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Layers of Fear Legacy
Written by Kamran Haider

Terror invades Nintendo Switch. After reaching the success in multiple platforms, in the analysis of Layers of Fear, we tell you how it was seated to this adventure of terror in the first person its passage to the hybrid console of Nintendo. With an attractive staging and an interesting plot background, will you dare to face the terror proposed by this Bloober Team video game?

Good times are coming for the terror fans in Nintendo Switch, which in addition to several titles of the Resident Evil saga can already enjoy Layers of Fear: Legacy , which has been one of the most popular horror adventures of recent years, waiting to receive also in March the remarkable Detention, another horror game worthy of praise. But today in 3DJuegos it’s time to review the benefits of a video game that premieres in the hybrid console with its additional episode, Inheritance, which adds about an hour of extra game to a really interesting video game, although as we mentioned in its day, such time lacking that spark that lifts it to the top of the genre. It’s a shame seeing their potential and what time later the Bloober Team would do with their latest work, as we told you in the Observer analysis. But what do Layers of Fear offers?

To talk about this project it is important to understand why a demo like PT reached such popularity, because more than likely, Layers of Fear would not have seen the light without the canceled Silent Hills. PT I managed to instill fear with an approach as basic as a corridor, an elegant set of doors that do not give the same place and a few puzzles that created threads and threads of theories on the Internet to see how to find the key. And the most curious of all is that Silent Hills would not stay in that, but Layers of Fear has picked up this small legacy to offer a complete experience. One that is closer to the Walking Simulator than the Survival Horror, it has to be said, where death does not exist nor bullets have a place and where exploration is everything.

Brushstrokes of terror

It is closer to the Walking Simulator than to the Survival Horror, where exploration is everything.

Layers of Fear focuses its attention on the scare, on the ” jump scare ” of the circumstances, rather than on its narrative, told with notes and documents of a too classic style, which does not let us deeply draw the psyche of its protagonists. It is a way of telling the story perfectly valid, but there is too much arbitrariness when it comes to distributing them across the stage. And when a title of these characteristics you lower the quality of your story to focus on ingenious scripts of a horror story, what you have left is a train of the witch. A corridor to cross in which to wait for the next scare. If it’s what you’re looking for, welcome to this strange mansion, where we will visit the life and memories of a painter and his tragic history. But if what you are looking for is the most organic horror, the one that is not so orchestrated and that is produced in a mixture of fear of the unknown, of what lurks behind the corner, of death that delays your steps and of the monster that You do not see, here you will not find any of that.Brushstrokes of terror

There are certain inducements, fortunately. Moments in which a second game makes us discover that we can take another path that unlocks another situation; or avoid a kind of “death” if we perform the correct action. They are minimal, but they are there. But beyond this, Layers of Fear is presented as a linear experience, one that will not last more than two or three hours depending on how long we stop by opening doors and drawers. And believe us: you will open many doors and drawers. Where Layers of Fear shines the most is, undoubtedly, at those programmed moments. We may not be caught by surprise and open a door and find another room to which we have come, or turn around to see how the set has changed. Even some situations are as classic as the ball that falls down a few steps and the rocking chair that moves alone; but advanced a little more we will find other moments much more intense that, although they abuse the easy fright and the high sound, they generate certain tension or, at least, discomfort.

Nor are there many puzzles that make things difficult for us. And except for one in the last bars, all are focused on finding out a combination or a specific number based on exploring the scenario. Something that does not present many inconveniences and will allow us to continue advancing. No matter how much inspiration there is in Kojima’s experiment, here you will not see bizarre situations to do in millimeter precision, nor steps to follow to make a baby laugh. The moments that can cause the most problems is not seeing a small object in a room or looking at the right place. Or, in the specific case of Nintendo Switch, problems derived from not very precise use of the control by movements that, on the one hand, take great advantage of the HD vibration of JoyCon, but it does not always make it easier for us to open doors or drawers. Sometimes it’s a nightmare!

The inclusion of the DLC Inheritance helps to make this game more attractive, allowing us to explore the mansion from a different perspective, that of the protagonist’s daughter, delving into some of the most interesting themes of this dark universe of terror that Bloober Team promises to return in the future, because they assure that the history of Layers of Fear will continue in the future, it is not known if with a new package of additional contents or with a completely original videogame.

Layers of Fear: Legacy brings out, for the most part, a great match to the HD vibration of the Joy-con

Technically, Layers of Fear complies without much fanfare. His commitment to the Unity graphics engine leaves us with a video game that surprises us for its fabulous work with lighting and the quality of its textures, but in the case of Nintendo Switch, we encounter some slowdown that at certain moments can hinder the departure. Being interior and in linear development, they can allow more spectacle, and in this sense it gives. Perhaps, the biggest defect is the repetition of materials and even some rooms when the house begins to be labyrinthine.

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Layers of Fear is a well-executed title, which bets on linearity and scares rather than psychological terror. Due to this development and the fact that the punishment of death does not really exist, we have not felt so much that feeling of anguish that a genre aficionado is looking for. But his biggest stumbling block is a story that could have given more of itself as it was told, to enjoy more of this “house of terror” beyond going through it. The inclusion of DLC Inheritance helps to give more value to the game but is still somewhat below the largest in the genre.

  • A game that catches and immerses you in its dark universe of terror
  • The artistic design of some of the “situations” that occur is very successful
  • Short, with few replay options
  • The story could have deepened more, helping our involvement
  • Some slowdowns that may hinder the action

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