the games capable of seating four players on a sofa. Seeing some images or even some videos, I understand that it is not easy to capture the concept at first and that its minimalist graphics do not attract the global calculation of players. Therefore, perhaps, the game includes the word League in its name, as a wake-up call, a drowned cry, to explain the type of sensations that you will have in this game, when compared directly to Rocket League , a success born from the mouth to mouth, to which the work of roll7 aspires.

For those of you who do not know about this study, maybe if I mention OlliOlli and Not a Hero, I will get more attention. What I want to say is that these guys are not novices, precisely, and they show it by creating simple and effective mechanics that hook up right away. Two teams must eliminate their rivals by activating a series of moving laser panels, making them shine in their color and in their favor. Any contact with these lasers is lethal and the longer the game lasts, the more screen they occupy and the harder it is to get rid of them.

Under this premise, a completely effective set of rules is created. You can go through the wall to appear on the opposite as if it were a Pac-Man. You can resuscitate a partner by going where he has fallen. The panels are activated at a specific point and a lot of tension is generated when two players go to it at the same time. The great differentiating element is customizable powers. Each of the participants can have a special advantage, which recharges over time: a stunning halo, momentary invulnerability, some nodes to change the color of the laser, a shield that pushes the opponent, a lethal laser that teleports and a saber that annihilates the opponent are just some of the first skills that we can get between 16 with different modifiers.

His style loaded with neon colors can not help coping with the chaos on the screen.

The use of each of these skills according to the chosen stadium and the enhancers of your teammates is key to survival since they define your strategy. The skill score physical allows you to attack the opponent and destabilize your game, while also serves to defend the death points of a rival so that it can not be revived. Some avoid the approach, changing the tables and others rely on the panel game. At first, the effects of these enhancers may seem minimal, but after my first hours of play, I was realizing that it is a defining element, and probably its correct balance has been one of the factors that have had to review the study.

Neon sportNeon sport

The other great element of the Laser League is artificial intelligence. When we play an offline game or the server does not find enough players, he must fill in the rest of the team with rivals and teammates controlled by the machine. At first I thought that this could take a lot of fun out of the game, and it is true that some of it are there, but Roll7 has managed to polish the behavior of artificial intelligence to the point that it is really useful and behaves like a skilled player, capable to rescue us if we have made a mistake and to keep very much in mind even if we have knocked down the opposite human.

What I find most interesting about Laser League is its variety of stadiums. It has not been satisfied with a standard one but includes many of them that also have variations in their systems of laser panels. All of them are thought very carefully so that some create panels that urge us to be constantly moving, they attack us as if they were shots, they try to corral us and others are born from a specific point and expand. The strategy for each one of them is different, and the skills of our participants play a crucial role, again, since we will have to choose well which is more suited to each situation and stage.

Not everything is perfect in Laser League, because his style loaded with neon colors cannot help coping with the chaos on the screen that can be produced, especially when there are more players. In a classic of 3 against 3, which would be the average level of players, the chaos is already quite incipient as the laser panels are activated. At a point in the game, it can be difficult to detect not only all the threats but even in which position of the screen you are.

The enhancers are recharged and, for you to remember to use them, there is a white bar in the character that is being filled. In the PlayStation 4 version, even, the DualShock itself makes a grotesque and thunderous noise to remind you that you can use it, although we miss some clearer way of knowing when a teammate has died, because when we play online or with AI and we do not have a friend on the couch shouting “Rescue me!” It is certainly difficult to realize while you are dodging the surge of lasers from the rival.

He said at the beginning of this analysis that Laser League is generating little noise and that is undoubtedly one of the elements that most plays against him. In the PC version, there is something more of an abundance of players, but the first days of PlayStation 4 have involved long waits to get the game that has ended normally with the meeting of a single player and the rest of the fields filled by artificial intelligence. And while my words to AI have been really good, it’s simply not the same as enjoying human players.offline games

The behavior of artificial intelligence is very successful

Although it has offline games and a slow but effective tutorial, it is clear that Laser League is a game to play strictly online or locally and having tried both variants, it is also one of those games in the that you immediately miss the cries, complaints and other exclamations at each play, so I understand that it is aimed at a very specific product. If you meet this type of profile, however, you and your friends will have a great time with Laser League, because it needed one of those games pure, fast, sofa and screaming, which is enjoyed further away from the coldness of the high positions of the world rankings. Now, all you need is noise.

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Laser League is a great fast and fun proposal that, although it is not relegated exclusively to the multiplayer, it is enjoyed much more in the company. Frenzied games, with a clear sports halo and focused on skill, reflexes and the mantra of “easy to play, difficult to master”.

  • Wide variety of stadiums and events
  • Well balanced in terms of skills and artificial intelligence
  • Fresh, original and fun
  • Something chaotic when many lasers and players come together on the screen
  • Its minimalist style makes the abundant customization is little showy

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