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Mysterious Journey
Written by Kamran Haider

The magnificent series of adventures and puzzles with high doses of detective, Professor Layton, returns to the Nintendo laptop. And it does it with a conversion of the same title that we already enjoyed a while ago in mobile systems. We analyze this new work by Level-5.

We are many who think that Professor Layton is one of the best sagas ever conceived for portable consoles. This franchise, which debuted more than a decade ago (at least in Japan) with the great Professor Layton and the Mysterious Villa on Nintendo DS, has managed to attract the attention of a wide number of players of all ages and archetypes, an achievement that few games manage to materialize.

Level-5 now presents its new installment for 3DS, The Mysterious Journey of Layton: Katrielle and the Conspiracy of Millionaires, a title that appeared a while ago on mobile devices getting rave reviews. An adventure that presents several important innovations that are inserted into a game structure quite similar to that experienced in previous titles.

The most important of all these innovations have to do with its new (or new, rather) protagonist. As the name suggests, this time the legendary Professor Layton is left out of the equation, the main role that in this case is taken up by Katrielle (or Kat as they all end up calling her). And who is this young woman? Well, the daughter of that character, which is a guarantee of insight, intelligence … and fun.

Mysteries in London

The plot takes us to the English city of London, where Katrielle opens its own detective agency. And what is your first client? Well, a certain Sherl who, far from being a typical customer, is a talking dog! A character that fits perfectly with what Level-5 usually offers us in their productions, since as many of you already know this company loves to profile characters of all but conventional. Thanks to this, he manages to give his works a special character and charm that we normally do not find in most games.

With this in mind, I’m sure you can already imagine what the rest of the game can bring us. Cases very curious and not at all serious, that yes, we provide many hours of fun, more than usual in this saga, being the most graceful delivery in this regard and can keep us busy for more than 15 hours perfectly.

Most of the time we spend in front of this adventure we do solve the great number of puzzles proposed by the game and, also, contemplating a wide range of dialogues. Conversations have always been an important part of this saga but I warn you that in this case, the talks between the different protagonists monopolize much prominence, maybe too much, because for my taste sometimes slow down somewhat the pace at which the game, very paused already in itself. It is not that it is a problem in itself, but the succession of so many conversations may be a bit choking on fewer patient users. Of course, these dialogues are quite good and, of course, have been dubbed and translated into our language, as model

his game model is no longer surprising, but it is still very entertaining.

The other fundamental pillar on which this adventure rests are the puzzles, a classic feature in this franchise that for many of us is where the grace of the different installments of the series resides Layton. The amount that Level-5 has introduced in this production is really incredible, far exceeding the number integrated into the previous editions (and that were not few precisely in any of them). There are also all kinds: of pure logic, those in which we must deduce an answer, in others we must manipulate objects …

Perhaps the most veteran of this saga finds many of the puzzles proposed by this edition somewhat repetitive or, rather, unimaginative in relation to those exposed in previous installments. But in spite of that, the vast majority of them have their grace, especially if we try to solve them without using any clue to obtain as many Picarats as possible. A challenge at the height of the most patient players and, why not say it, smart.

What else does this adventure offer us? Well, the usual. The scenarios hide clues and certain important objects that we must investigate, being necessary to use the touch screen for this purpose, which is the key to practically everything we have to do in the game, including puzzles. It is also possible to participate in certain minigames, change clothes to the protagonist, look for collectibles hidden in the backgrounds, play the puzzles that we have previously unlocked … The gameplay is not surprising but still very entertaining. A safe bet for fans of this franchise and a new opportunity to go into it to all who have not yet enjoyed it.

Also note that The Mysterious Journey of Layton: Katrielle and the Conspiracy of the Millionaires is a game very careful in everything related to its aesthetics. The video scenes are done in an excellent way and they narrate the plot and what is happening in each of the cases in which we see ourselves enrolled in a sensational way. The appearance of the characters is also very successful and they are all perfectly distinguishable, while the stages enjoy a significant level of detail and color. It is true that compared to the graphic quality observed in the edition for mobile terminals (at least the high end) this version loses for obvious reasons, but nevertheless, it is a very careful game in its aesthetic plot.

The same happens with its sound section, which becomes one of the great claims of this adventure. All the dialogues have been dubbed into our language in an admirable way and, as I have told you before, there are not few precisely those that take place throughout the game. The effects are not bad either, and the soundtrack gives us joyful melodies, mostly combined with other “serious” melodies that can be noticed in certain situations.

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Without being the most outstanding delivery, nor, the most innovative of the series, Level-5 has wanted to rejuvenate its franchise by providing it with a pair of transcendental innovations like its new protagonist, the daughter of Professor Layton. The puzzles continue being one of the keys on which the title is supported, although on this occasion the conversations between the protagonists have gained much weight, perhaps too much. All in all, it is a very appealing and recommendable title for any user.

  • A large number of well-crafted puzzles
  • A large number of very flashy characters
  • The dubbing is sensational, of the best of Nintendo 3DS
  • The dialogues may be too long
  • Some puzzles are too much seen

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