Analysis of Little Witch Academy, exploration, magic and pitched battles

Little Witch Academy
Written by Kamran Haider

The series created by Yoh Yoshinari makes the leap to PS4 and PC with Bandai Namco. A video game in beat’em up with an entertaining story designed for the viewers of the series. Analysis of Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time.

Affirm that Little Witch Academy is one of Bandai Namco’s best-known sagas would be lying, not even those related to manganime franchises. Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and others have certainly more weight and notoriety than this creation of Yoh Yoshinari. But since it is currently possible to enjoy the animated series on Netflix, its popularity has grown a lot in recent times.

That’s why we are not surprised to find this production for PS4 and PC, a title that puts us squarely in the life of the main protagonist of the game (and the series): Akko. This young witch apprentice and idolater of the well-known witch Shiny Chariot spends her time inside a very special academy called New Moon. A place where only girls who want to enter the field of magic to become witches will stop.

And what is happening inside him to give rise to this adventure? Well, as its name indicates, Akko discovers a very special room in New Moon in which, by accident, activates a temporary loop in which it is repeated again and again the same day. A plot that, I’m not going to cheat, do not give much joy because we have experienced the temporal loops on countless occasions in movies and series and games … and better.

Exploration and pitched battles

The structure that has been integrated into Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time has seemed quite suggestive, although unfortunately it has not been implemented with the wisdom or good work necessary. And it is a pity, because a little that would have been more refined in capturing the various situations that the adventure poses, the result would have been much more striking.Exploration and pitched battles

Offers a variety of situations, but the whole has not been well integrated

The adventure is divided into two clearly differentiated aspects. The first of them is everything that takes place within the facilities of Luna Nueva, which gives rise to experience relaxed gameplay and in which the exploration and dialogues prevail with the rest of the characters that are in that academy. We can move with some freedom inside the New Moon, being able to access the different dependencies while we perform specific tasks … which often do not happen to chat with a specific type or find a specific object. Little more. In addition, the dimensions of the interior of the New Moon are not especially large, and the worst thing is that when we move from one to another it is necessary to swallow the time of loading corresponding … as if it were a PS2 title. We must go to dialogue with some characters and others to be able to progress, and as I have already said we have to do what they are asking us to be able to move forward. Some talks that, by the way, and as Bandai Namco customarily offers in their titles, have been recreated in Japanese with subtitles in Spanish (the best combination in my opinion for a game of these characteristics).

Everything changes a lot when we go into the dungeons that come together in Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time , which come to be the action phases that, as with the structure of the academy, take place in environments designed in plan 2 ,5 D. And as you already suspect, these levels are riddled with rivals that need to be dispatched. However, before doing so, we have to decide our group, being necessary to choose a leader (a character that we control) so that the CPU is responsible for managing two support characters. As if it were a traditional beat’em up, we have to liquidate the monsters that do not stop coming in search of us, battles that happen in real time and that entertain enough … during the first hours of the adventure. Yes, because later the title falls into monotony due to the lack of depth that this system has, which has been clearly focused to satisfy and satisfy the less accustomed players to deal with this type of game.original series

It is fair to praise in this analysis the effort of the developers to provide the greatest possible diversity to your video game since apart from this it is also possible to gain experience and improve our characters through a very peculiar skill tree. And, also, in the action sections have been added certain additional ingredients such as small (and really simple) puzzles, areas in which we must be vigilant to not be surprised by the inclusion of certain traps and other game elements that bring diversity to the set. To finish, it is also appreciated the fact of being able to enjoy a cooperative modality for three players at once as well as a competitive way to doubles

As you can see we are facing an adventure that offers a variety of situations, that is undeniable. What happens is that, in practice, the set of all the elements that are part of the gameplay has not been well integrated. A pity, because the wickers he owns gave to have reached a higher quality level, at least in my opinion.

As for its technical side, Little Witch Academy: Chamber of Time is a humble title. The most striking is the respect shown towards the original saga, especially what has to do with the appearance of both Akko and the other protagonists (Amanda, Diana, etc.). Added to this are the video scenes recreated by Trigger Studio, sequences that enjoy sensational quality. Everything else is not correct, although the designs of the scenarios are too similar to each other and, above, the title suffers from notable drops of frames during the fighting. The sound section far exceeds the provisions in the previous facet, being the best of the game by far. The dub in Japanese It is very good, while the sound effects are heard clearly and the soundtrack offers us both relaxed melodies and more sparkle when it comes time to face the fights.

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The animated series that takes place in New Moon has been transferred to PS4 and PC in a fairly faithful way to the original creation, offering a game system in which ingredients such as exploration, dialogues, and battles come together. Unfortunately, none of them has been well captured, being one of those titles that with a little more flair in its playable aspect would have gained quite a lot, given that good intention it has.

  • The sound section: the best of the game
  • The cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes bring something more interest
  • It’s pretty true to the original series, and the video scenes are excellent
  • The combat system is too basic
  • The inside of the academy has not been squeezed a lot: it gave a lot of itself
  • Although it is varied, the development is predictable and not very challenging

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