Analysis of Little Misfortune, the naive childish look

Written by Kamran Haider

Little Misfortune does not have an easy life. But things are definitely not going to change for the better. Even so, he decides to play a strange game where the final prize is eternal happiness. Will you achieve your goal? We discovered it in the Little Misfortune analysis.

The Killmonday studio seems to be establishing a pattern with its video games. Fran Bow has already turned out to be a disturbing adventure that used contrasts to build his macabre history and Little Misfortune drinks a lot from the study’s previous work to create his own. The truth is that it is not a style that lavishes a lot by a medium like videogames, but in contrast to an almost colorful cartoon style, with pastel tones, to a sinister approach, it establishes a base, at least, attractive.

Thus, the life of Little Misfortune is always composed of this collision of sensations in the player. On the one hand, you see this cute girl named Misfortune, “made a whole lady, that’s what I am,” speaking directly to the player and telling with all her naivety how dysfunctional her family is. Remember how his father beat his mother and how his mother loves to drink those “juices” while she throws glitter on the scene as a remedy for happiness. Everything is fixed with a little glitter.

Killmonday’s work is always like this, throwing direct messages to the screen and breaking the fourth wall every time he has occasion. The narrator will not take more than two sentences to address you directly as a player. But something unexpected happens, little Misfortune is also able to hear this voice, and so a dialogue is formed that will accompany the rest of the adventure. The narrator proposes a small game. Guide Misfortune to a specific destination, where you will receive eternal happiness as a reward. Along the way we will have to make small decisions, sometimes more unconsciously than others, to guide the steps of the naive girl too.

Break the fourth wall every time you have a chance

It shows that Little Misfortune is written conscientiously to tender the player. The monologues of the little protagonist are little less than adorable and constant use is made of her innocence to bring her to the most strange and inhospitable situations. And excuse me that it is being something cryptic, but the game is so short (it will only last about 2 or 3 hours, although it can be taken another turn if you are curious enough) that any more information on my part would make you suspect too much of The plot intentions.

Little Misfortune, the raw and adorable reality

Suffice it to say that Little Misfortune is a simple adventure, perhaps even more so than Fran Bow, where beyond making small decisions and investigating elements of the stage to listen to the girl’s opinion, there is not much else to do. There are no puzzles or any kind of mechanics that liven up the story because in Killmonday the goal is exclusive to take you by the hand for this curious and somewhat surreal journey. I don’t even think there is a big differentiating element in the decisions you make. Yes, it dramatically influences the end, but the game never tries to put you on the right track, beyond maintaining a certain coherence between your thoughts, the cause, and the effect. He even tells us directly that maxim that made the Witcher saga a bit his own, with his “there are no good or bad decisions, only consequences.”

But with everything, although Little Misfortune has been interesting to me, I think I have not been completely captivated by him, beyond any of its premises. As we progress and we are really seeing what is the mystery that surrounds the whole adventure, we do not see any background behind, for all the suggestive topics that he seems to want to deal with. You will see: throughout the adventure that our protagonist lives, barely eight years old, really shocking things will happen. From telling us the terrible family relationship, such as witnessing deaths, completely quirky and magical scenes or showing the rest of the inhabitants hide their sadness or happiness behind masks that they can comfortably acquire in a store. But,Although it explores important issues, our path continues, immutable, almost as if it were a safari, with little real impact on the small Misfortune or the player himself. It feels, after all, as a lost opportunity. A kind of museum of social horrors to which Misfortune throws glitter with a button and little else.adorable reality

It shows that Little Misfortune is written conscientiously to tender the player.

There is some intentionality in all this, I do not deny it. A style that hides this little game that, despite its apparent simplicity, can connect with many players. It probably has a lot to do with recreation and especially the voice of the Misfortune itself and also the narrator (called Mr. Voces directly) who manage to generate an atmosphere of macabre and “cute” story as rarely seen on the screen. But it is perhaps the fact that it is such an intimate and personal game that does not make it easy for a critic. Because does its history and atmosphere favor the almost complete absence of mechanics or would they have helped to better convey the message? Do you even want to solve the questions that you raise or just want to show a harsh reality to which the only way to respond by children is to try to fix everything with kisses and glitter?

Therefore, there is no other way to get an idea of ​​what Little Misfortune is than to play Little Misfortune for yourself. Go through its simple scenarios, see the world through the eyes of this charming girl while imitating powerful ninjas or talking with her toys, with anthropomorphic foxes and with the narrator himself, and then deciding if there is anything else in Killmonday’s work that the tired population, after their masks of happiness, is unable to understand.

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Little Misfortune introduces us to a lovely girl and the particular vision of the world through her eyes. An atypical game that flees from any type of mechanics beyond going forward, observing the sinister world around us and making small decisions that will decide the future of the adventure. But the important thing is not the end, but the way, and I fear that there is no other way than to travel it by yourself to get an idea of ​​what the final experience will be like.

  • Little Misfortune girl is lovely, with a voice that gives her a lot of personalities.
  • The macabre contrast between hard and cruel situations under a prism of naivety and childish charm.
  • At times, you don’t know exactly where the video game wants to point with its story.
  • Its simplicity is commendable, but sometimes it plays against it and fails to arouse the player’s interest.

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