Analysis of Last Day of June. Dramatic Sensitivity

Dramatic Sensitivity
Written by Kamran Haider

The graphic adventures receive another new representative of the genre, The Last Day of June, a title that tries to touch the user’s sensitive fiber through a quite tender story. We analyze if it succeeds.

Grim Fandango (what memories…), Broken Sword, Monkey Island, Disco World, King´s Quest… Did I mention Grim Fandango, my favorite? Graphic adventures have lived much better times than they have to go through today, there is no doubt about that. But fortunately for some time now, the genre is beginning to revitalize, something to which the Ovosonico Games studio tries to contribute its sand. Last Day of June is the name of its contribution and although it is not the best exponent of its genre and, in addition, its playability differs somewhat from the usual in this field (it is more open and in 3D), it is a Remarkable title, even for the hair.

Yes, this work is neither the longest, nor the one that best puzzles offer us, nor, the one that delights us with a greater number of varied situations. In fact, the latter is one of its main drawbacks, in my opinion, redundancy. But it is also true that it has a series of qualities that are difficult to ignore, such as its curious aesthetic (which may not convince everyone but it is undoubtedly original) or its history, very “sensitive” at best senses.

Although its title can lead to some confusion (I thought June referred to the name of the month of June in English), the truth is that this is the name of the protagonist’s wife … who dies in an accident. Precisely the story revolves around such a tragedy since his spouse, Carl, is unable to assimilate such loss and, in fact, manages to turn around what happened. And how is that possible? Well, through dreams or memories that result in the precious moments of such a fatal accident, but from different points of view.

Intertwining puzzles and stories

The premise on which this adventure is based is as simple as that of trying, by all means, to change the past so that the accident never takes place and, as a consequence, June remains next to Carl.

The way to do it is to roll back to the moments before the tragedy comes upon us but, instead of controlling Carl, the way to fix what happened is by assuming the role of other characters, four in this case: the kid, Carl’s great friend, the old man, and the hunter. Four interconnected stories that pursue the same goal but which, in turn, obviously provide us with different perspectives … but the same game idea.

The puzzles and the observation of the different objects that come together in the sets become the pillars that shape the gameplay. One after another, our task is to solve each other to move forward in history and discover how certain events have an impact on the final goal. Simple and not too original, the grace of this title does not lie so much in the playable base itself, lived dozens of times before, as in what each of the “minifases” brings with it, so to describe them and check the effects that occur in the future of June.puzzles and stories

Its dramatic story is its highlight.

It is true that some of these puzzles have certainly seemed interesting to me, but in general, they do not stand out too much. And it is also fair to point out that none of them (with some exceptions) pose a challenge. In fact, I dare to label the Last Day of June as short and affordable, being two of its most negative points that add to the aforementioned shortage of ideas in the variety of situations it raises. But with everything and with that, it is an adventure that leaves you with a pleasant memory for certain “circumstances” that have to do with its narrative and, given the genre to which this work belongs, this seems like a great virtue.

That is why I understand that this Ovosonic story will not make everyone enjoy its unique characteristics and idiosyncrasy. To claim otherwise would be to lie. It is a title that will attract the attention of the most sensitive players, those who are looking for a quiet, affordable adventure and that tells a dramatic story. That is done very well by the Last Day of June, being the terrain in which more and better shines.

It is also an adventure endowed with a lot of artistic personalities. It is the typical work that does not stand out for its graphic power but for its excellent aesthetic line. The curious and striking appearance of the characters (bigheads and very thin) is complemented by very high finesse and sensitivity when it comes to capturing the video scenes that are seen from time to time. A really good artistic work that, in addition, has been graced by a very appropriate soundtrack. The effects go to the background and remain almost in a marginal role, but neither does it matter. As a whole, it is a work that treasures a great personality.

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Ephemeral and not too varied in its proposal and game mechanics, the Last Day of June manages to overcome these problems by posing a plot that comes to touch our sensitive fiber. In addition, its aesthetic is unmistakable and some of the many puzzles that invite us to overcome have quite a crumb. It is not the panacea of ​​graphic adventures but, despite that, it is one of those titles that have good times. Short but intense.

  • The plot is quite worked and has its point of drama
  • A large number of puzzles, some very good
  • His artistic line is original and striking
  • Four different but intertwined stories
  • It is a very short and quite easy adventure
  • A greater variety of situations is missing

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